matawan creek shark attack map

Along the way to the creek, Fisher found Arthur Smith and George Burlew, and they began to search for Lester in the water. of the Matawan shark attacks that occurred in New Jersey in the early 1900s. There's a heroism there that every generation can be proud of. Joseph was the only survivor of the 1916 shark attacks. This summer in North America also marks the 40th anniversary of the shark-themed movie Jaws, so this seems a good time to look at a record of shark attacks over time in the United States. Joseph was rushed by car to St. Peter's Hospital in New Brunswick. A sort of tug-of-war began between the shark and the older boys as they jumped back in the water and refused to let go of Joseph. As they prepared to give up the search, Stanley dove into the water a final time and noticed something beneath the water. Cpt. And that's kind of why it should be special to us in the Matawan area," Savolaine said.

Early afternoon, on July 12, 1916, Captain Thomas Cottrell, who was from Matawan but living in Keyport, called the town marshall to tell him that he had seen a shark swimming under the trolly bridge in Keyport heading toward Matawan. And although the shark attacks of 1916 are often referred to as the Matawan Shark Attacks, they really began eleven days earlier in Long Beach Island. Jacob Lefferts, a local lawyer with an office above what is now Victoria's Cozy Corner, was in a boat nearby and jumped in the water to help Michael and Jeremiah. I thought it was worth a look over here too. A series of shark attacks in Matawan Creek in 1916 was part of the inspiration for the novel “Jaws” and the 1975 blockbuster movie.

A series of shark attacks in Matawan Creek in 1916 was part of the inspiration for the novel “Jaws” and the 1975 blockbuster movie. Common theory dictates that the shark continued its travels through Sandy Hook to the Raritan Bay, then through Keyport Harbor and up Matawan Creek.

Many onlookers had gathered on the bank, and recalled seeing Stanley struggle and fight back against the shark.

KONKOL COLUMN: Pastor Bob Neuman didn't let falling in an open sewer hole stop him from finishing a funeral service. "Their bravery and their interest and concern for each other, that's the part we celebrate. The shark attacks did not end there, however. The sight of his dark, lean [dorsal] fin. It’s that time of the year again. Maybe later it should go to the learning center?

An 11-YEAR-OLD boy was savagely mauled to death by a shark while playing in a creek with friends. However, Savolaine noted that many authorities believe it was a juvenile Great White because witnesses spoke of the shark's white underbelly and because of it's distinct hunting style. Stanley's grave sits on top of a hill, looking over Lester's grave, where people still stop to leave small toys and other items when visiting Rose Hill. That's part of the dispute too," Savolaine said.

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