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According to her she is not a professional critic but since she has been watching dramas for a long time now, she can tell which script is good and which is not.

She said that sometimes having five talented people from the same family becomes a negative point.

Momin Ali Munshi and his mother Lubna Faryad in ‘Amma TV Aur Main’ review different dramas and they praise as well as criticize the work of actors. She has her own way of reviewing dramas that might not necessarily appeal to everyone. What criteria they ve about this field? In this regard, Bushra Ansari said in her interview that while she is getting a good response to the play, she is also hearing criticism that five members of her family have been brought together in the play.

Iman is such a kind hearted and intelligent girl. A few hours later, Bushra Ansari had deleted her comment but it went viral like a fire on social media platforms. Ansari’s first dramatic acting role was in one of Iqbal Ansari’s productions. Now as a team we are here to provide some laughable, witty, spicy content that you can read anytime and share it with your friends & family because united we stand. #bekindtoall, A post shared by Bushra Bashir (@ansari.bushra) on Jul 10, 2020 at 11:57pm PDT.

Here is the video: Later, Bushra Ansari lashed out at Lubna Faryad without naming her and termed these sorts of critics as Corona.

As reviewers, critics and now social media celebrities, people must realize the stature and body of work of the subject before going out all guns blazing. Known for doing a popular online show ‘AmmaTVorMain’, Lubna Faryad reviews Pakistani dramas and their characters based on their acting skills. Bushra Ansari Called Lubna Faryad ‘Cornona’ For Criticizing Zebaish, Gold Rate: Today Gold Price In Pakistan, 1 July 2020, PSX Market Summary: KSE 100 Index gains 240 points, Falak Shabir Gives Savage Reply To Netizen Who Trolled Sarah Khan, Amal Muneeb: Aiman Khan’s Baby Pictures Are Melting Hearts. I am sure you can understand that if someone ridicules your hard work, it can hurt your feelings. She made fun of their poor acting in the latest review. “I believe that everyone has a right to like or dislike our work but language is important,” she added. Flaunts Turkish language skills to impress "Ertugrul" fans: Mahira Khan, Rapper Silentó Charged With Assault After Allegedly Attacking Two Strangers With A Hatchet, Hania Amir Proves That She Could Wear Anything! If you don't like the drama, you should give some valid and relevant reason with kindness and empathy.

Noshi is a MOOD!!! A few episodes of this drama have been broadcasted but the public reaction is not so good. Know The Truth, PSL 2020 Squads Lists: Players Names For Playoffs Are Announced, Rs 7500 Prize Bond Draw No 84 Winners List Today, 2 November 2020, Rs 25000 Prize Bond Draw No 35 Winners List Today, 2 November 2020, Gulshan-e-Bagh: Netizens Bashed Indian Media For Spreading Fake News, Rs 750 Prize Bond Draw No 84 Today, 15 October 2020, Rs 750 prize bond draw # 77 on Tuesday 15 January 2019 in Peshawar, Winners of Rs 750 Prize Bond Draw # 77, 15 January 2019 Announced, Winners of Rs 200 Prize Bond Draw # 77, 15 March 2019 Announced, Rs 40000 Prize Bond Draw # 77 in Lahore on Friday 1 March 2019, Rs 200 Prize Bond Draw # 77 in Multan on 15 March 2019. View this post on Instagram. Miss Lubna reviews Pakistani dramas of her own choice. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You have entered an incorrect email address!

Islamabad-Amma TV Aur Main is an online show by the founders of Galaxy Lollywood and they are famous for their drama reviews. However, the Indian media as usual spread fake news about... Rs 750 Prize Bond Draw Famous Prankster of P for Pakao Nadir Ali Gets 13 Milion Tax Notice from FBR. View this post on Instagram. Ghazala: I am not a big fan of Amma’s reviews. One thing common between us is that we love to WRITE. Regarding this drama, Bushra Ansari said in an interview that There has been a mixed reaction from viewers. He is an Electronics Engineer by qualification and loves to write about different topics.

Her reviews are so different yet so funny. Copyright © 2020 - BOL Group.

She is full of life and spreads joy through her show.

