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all Hardware is included  Limitless Lithium was founded in 2016 by a group of car audio enthusiasts in North Georgia. It has the same cylindrical design using the 18650 cell as the the foundation. I'm capable of running 17,000 watts rms however I will be running a little over 12k rms with a peak of 13k. Enthusiast owned & operated.

Forums. 1 foot... Sundown SLAM PANDA Bass Knob  Great price and they come with balancing boards, can't beat it. 2.7v 3000F Caps

At least in my application, I made sure to have extra head room. RGB LED Limitless Lithium SLAM PANDA Bass Knob  These amps come in brushed aluminum red or silver to really catch the eye from afar. They also wanted to engineer Lithium batteries to fit many different applications and budgets. Charging up to 80 times faster than a comparable AGM battery, you won’t need to stop for hours at a time during a demo session. Equivalent to 4 100ah AGM batteries Then comes the benefit that matters most, the cost and the application. The Active Balancing System moves energy from one cell to another, ensuring each cell has an identical charge. Looking at it that way, things starts to make sense right? Black JY Power 80 Ah Lithium Car Audio Battery (12 Volt LiFePO4) $ 2,424.99 $ 2,009.99 Read more Quick View; Sale! All Rights Reserved. The new JY Power HP-40 12v lithium is your best choice for supporting your audio systems from 5-14kw draw (with proper alternator support, please see power chart for your application). Volt meter and led can be turned off with switch  15.5 Exceeding this will drastically reduce cycle life, above 16.4v may cause cells to rupture. The Limitless alone without an AGM under the hood rest's @13.5 every morning you can count on the same reading.

Derived from the successful SLIP40AH LiFePO4 battery, the SLIP20 makes its entry. Amp-hour for amp-hour- meet the most powerful battery JY Power has ever engineered.

$1,789.99 Out of stock Compare Quick View Add to Cart Cyber 12K Limitless Lithium. JY Power 79.8 Ah Lithium Car Audio Battery (16 Volt LiFePO4) $ 2,624.99 $ 2,029.99 Read more Quick View; Sale! LiFePO4 is the ideal battery chemistry for your stock charging system.With an extremely wide operational range – from 10 to 14.8 volts – you get maximum power at whatever voltage you run. LED lit with Volt meter . Engineered and Designed in the US, the DS18 PRO Tweeters are the top of the line in the Pro Audio/Voceteo market. Supports 10k - 14k depending on... Up to 8,500w at 12v with 300a of available charging -True AWG 1/0 gauge power or ground wire. The HP-40 is designed to deliver the clean, stable power your amplifiers need to run at peak performance. The average weight saved can easily be 90 kgs / 200 lbs. Equivalent to 2.5 100ah AGM batteries Tyler Price Designs. FULL SPEC DETAILS COMING SHORTLY The DSP-16LCD is a Digital Audio Processor with 1 stereo input, 4 processed digital audio ways and 2 analog audio ways, which can be configured independently. Weight: 19.5 pounds, Up to 3,000w at 12v with 100a of available charging All rights reserved, Design and Development by Full acrylic Case with  laser engraved Logo Max charge 14.8 volts   Power per pound – nothing else comes close. The SLIP20 has undergone strict and various SAE J537 testing by an independent testing lab in USA. Adding in the weight and space savings vs conventional batteries, why not leap into the future? Compared to a single 36 Ah ~ 40 Ah battery, 2 smaller batteries in parallel with the same Ah usually yields a higher discharge capacity. Car Audio Lithium Battery. Max charge 14.8 volts   Weight: 12 pounds

I run 14.5 volt at idle and can maintain 16 volt at 1500rpm. If your AGM battery bank is out, it will take about 1,200 minutes (20 hours). Why such a small battery you might think? Stainless M6 hardware is included. DS18’s Select series of amplifiers bring elegance and great power for a very nice price point. The SLIP40AH lithium battery will drastically decrease the weight of your batteries, increase the overall performance and even take up less footprint. If your HP-40 is completely depleted, it takes about 15 minutes to recharge. -This wire is full Oxygen Free Copper. They also wanted to engineer Lithium batteries to fit many different applications and budgets. Size: 6” tall x 7” deep x 9” wide, Limitless Lithium Charger- 25a 12v charger, Limitless Super Caps  The Limitless "SLAM BOX'  Is the premier RCA signal distribution solution. I was going to need another alternator and at least 4 more 77# 110ah AGM'S. The HP-40’s balancing algorithms are more than twice as fast as ever before, to deliver a longer-lasting, more reliable battery. The founders are excited about the future of Lithium batteries as they continue to grow in application popularity.

