minecraft dog bed mod

Oh and, I know this is a lot but, maybe you could make a pack with all the wolves? Or an info book on the cute wolfs. Other than that, it seems to be working just fine. Enjoy! Once a wolf obtains up a ball, it’ll hold onto it in its mouth and may lay down to play with it. What happens when you try to craft together a wolf treat and a player bed? Love it it’s so simple and cute my pet loves it thanks for the idea, I really want my own pet bed. Mechanic Wolf: Has some cyborg looking limbs and half its face cyborg. Once my new wolves were invisible and the eggs were black. Use this pack in a hosted server, just be sure to give credit! If you’re somewhere really, really, really hot, you’ll get a fire dragon wolf. Note that at this time there are some wolves that are incompatible with this treat. Let’s say a wolf that is not following you escape as, you would be able to use the whistle and it would have maybe a 20 block radius to bring the wolf to you. Cooking a slime ball in a furnace will cause it to harden into a toy that’s sturdy enough for your tamed wolves to play with. Skeleton wolf: The reason you cant craft the dog bed is because the photo shown on this website is backwards the 2 pieces of wool go in the top two middle blocks the the bottom 2. Is there some sort of update that I am unaware of? You should only need one, as they aren’t used up when you pet a tamed wolf. I hope you enjoy it! They also hunt various kinds of livestock for food. ? This is a useful skill to use against those pesky Silverfish. Zombified wolves can spawn in any dimly lit forest, are hostile to players and other mobs (including wolves), and cannot be tamed – unless they are cured with a golden wolf treat! Will add pugs. Nevermind, I just read that you can’t install it to realms, but could I instead make a showcase video for you? Note that the tag is case-sensitive. The bug that was causing render issues with other packs has been fixed, but the rule about pack order still applies. Drag the Sparrow .zip file into the .minecraft/mods folder. Like loyalty on a trident, but for a wolf. Something that could make it even better- Is there a way to heal a zombie wolf without the use of a golden treat, I’m using this on a realm where expiremental mode is disabled. To make it stop following you right click on your dog while holding the leash and the dog will free roam. Make sure that you’ve applied the pack that the wolf is in. That should reset the wolf so you can re-tame it. I really love this mod I have 4 ideas that I want to tell you the first one is a dog whistle can give all dogs the the command to sit attack mob attack player if you choose this command a list of all the players in the game if the player is far enough away the wolves will teleport the final command is stand there is also an attack whistle wich gives the dogs attack power an upgrade a size whistle wich lets you change the size of the dogs any time there is a rescue whistle wich gives you the ability to tell all rescue dogs to use both abilities the more dogs there are the more powerful both abilities are the last whistle is the personal whistle the personal whistle can be mixed with all the other whistles and gain there abilities by tap a dog it becomes linked with the whistle and the whistle only affects the dogs it’s linked to the next idea is electric fences electric fences only effect dogs with shock collars dogs with shock collars need permission to leave the gate you can also tell them to guard the area of the gate you can change gate systems you can also allow or not allow players to enter all of this is changed by by a gate switch the third idea is dog houses when a dog with a dog house suffers fatal damage or you give it the command to it will return to its dog house and heal I will let you think of the different types of dog houses along with a dog house you could add a playground my next idea is slime dogs the final idea is a bodyguard wolf it’s basically a powerd up wolf you make a wolf a bodyguard wolf by giving a dog a bodyguard soot which is a hazard suit in the middle a diamond at the top an emerald at the bottom iron at either side and obsidian in the rest of the boxes, I love your mod and I had a couple ideas that I think would be awesome first of all you should add a sled that you can attach your dogs to with a leash all wolves that spawn in snow and ice biome should be able to be attached to the sled the more dogs attached the faster it goes you should also make it so that if you have a prism wolf you can swim faster get nite vision and water breathing finally the only problem I have with the mod is finding wolves you should increase wolf spawn rait this would be extremely helpful witht there rare wolves. Doggy Talents. I think litters would be a good idea! My wolf won’t follow me, and when I set them to follow, it’s not there. It’s closely related to the White Wolf and the Husky, but hunting Stray Skeletons out in the frozen landscape has given it a mutation that causes it to inflict slowness for five seconds to whoever it bites.

I have a suggestion, I think maybe there could be dog houses, and bowls, and maybe a way to sit down dogs that you can mount. A bit smaller than the normal wolf and also much faster and more agile and has a poisones bite and can also clime walls Sand wolf: There are literally thousands of Minecraft mods available on the internet. this is my only issue. Aug 19. My boyfriend loves it! It’s also water-proof! Fire Dragon Wolves will charge up and shoot an explosive round that can start fires. The Prismarine Wolf is a stern-looking, naturally amphibious wolf that spawns in deep oceans. New hunger system, don't worry about your dog dying unnecessarily. It makes wolves to be trained dogs and adds new talent and training systems. –(in general just other dog items to interact with the wolves)– (if u read this- thanks ^^ your mod made my day ) Hi! We can tame the wolves and do everything just fine but once we leave we can’t interact with them when we rejoin the world. I love this Addon so much. I want the creator of this addon to let the players dye the painted wolves one color and the collar a different color. Just link to the add-on here if you want to share it. Can’t find a certain wolf? Can you put fire power, lightning power, ice power, nature power, Dark power and healing power thank you! You get a wolf bed of course! , That one is very cool matey almost better than the others, When I spawn a dog in with the egg it’s invisible but I can hear it, If you have other addons move the wolf one to the top, For some reason it won’t let me get the Easter Egg wolves, other than that it’s a good addon. When tamed, they retain their serious expression – no puppy dog eyes here. Super well done, and bravo!

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