mini wrap plan template

trailer 2 0 obj The first part of WRAP is developing a personal Wellness Toolbox. <> 86 10 WRAP was originally developed by Mary Ellen endobj 0000001132 00000 n ��sM�9s�i3�`����e�5JVf�{M�Q5�(�}���f��)@��n`F�Jo�,T%T�5*b +f� ��l�F ��`� y�*bp@e�*��%�!0�bC�œ�a�[ ��u���IN }�JlXϖm K�10�fi& ��PF�z ��_ f�p This is a ten bedded unit for people with learning disabilities. Support: while working toward your wellness is up to you, receiving support from others, and giving support to others, will help you feel better and enhance the quality of your life. %PDF-1.5 Community Learning Disability Health Team, Dragon Square Specialist Short Breaks Service, Staffordshire Specialist Domestic and Sexual Violence Resources, Patient and public involvement and experience, Outstanding Communications and Engagement, Listening and Engagement Active Partnerships (LEAP), Listening and Engagement Active Partnerships (LEAP) Sign-on Form, Listening and Engagement Active Listening Form, Leading with Compassion Recognition – nominate someone here.   <> <> <> endstream And WRAP is a great way to figure out a process for achieving whatever you might be working on at the time. �U�n^���Nʪ*�O���G.�|[�ն,�կo��Z�e��&�)L־.8p�g���p0�`*X�I�fA��{y-�F��� O���{s���{���@O��e��@הa~7��w��`�9-r�b�e5h�)@(�l�U��#��`抑x�(��ܾ@!rD&Dh���~E���l�+��^_�!e�)g7x��f� %PDF-1.5 <> We care very much about your concerns but we must focus our efforts on education and resource development. I use it often when I come to a personal impasse and can’t figure out what to do next. All the boxes are unpacked and things are neatly put away, I can easily do the things I like to do in my new space, Spend at least 1/2 hour sorting and packing things at the old house, Spend at least 1/2 hour each day at the new house organizing things, Spend 15 minutes each day cleaning something in the old house, Have a big salad and/or a bowl of soup for lunch, Have a healthy dinner that includes protein and vegetables, Spend at least 1 hour doing something I love to do, Things taking longer to get done than I expected, Taking a “mental health day” and not doing anything about moving, Take a weekend or several days away from moving, Spend at least one hour in the hammock or relaxing, Do at least one thing you love to do for several hours, Arrange to see counselor or doctor if necessary, Have signs of depression (see my regular WRAP), If physically sick, make an appointment with my doctor, Have a special appointment with my counselor, Arrange a lunch or special time with friends at least every other day, Spend most of each day doing things I enjoy, Comfort food or taking me to a favorite restaurant, Taking care of my responsibilities for me. Let me share an example of a Mini WRAP for Moving. North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust WRAP is a way of monitoring wellness, times of being less well and times when experiences are uncomfortable and distressing. 18 0 obj . 33 0000001646 00000 n If you would like to know more about WRAP and how it can help you, visit Things that keep me well … Talking to … Under Signs: PHONE: 978-261-1400               978-261-1444 Copyright Guidelines, Contents Copyright © 1995-2018 | Advocates for Human Potential, Inc. | All Rights Reserved. 11 0 obj (I could use a MY WRAP Crisis Plan for this): 9 0 obj 4. 86 0 obj <> endobj Lawton House We care very much about your concerns but we must focus our efforts on education and resource development. I could use “Build Your Own WRAP” which is what I use for my WRAP that guides my life every day.

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