Find everything you want to know about car audio and get help and great deals on your car stereo projects. Unfortunately the lack of knowledge in using lithium for car audio has also created a dark side. Weight: 7.5 pounds Kit comes with: 17ft Power wire 3ft Ground wire 17ft 12ga Remote wire 17ft 2ch RCA SHANLR ANL Fuse Holder 1 Fuse... Limitless Lithium SLAM PANDA Bass Knob  1 foot Premium RCA cables.

Equivalent to 1.5 100ah AGM batteries This limitless 25ah battery is so much win ....for the size it shocked me with how much it can handle on top of a 4500watt setup its also supplying power to 4 compressors for the air ride setup...and voltages never dips below 13.5 ....i love it ...Limitless u guys rock!!!!!!! I no longer need a battery under the hood and my 320amp hairpin alternator is plenty to keep the juice box happy. some of the Car Audio system is very powerful with 10kw. The four-spot 1/0 AWG power terminal allows for virtually unlimited wiring flexibility. Utilizing updated LiFePO4 technology the HP-40 is JY Power’s strongest battery to date sporting 5,400w (450a) constant power support, and increased potential pulse power which allows your voltage to stay higher longer! I opted for 2 45ah batteries with the connection bar.

PRODUCTION RUN OF BATTERIES WILL BE IN A BLACK CASE. Lithium battery: How to shop for a lithium battery. 450 30s constant voltage at opperational temp 12.0v, 300 Exceeding this will reduce cycle life. -Matte Finish for increased flexibility. I was in the process of upgrading my system from 5700rms to 12krms. JY Power 45.6 Ah Lithium Car Audio Battery (12 Volt LiFePO4) $ 1,404.99 $ 999.99 Read more Quick View An all-new casing is made of an extruded aluminum chassis, heavily anodized for non-conductivity. Can be mixed with older limitless Blue batteries  Every time I turn up the volume and have some fun I can expect the exact same result. Hands down the most important component of a great Audiophiles investment.

80x Faster ChargingCharging up to 80 times faster than a comparable AGM battery, you won’t need to stop for hours at a time during a demo session. After hundreds of hours of research and development and a large financial investment in engineering, the development team at Limitless Lithium was able to engineer and develop what have come to be known as some of the very lithium batteries available on the market today. - All wires are available in the colors Red, Blue, Black, Green, and Pink  - Inner diameter: 4.55mm - Outer diameter: 6.65mm - International Shipping Available at Additional Cost on all the... Limitless Cyber series 6K battery  SLIP20 has a “BMS” Battery Management System which features cells balancing, short circuit protection and over current protection, making the battery safer to use than DIY batteries. For the hardcore SPL competitor, a single HP-40 will support up to 13,800 watts of amplifier power on dual 350-amp alternators. Full acrylic Case with  laser engraved Logo The goal was to develop Lithium batteries for not only the car audio, but for also a host of other applications like race cars, motorcycles and UTV’s.

Menu. Sky High Car Audio Universal X Logos Stickers Sweat Pants Sweat Shirts T-Shirts T-Shirts All T-Shirts Clearance shirts Bass Head Life Clothing ... 70ah Limitless Lithium Battery. -This wire has an internal diameter of 13 mm (just under... Limitless Lithium 12 volt 8 AMP Lifepo4 charger. Various types of batteries are sold as premium goods, but could be anything from recycled cells to low discharge cell not intended for car audio, but worst of all is they are made with disregard to the end users safety.

But with a smaller, more cost efficient battery, with the ability of holding up to 3500 watts of continious amplification it changes your mind setting. © Limitless Lithium Batteries. 8 Exceeding this will reduce cycle life and may damage the cells, 140/60 Exceeding this will reduce cycle life and may damage the cells, -40/-40 Apply low load to let unit self heat before any use, © 2020

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