The balloting of Rs 750 Prize Bond draw # 77 held on 15 January 2019 in Peshawar. Omair: Bushra Ansari has been around for over 40 years and has done Pakistan proud with her versatility, mimicry, comic timing and above all, setting the bar high for others. Bushra Ansari is a Pakistani actress, comedian, singer and playwright who started her career as a child performer in the 1950s. Bushra Ansari held nothing back when defending her own in a now deleted comment, which led to a spat on social media with people taking sides with either the Aangan Terha star or "Amma".

Why people are Mostly she has done the role of a mother except for Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan (2010). What criteria they ve about this field?

In a way, their project becomes like a child for them that they create with love for the audience,”. her for the harsh comments. They want the actor to apologise. 'Zebaish' will need time to develop and if it is anything like its promos, it has all the ingredients of becoming a blockbuster. Momin Ali Munshi and his mother Lubna Faryad reviews different dramas and they praise and criticize the work of actors. Almost everyone loves Ama but recently Bushra Ansari, a famous Pakistani Celebrity wished death upon her just because she didn’t like criticism on her drama “ Zebaish” tch tch tch Bushra Ji. The rest may not find it so entertaining. Why people are watching such a shallow paindoo style of them… it’s a sin to destroy people s integrity.”. watching such a shallow paindoo style of them… its a sin to destroy

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However, Bushra Ansari is an evergreen icon and despite the fact she doesn’t agree with Amma, she could have been more graceful in her feedback. Bushra Ansari has responded to trollers and critics and especially mentioned Lubna Faryad (Amma) in a post. A photo posted by Instagram (@instagram) on Mar 22, 2015 at 11:21am PDT.

He is a LUMS Grad and was on the dean’s honor list.

The reviews are supposed to be humorous, blunt and representative of what the common Pakistani woman thinks of the dramas she is watching. A post shared by Lubna Faryad (@lubnafaryad9) on Jun 23, 2020 at 2:07pm PDT However, Bushra Ansari didn’t like the review and she posted a harsh comment on the review. The Munshi Family is a combo of Masala Tarqa with a lot of wit. This way you are disrespecting the writer, cast and team just because you didn't like this drama. This is how Ama became even more loved and kind one. Yes, she shouldn’t have used social media to rant like the way she did but what choice did she have left? Last but not the least Miss Iman Ali Munshi. Zayn: I personally think Lubna Faryad shouldn't review the drama like this; she is trolling it and all the while trying to be cool, like kids who used to make fun of the "nerd" in school. Actress Bushra Ansari’s play ‘Zebaish’ is being shown on a private channel these days in which Bushra Ansari has also played an important role. She wished haters and trollers of her drama to die with Coronavirus.
Momin Ali Munshi and his mother Lubna Faryad in ‘Amma TV Aur Main’ review different dramas and they praise as well as criticize the work of actors.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Veteran actress, Bushra Ansari, had a few things to say after Lubna Faryad's review of her drama serial, 'Zebaish', Bushra Ansari Responds to Lubna Faryad's 'Zebaish' Critique, Ali Zafar Nominated as Knowledge City Ambassador, Irfan Junejo Credits His Success to His Wife, Celebrities Condemn the Invasion of Quaid-e-Azam's Mazar, Misbah Ul Haq Steps Down As Pakistan's Chief Cricket Selector, Ahmad Ali Butt to Star in 'Phatte Dinde Chakk Punjabi', Why Is Drama Serial 'Dulhan' Trending on YouTube, Dil Nawaz; an intense story of a powerful love and the supernatural temptress. In a particular episode, Lubna Faryad made light of Zara Noor Abbas and Asma Abbas's "bad acting" which led to the legendary actress clapping back with her own statement, Bushra Ansari’s Harsh Comments About Lubna Faryad | Bushra Ansari Statement About AMMA TV or Mein for Reviw about Zebaish Drama Serial | Bushra Ansari Fight | … They also give their take on rumors which are asked by their fans and for this they ask their viewers to use the hashtag in their comment section so that they can easily spot those comments, Love this Munshi Family, their hard work and dedication.

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