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:-). None of my Neo Geo games are working Mame vs FBA vs Neo Geo. I think lr-mame2010 should be used as default emulator instead of mame2003. :). Yup, just now catching up on this thread. Could that be the issue? They are not designed to be. This has now been made VERY easy to do by providing the .dat files for you here: This zip file will contain various rom files required to run the game. What are romsets? btw the Pi probably has more processing power than HAL 9000 was supposed to have... Aww, I was trying to update my games to newest FBA version but copying from my list with the command mentioned earlier. Details here:, How do I choose which arcade emulator I want to use? Three of the available MAME ROM paths in RetroPie are shared directories which are used by more than one emulator: arcade, mame-libretro, mame-advmame. This means that the Megadrive emulator knows exactly what to expect when trying to run that data. A romset is typically a single compressed file (.zip). The rebuilding process in clrmamepro will look at your 0.105 version, copy out any files that match the requirements for 0.78 and create a new that is 0.78 compatible. Installing from binary will probably get a version that's a little behind the current MAME, but the upstream Libretro repository tries to keep up with MAME's monthly releases, so installing from source. Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript., Why do MAME games not run for me? If you have a Pi2 or Pi3 I'd suggest lr-mame2003 and perhaps lr-fba-next. BUT this is also Retropie's strenght point: it gives you some many possibilities to create the exact configuration YOU like. AdvanceMAME 3 DAT File: same as AdvanceMAME 1.4, see above. AdvanceMAME 1.4 DAT File: advmame12-106.7z, AdvanceMAME 1.4 Compatibility: Google Drive document, While in a game press Tab to open the menu to set up controls. Mame 2003 is a good compromise of function to features. That said, there are many forks (variants) of MAME that run very well on the Pi - many people find it is more than adequate of running the vast majority of games that MAME supports. NoScript). – Get your filtered list in Romlister Actually, it's really hard to find out what to do when building a combined Arcades folder.. I can't confirm this with the actual pcb though. Based on the MAME4ALL-PI Compatibility list below: MAME 0.37b5 DAT File: mame4all-037b5-RetroPie-260.dat. I also did this for Smash TV, Black Widow, and Wacko. While in a game, press Tab to open the menu and set up controls. NOTE: Please check the MAME documentation for for basic information about controls and managing ROMs - this page is for specific information about the mame2003 emulator's features. roger that and sorry about posting here. For some games this may work, but for many games it will fail. Where can I get the games (romsets)? So, choose the emulator you want, download the .dat file and check your romset is valid for that emulator - unless you know it is definitely version xxx. – Type a name for the batch file, for example “createfilteredroms.bat” @robertvb83 yeah., There are different versions of MAME? And in the spirit of internet culture... Changes to specific games result in .rc file entries with a prefix for the ROM (i.e. if people are randomly downloading sets, how can we support that? If someone notices something wrong or out of date it with, an issue report or PR is very welcome. Games can never work out of the box because the developers do not know what games you have got that you want to get working on which emulator. just copies the last file of my txt file (the game) and returns this error (every other game mentioned): Terminal didn't do this the last time I copied - what can this be related to? There are significant differences in performance, compatibility, and configuration between them. That's what I can commit to helping with as part of the overall goal of having accurate information. Ich bin gerade dabei mir eine RetroPie zu bauen und hab soweit alles insalliert und eingerichtet. Custom Retroarch controls can be added to the retroarch.cfg file in. After that all roms are worked fine. Try them out, and see what you prefer. You think it because you have the romset that works in lr-mame2010 (0.139). I understand there are "rom sets" I understand there are rom sets for a certain emulator. and again, really thank you for the detailed descriptions, As far as I know, very few people read the documentation first. NoScript). MAME Version: 0.78-0.188 (MAME 0.78 as a baseline with other ROMs back-ported from later MAME romsets). If you have a Pi1 I would suggest using mame4all / lr-mame4all. @loggahead You should open a new topic for this particular problem, but anyway - it's probably because the Romset has changed between FBAlpha (which was the default in RetroPie 4.3) and FBAlpha - which is the version you get if you update from source right now. Reasons for the roms becoming more accurate/changing is perhaps that a rom was missed previously, encrypted or damaged, and now that it is available a given version of MAME expects to find those changed or new files. Newer romsets aim to improve emulation accuracy, and are not geared to support older versions. i'd say it's likely to be compatible with closer to zero mame2003 games. in my opinion, each platforms has its "top games" and it will be great if retropie as end-user-platform (not for developers who will build applications with "make") will support most valuable games out-of-the-box. When you start the game from Emulation Station you will see a "Runcommand" window appear, if you press a button here you can set which emulator you want to use. Or you could ignore this process, and just ensure that you obtain the correct romset versions in the first place. Using 0.139 ROMs in 0.78, you are relying on sheer luck that a ROM hasn't changed between versions. There is a good description of this in the Wiki: No, besides the MAME forks, there are also versions of FBA, AdvanceMAME, GnGeo etc.. which all emulate arcade games. there is also no real good list about all this. Here is some more info on the popular lr-mame2003 emulator:, Why does RetroPie come with more than one arcade emulator? Note: This emulator is considered 'experimental' in RetroPie. This is why you cant simply use the latest romset versions on the Pi, you need the versions that are compatible with the emulator you are using. ... For example, its often common to remove all Mahjong / Adult / Pinball type games, but you can be even more specific if you want. There are various reasons for this, including, I need to use more than one emulator to play all the games I want What do the terms "Parent" and "Clone" mean? thank you for really detailed and clear description! Does anyone understand how this works? Mame 2003 catver.ini also contains data on games definitively known not to work, as well as sorting data for mature games and other, less desirable, romsets. Note: The .rc file can also be edited manually, with a text editor. Why do I need to verify my romsets? mame2010 (and later versions of mame) have more accurate emulation that means games perform worse than in older versions of mame.... There are flavors of Mame all the way up to current versions to try out if you feel so inclined. There isn't really a correct answer for this, it depends on your personal requirements. Mythic-Beasts. Why should we do that ? it would be convenient to have more games to work "out of the box". page for more information. This differs to many other systems where there is usually just a single file. To avoid having several menus for different arcade emulators, all arcade-based ROMs can be placed in the arcade ROM folder, but you will have to specify which emulator each zipped ROM set will use from the Runcommand Menu. Hello to all, Dann habe… This is really an excellent post. but retropie has specific emulators set in "basic setup".

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