melanistic jeweled lacerta for sale

(Phelsuma lineata) CB17 (Orthriophis taeniurus) CB11

Probably the best starter species. (Dipsosaurus dorsalis) CB14

(Sceloporus undulates) CB A very attractive and fast species. An amazing looking snake with very impressive eyes and colouration! (Coelognathus radiatus) CB12 Renowned for being a feisty species and their amazing defense display. Excellent for those with a bit less space. Frilled Dragon Other Lizard? Probably the best starter species. (Acanthasaura capra) (Ceratophrys cranwelli) CB11 A stunning and iconic tree frog! Beautifully mottled geckos! A beautifully coloured and marked boa! (Heterrixatus betsileo) WC Reverse stripe which gives a very unusual appearence. CB13 100% Het Stripe/66% het anery/50% het hypo&sunkissed. (Bufo marinus) WC The mini plastic terrarium is ideal for keeping or raising many mini-beasts. (Dendrobates tinctorius ssp nominat) CB11 Great for children! (Boa constrictor imperator) CB08 A beautifully coloured and marked boa! . (Crotaphytus insularis) WC CB16 An attractive dart frog with almost metallic green! (Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri)CB12 (Brachpelma klassi)

(Bufo regularis)

Corn snakes are usually friendly and easily handled, and grow to an easily manageable size. Reptile and amphibian food should be varied, which is why we offer an array of feeder insects for sale.

very responsive A beautiful example of this colour morph with a perfect stripe. (Python molarus bivittatus) CB13 (Gonglyophis colubrinus) CB10

I agree (Nhandu chromatus) CB Otherwise, state your intent: I'd like to buy this animal. A gorgeous morph of the standard cornsnake! (Afrixalus enseticola) A small docile rear fanged species. (Hyperolius tuberilinguis) Good alternative to iguanas! Often overlooked, these beautiful and small sized snakes make excellent pets. (Geochelone carbonaria) CB19 (Peruphasma schultei) (Eublepharis macularius) CB15

(Pandinus cavimnaus) WC

Juvi 6-8cm - New world, can be skittish! (Paraphysa parvula) Live socially. Corn snakes are usually friendly and easily handled, and grow to an easily manageable size. (Pachydactylus bibronii) WC A rear fanged species with a difference. (Chilobrachys fimbriatus) Look for clear, bright open eyes, a full belly and long, healthy toes, clear nostrils and a clean, pink mouth. Very attractively marked snakes, an ideal starter species! An interesting species from Malaysia.

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