muay thai stances

There is good logic in that especially for beginners.

Now for the head…we always want to be protecting ourselves…our eyesight…our brain cells…our teeth…The top of the head and forehead is pretty sturdy and can take quite a beating…the eyes, nose and teeth..not so much. Notice we also keep that arm behind the body…this allows us to defend and block punches to the face easier than if we keep the arm in tight. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A solid Muay Thai stance will allow you to attack and defend at any point of your movements; once you criss cross your feet you take away your options. The human body has a lot MORE spots prone to getting hurt than for hurting others. But first we are going to look at the traditional Muay Thai stance that most gyms will teach their beginners. The entire purpose of the Muay Thai stance is to put the body in an ideal position to attack and defend efficiently. Questo fungerà da cuneo permettendo manovre difensive aggressive e spesso aprendo la strada a contrattacchi devastanti. Your email address will not be published. Also known as 'The Art of Eight Limbs,' Muay Thai is a kickboxing style that incorporates hands, legs, knees, and elbows.

It’s just one of those things that ‘pops out’. By pulling the shoulders back slightly…we place tension at the shoulders, connecting both arms through the shoulders…so that when we punch and elbow…it hits with the whole upper body, not just the arms.
Coincidentally, both have backgrounds in boxing.

If the stance is too narrow it will create a weak base, too wide and it will be difficult to throw and defend Muay Thai kicks. Arch your back outwards (sort of like your slouching). Questa postura consente movimenti rapidi delle mani ed è studiata per scagliare nel modo migliore l’attacco di mano preferito dei pugili Lopburi, il pugno montante. You don’t see this all the time, but it tends to be a habit Thaiboxers have. Tieni i piedi divaricati, le ginocchia flesse e la parte superiore del corpo leggermente arcuata in avanti. This is one of the most basic but essential aspects of your footwork. In the stance we can do this by lining up the heels together, making us a narrower target…by bringing the heels in line, we narrow ourselves without losing our balance or going cross footed which destroys balance. If you’re ever confused about the stance you can always come back to this quick and easy infographic for help getting your Muay Thai stance down. First… we need to engage the shoulders. The Thai are smart people. Top boxers (like Floyd Mayweather) also tend to do this. Point you lead foot in front of you, and your rear foot away from you at a 90 degree angle. My first drive went a lackluster 10 feet. The easiest way to block these kicks is by raising your leg and letting your opponent strike your shin.

So where does the stance fall into all of this? “It takes 500 repetitions to create a new habit….5,000 repetitions to replace an old one”.

Same idea, once you lunge too far you leave yourself open for attacks while being unable to unleash your own strikes.
(imagine reacting to your opponent looking down at your feet….you think the kick is coming to the legs…and right behind that he or she may surprise you with a kick to the head), It’s fairly easy to get into the Muay Thai stance…. A heavier lead leg will enable the rear leg and punches to be faster at the expense of lead leg mobility. In our resting state, our body’s move to a position to conserve energy…probably as a survival mechanism…what doesn’t conserve energy…what doesn’t use them wisely…gets weeded out….ohh the ruthlessness of nature. And it takes time to make it comfortable. Whenever you move to your left, your left food moves first. Focus on throwing strikes and returning back to stance automatically…not having to adjust yourself after every technique….Moving with your footwork and feet are always returning to the same distance apart as in the stance….etc….etc….this stance needs to be your neutral position in Muay Thai and the only way to master it is to make it as FOCUS. The shame is in being too simple to understand the answers. It’s basic technique but very important! The Boxing stance is optimized towards throwing punches and defending against them.

Pros– Easy to throw and defend kicks– Easy to move. #2. how to hit someone with debilitating power…. Some Final Thoughts on the Muay Thai Stance. In fact, when wearing Muay Thai gloves, this even obstructs your vision. Just keep to the basic principles I listed above and you’ll have a solid thai boxing stance in no time!

Blocking damage with your forearms is the main defensive tactic in Muay Thai.

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