minecraft speedrun rules

Craft a brewing stand with the extra blaze rod you got, and place it next to him. Leaving the nether with your blaze rods and at least one pearl will help you start traveling in the direction of the stronghold right away. You may want to gather some basic items, then dig down to the lava level or below to find more iron, diamonds, gold, etc. You begin the game in a randomly generated world (just like when you start a new game of Minecraft).
One of these: a savannah/frozen plains village, dark oak forest, or a jungle. This strategy was shown to be extremely efficient, however it is heavily RNG dependent. Version: Minecraft speedruns are divided in three further categories according to the version used for the speedrun: This page was last edited on 31 October 2020, at 21:29.

The best choices are arrows and bows- while you can make do without either, having at least half a stack of arrows and one bow will be great. It is important to kill skeletons, because they may drop bows and arrows. Oh, and watching the community grow, that was special. You place an end crystal as soon as you enter the end, then the dragon just doesn't spawn and the end portal is activated. First, buy 20 redstone from him (buy it 10 times.) If your lava makes cobblestone next to it instead of turning to obsidian, move the water source block until it's flowing next to the lava.

If he unlocked the bottles and scute trades, then you must do the entire process again. This can cut the blaze fight from 2-4 minutes to 20-40 seconds. Grab these items or make a note of their location as they can be hard to find when you need them.

Can I do a run sometimes in optifine and sometimes in vanilla? If you need to travel in the overworld before making your nether portal, travel east or west to increase your X coordinate. I would probably allow it explicitly because it doesn't change the way that the game is played, and without it being allowed, you are restricting the speedrun to only people who can run Vanilla Minecraft (which excludes myself, my computer sucks). Think about the items you will need and gather these along the way as many resources can suddenly become rare when you need them. A very valuable item is a book with looting. Anecdotal evidence shows that finding a nether fortress isn't affected by the Y level of the overworld portal.
Get all the beds as they will be useful to kill the ender dragon. It is also the most common strategy among speedrunners. We (and other communities in general) like to limit stuff to what you can do within the game, as in, not in the menus, and much less outside of the game itself. Buy 10 glowstone, and hope RNG is on your side.

After getting a weapon, listen for endermen in any caves you explore. Random seed: The player starts new world using a random seed. This is so you can make a brewing stand. Don't use this method if you are not good at PvE, as it requires attacking endermen, which can easily kill you in a few hits. If you found the stronghold and you have enough pearls, it is time to locate the portal room and fill it in. Speedrunning leaderboards, resources, forums, and more! Then you should craft the wood into sticks and trade them with fletchers, using the emeralds you get to level up a cleric villager, which has a chance to trade ender pearls.

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