locomotive control stand diagram

Locomotives of the Indian Railways | Locomotives Terminologies and Design, How Locomotives are Classified | How Electric and Diesel Locomotives Work, DIESELS: The WDM Series (ALCOs) | The WDP and WDG Series (ALCOs and EMDs), ELECTRICS: DC & AC/DC Locos | WAM (AC mixed) | WAG (AC Freight) | WAP (AC Passenger).
However, everything is not so cool with this loco, despite its high-power and advanced features. Diesel Locomotive Roster – The WDP and WDG Series! Nothing much is known about this (WDG3B) loco class.

The WDP2 later renamed WDP3A was Indian Railways’ first success at creating a high-speed, high performance dedicated diesel passenger service locomotive with “modern” aerodynamic looks and dual cab forward design. 6 Electric Locomotive Roster: The WAP Series! The cabin looks a bit awkward but is highly functional and of course, air-conditioned. The reworked EMD engine outputs 4500 hp. An important part of your Locomotive Engineer training will be operating locomotive simulators, and your first simulator activity will be very early in the class. But sadly production was stopped after it was decided to procure newer, more powerful and contemporary locomotives from EMD. As the ALCOs were highly malleable, IR engineers tinkered around to rebuild the V16 of the WDM2 to produce a lower powered V12 which would power the WDP1. The engineer has easy access to all of the locomotive's controls; the fireman has just a radio and a brake control. 74, Supplement No. We'll discuss these components later. The WDG3A is one of IR’s most successful locomotives and most common locomotive today with 1171 produced and still going strong, the only ALCO currently in production along with the WDM3D. However, everything is not so cool with this loco, despite its high-power and advanced features. The WDP1s were IR’s first attempt at a dedicated passenger diesel locomotive. The locomotive was very light at 20t axle load and had a Bo-Bo wheel arrangement to make it more suited for speed and light loads. This was apparently aimed at reducing weight (and cost?) Developed jointly by RDSO and EMD in India. To navigate through the Ribbon, use standard browser navigation keys.

In addition to the locomotive controls, a cab will typically be fitted with windshields, rectangular side windows, crew seats, heating, and sometimes radios, air conditioning and toilets. Though they don’t look so, the EMDs are extremely hi-tech equipment filled to the brim with electronic wizardry. Also inside the car, right in the nose of the locomotive, is a toilet. To activate a command, use Enter. The WDG3A was also developed to overcome the shortcomings of the WDM2 and is the triplet brother of the WDM3A and WDP3A. 1-2. A locomotive consists of one or more units rated at 1750 horsepower per unit. History. Both cabs are fully air conditioned with ergonomic and comfortable reclining seats and the driving console has been substantially digitized with TFT display screens showing all parameters of loco function, performance and fault diagnostics like an airplane, if you will. This loco is now a WDG3A with SWR KJM. Very rugged and very reliable though tad underpowered, WDG3As are still drive a huge chunk of India’s economy, moving coal, petroleum products, cement, grain, containers and what not across the nation. Locomotive Control Stand Orientation . However, there is evidence enough to believe that a WDG1 class could have actually existed once as an experimental or prototype class which never went into production. Weird & Wacky, Copyright © 2020 HowStuffWorks, a division of InfoSpace Holdings, LLC, a System1 Company.

On steam locomotives, the cab is normally located to the rear of the firebox, although steam locomotives have sometimes been constructed in a cab forward or camelback configuration. It took four decades after running around with the “mixed” WDM series that the Indian Railways finally thought that it would be a good idea to come out with separate dedicated specialized diesel locomotives (engines) for passenger and freight services. The former arrangement is now the norm in North America for all types of diesel or electric locomotives. With 53 tonnes tractive effort, 21 tonnes axle load and 4000 hp power with self-driven bolsterless bogies and 3-phase traction motors (3 per bogie), the WDP4 was the most powerful diesel locomotive in India at the time and could pull a fully loaded 58-wagon BOXN load up a 2.5% gradient without breaking a sweat.

Current control stands may employ multiple displays and electronic actuation of operational controls from an all-electronic desktop. Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Cab_(locomotive)&oldid=976184943, Articles lacking sources from January 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 September 2020, at 16:52.

They look just like all other ALCOs and are easily identified by the laterally “sculpted” and baldie grille-less short hood. Another upgraded variant of the WDG3A. The cabin looks a bit awkward but is highly functional and of course, air-conditioned. These are long, very looooong locos which apart from the extra cab share all features with the WDP4B. Diesel-Electric Locomotive diagrams from the Northern Pacific Railway Mechanical Department. The traditional AAR control stand is still preferred by some railroads. First few were imported and then DLW started building them in India and most were sent to Hubli (UBL). To skip between groups, use Ctrl+LEFT or Ctrl+RIGHT. and for increased speed, but their resulting low tractive effort of 28t caused magnitudes of performance problems and unending wheel slips, though they were fantastically fast hauling shorter, lighter trains.
The WDG4/WDP4 will cost you 12 Crore a piece and the WDG4 is also my favorite loco model.

The controller (or control stand) contains the throttle lever, reverse lever, and transition lever. But it looks like the experiment didn’t work out because there is no record of any locomotives of this class today and no confirmed sightings of any of WDG3Bs except for a 2004 account by a railfan reporting a Gooty WDG3B #14796 (pictured here).

They took the WDM3A, re-geared it, did away with the hood-unit driving structure and replaced it with two driving cabs at either end and extended the body shell all the way to the edge of the superstructure, giving it the “full” look, all the first of its diesel kind. The biggest problems was the design of the LHF end which is worse than that of the WDG/P4 and has come in for much criticism. All WDX3As share the same 3100 hp powerpack but are different on how they were specifically engineered for the work they are supposed to do.

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