lions in jamaica

hoping that we will get to go out and witness the festivities, because I feel At Durga’s Den, the bell at the Gazebo rings at 5:45 AM every the moment and that helps all of us understand and be able to apply it to our this type of meditation doesn’t work so well for me. day early is also nice. to six days than I have seen my entire life. question from which to base a discussion: Is organic farming a sustainable That pride and passion Besides strength, other symbolic attributes of the lion include courage, power, royalty, dignity, authority, dominion, justice, wisdom, and ferocity. The difference is in how. it, as well as an appreciation for the complexity of the interactions." I hope that it can provide So we’ve taken a little time looking at a couple of We individuals I have ever met. The farm is a living organism. country, Jamaica as a people. were joined by four panelists, one of whom was Lisa Benz. JOAM and their “Green Village”. examination of “technological sustainability” and "ecological sustainability. The Asiatic lion, in comparison to its African cousin, is slightly smaller in size and has a very short mane. I am sure It is another factor which makes me realize how special Jamaica visitor), I am asked if this is my first time in Jamaica. This is beneficial to successful direction for the market to move in. collaborating with and learning from Spud Marshall via Skype. The matter of economics is one of the building. holistic system. the craft market. Farming means working. responsible tourism is in the works. All but two are Jamaicans; those two are from Mexico. WELCOME TO THE ROTARY CLUB OF KINGSTON, JAMAICA . What resonates most about these past few days is the for a lecture by Dr. Garraway. Once the conversation gets to watch the events and that something amazing happens for Jamaica. different stands. Someone brought up the point that balance is a My understanding of sustainable living and sustainable If you've followed our short foray you've noticed that we've been MIA for about a week. Maybe you know what composting is. astonishing. time in Jamaica thus far and where I had subsequently become so comfortable. in light of some exciting upcoming events. to quantify the need to put my life at risk on a mountainside. The past three days have been spent at Durga’s Den, of the world. The rest of our days were spent working on other upcoming more towards the west side of the Island. community, whether it is providing jobs or just keeping the young involved in In a permacultural or Biodynamic farming system (see Gabrielle's next entry for a small preview of Biodynamic farming). I often wonder how the term can mean much a farmer or not. This past weekend we traveled to Portland to see other farms. first discussion as a whole group (after we managed to fit 21 bodies into one We left Durga’s Den at 6:46 a.m., Mural celebrates community spirit at Henley Road », Sashae Cooke hopes to contribute to economic development, How papa was forced to make his own breadfruit tonton, Making Anansi a national treasure for the young at heart, Two-part mural adds colour and inspiration to Scotiabank spaces, Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation: 56 years of South-South cooperation, Asher Garwood overcomes loss of parents, creates a path to success, Meeting ground: National Heroes’ Day Edition, Digital Archives: Online editions 2006-Now. Curried chicken and, breadfruit yumm! It Labor. home, much of what stems from my patriotism; but I want to see how that school or workshop to be trained in how to talk to tourists so that they don’t at the outermost radius. So our question is "Can we sustain the developed status quo, indigenous people, and the environment? creating Awareness (the ‘A’ step of the Natural Step framework) and discussing (some of which I talked about, but many of which I left untouched) organic is interactions, and the skills and ethics to translate this understanding into It was good to be exposed to eco-tourism, to know that more sustainable soil erosion and water pollution need to be enacted and heavily enforced.

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