moonlight analysis essay

The breeze is also connected with the feeling of the presence of the ocean as well as the film’s title moonlight. Now, he’s a drug dealer in Atlanta.

Juan tells Chiron, “You don’t talk much but you damn sure can eat” while Teresa adds, “that’s alright, baby. Thus, this shot functions almost as a portal between the closed world of the film and the world of the viewer.
Pssst… There are three obstacles that prevent Little, the protagonist, from achieving his goals: being black, homosexuality and drug abuse. Now, it seems like the water is a negative, something that he would drown in, not float. [I was certain that I would be waiting until March or even April before I could watch Moonlight. Later in the film, shots from behind him are used to blind us and Tyrone from his emotions. It was stated that the first movement of the piece illustrated a boat floating about in the moonlight on Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne. Chiron is surrounded by the comfort of Juan’s presence, once again symbolized by the blue. Moonlight Scene Analysis ; Black Identity: The Struggle between Virility and Vulnerability; Color, Lighting, and Powerful Motifs: The Evocative Visual Design in Moonlight We hear the breeze and an early scene when little sets connect with one at the beach. It does not define his entire being. Jenkins also shows Chiron’s expression when he holds the cocaine pipe for the first time. Rawan Abbasi- Longform Essay- Moonlight. Moonlight is an American drama film that chronicles the life of African-American male Chiron, who is being raised by a careless mother in a harsh Miami neighbourhood. “Director Barry Jenkins Unpacks His New Film ‘Moonlight’.”TheGrio, 26. In the opening scene of the movie, the first image presented to the audience is a blue car, driven by Juan, a drug dealer who would become a father figure to main character, Chiron. The plot begins from the time he is in elementary school to the time he reaches adulthood. Moonlight. The fluidity of movement in his dance is akin to the fluidity of Chiron’s masculinity that he struggles to solidify; much like water, it is hard to shape. Moonlight follows Chiron, an African American living in a rough neighborhood of Miami. Chiron’s idea of being black is being a hardened drug dealer. Moonlight questions masculinity and societal traditions that are projected onto youthful blacks. We cut to Chiron, now a full-grown man, waking up from this, a bad dream. Moonlight is all African American cast, and was awarded over 25 awards including the Academy Award for best picture. Moonlight was loosely adapted from an unpublished play from Tarell McCraney called, Black Boys Look Blue. When Chiron’s mother sees Juan, she quickly pulls him away from him. Also, the first time the audience sees Chiron, he was running from bullies wearing that bright blue backpack, clearly a time when he felt unsafe. The isolation of Atlanta has brought this hardened exterior. It’s a personal war propagated so that nobody who looks at him would dare question his sexuality. After this swimming lesson, learns how to stay above water and just flow, like the waves. “Self Control.” Blonde, Boys Don’t Cry, 2016, track 7. This meant any indulgence or way for him to have those feelings couldn’t be addressed, it had to be forgotten. He gains a father figure after having no one, and that figure actually cares about his well-being wholeheartedly. Available from:, Recieve 100% plagiarism-Free paper just for 4.99$ on email, *Public papers are open and may contain not unique content. It’s absolutely no wonder that we see him dressed very similar to Juan. Does he give into societies standards of what a man is? When Chiron assaults Terrel in school the next day, it in effect sends him in exile from the place he grew up. One night on the beach Kevin and Chiron share and intimate moment, Chiron’s first and only homosexual encounter with a man.

In the middle of the night, Chiron gets a call from Paula, who leaves a voicemail asking him to come see her. And in both cases, it sets out to challenge those commonly held stereotypes of black men. Meanwhile, he escapes a force in authentic persona thanks to the help of a few who throw him a lifeline. If Moonlight is anything to go by, it’s surely a step in the right direction. 2020 © The filmmakers create meaning from these through combining different elements of aesthetics (the style or look of a motion picture). For many, the piece is reflective of, This is a criticism of Moonlight, a film directed by Barry Jenkins. “We’re all allowed to dream of the next / time we touch,” Eddie Vedder sings, which Chiron has actually done. GradeSaver, Read the Study Guide for Moonlight (Film)…, Black Identity: The Struggle between Virility and Vulnerability, Color, Lighting, and Powerful Motifs: The Evocative Visual Design in Moonlight, View Wikipedia Entries for Moonlight (Film)…. Only when he later unites with Kev and they open up with each other do we hear again the sound of the breeze. Jenkins, B., & McCraney, T. A. Here, much of the blue motif shines through. Vedder, Eddie. tel 400 literature review. Through Juan, who advices Chiron to confront his oppressors, the protagonists abilities are reveals. It would have been disingenuous and cheap to have it end on a sex scene. This is no more apparent in the grill that he wears. Chiron becomes the drug dealer and Paula, a clean and reformed character.

Film Analysis Moonlight 3 Pages Berry Jenkins’ intimate film Moonlight, follows the struggle of a young sensitive black man trying to find himself against his society’s expectations of masculinity and identity. Days later, he gets a call and assumes it's his mother. Perf. Moonlight is more about Chiron’s journey to find out who he is: a black man who struggles to come to terms with his sexuality in a society that constantly challenges him and at times out-right rejects him. We will occasionally send you account related emails. This is a defining moment as we see Chiron standing up for him self. From my generation, I cannot think of another openly gay black singer, whose content embraces homosexuality, who was so instantly accepted. Much like Juan, there seems to be something unique about this character compared to other members of this world. It is one of the few times the audience gets a glimpse of Chiron’s personality; he hardly makes any facial expressions throughout all three sections. Chiron and Kevin have continued to stay friends through out the years, but in the middle of the scene, there friendship takes a different turn.

Chiron starts crying too, and Paula tells him she loves him, saying, "Your heart ain't gotta be black like mine, baby.". The structure reveals the struggle for his self-awareness.

Such strategic use of absence recalls John Cage's groundbreaking composition, 4'33; a work that is distinguished by its lack of any audible musical accompaniment. api-325023148. When put into the context of Juan’s monologue to Chiron about one’s necessity to define himself or herself, it could be speculated that this is a symbolic response of the horrific racism that took place during the conquest of the Americas.
In this, Chiron asks Kevin if he cries. uses cookies.

There is a greater meaning to all the seemingly unimportant saturation of colors and camera angles. Thus, there is a taking back of the ocean as Juan teaches Chiron how to swim.

This reinstates that idea that we are not all the same people in stages of our life. The film is centered around the three stages of the life of a boy named Chiron, who plays the lead role in the movie. He simply explained that he realized his first real love was with a man, much like the main character, Chiron, of Moonlight, a coming-of-age film about being black and gay in 1990s Miami. 52-53). Chiron finds refuge in a drug dealer named Juan, who has profound and lasting effects on the trajectory of this young boy’s life.

For instance, the beach scene marks a new beginning for Chiron as he finally acts on his sexuality (Jenkins & McCraney, 2017, pp.

I’ve noticed that Cinemark or AMC usually run this promotion every February, so if there are films you haven’t seen, it’s a good deal. Later, Travis counts a pile of money, and Chiron gives him a hard time when he appears to come up short of what he owes. They’re always working to express Chiron’s intern world from moment to moment. And it’s true, this isn’t Chiron at all, it’s Juan reincarnate. She asks if he still sees Teresa, and he answers that he does.

Through Kevin, the author demonstrates Chiron’s homosexuality from a very young age.

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