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As a nurse practitioner with more than a decade of traditional Endocrinology experience, I have heard so many of my patients tell their stories of chronic unexplained symptoms that profoundly impact their quality of life. [2], Bone Gap is a coming-of-age mystery about a kidnapping in a small Midwestern town, and it incorporates elements of mythology and magical realism. In the past, I have tried going the natural route on my own through diet changes and supplementation, but OWL has given me the professional guidance and accountability that I need to succeed. I wanted to feel better, to be able to work and take care of my kids, and not just sit around waiting to see what happened. I have lived through a similar experience. When asked where do we go from here, she told me “We’ve done everything we can, it’s just the disease and we’ll have to see how things pan out.” Not the answer any patient wants to hear, and certainly not the treatment plan to follow. Want to live your best life? In August of 2019, after experiencing a perfect storm of health issues that severely damaged my digestive and intestinal tract, I found myself rapidly losing weight and ultimately going through depression. I knew I had to see her. Now, I have all the tools necessary to move forward in the healing process. Then I found that I was sensitive to gluten. After implementing an elimination diet my reflux symptoms went away (without surgery). Intertwined in my chronic symptoms I also experienced many life past stressors and eventually found out that I have chronic re-activated Epstein-Barr virus. I was in search of a provider who was willing to look outside the textbooks for an answer – to determine the possible root cause of the disease, not just treat the symptoms or the lab results. It has not been an easy journey, there were definite emotional and physical struggles along the way, but I can happily say that while I am not perfect, I feel like I have my life back. I often found myself prescribing additional medications to treat the side effects of others I had already prescribed. Let me and my team partner with you to find the Root cause of your chronic symptoms. As an endocrinology expert, I sat by and watched my patients with type 2 diabetes continue to get sicker and sicker even though they were taking their medications and following the American Diabetes Association’s nutritional guidelines. Laura Ruby is the author of twelve books, including Bone Gap, winner of the 2016 Printz Award[1] and finalist for the 2015 National Book Award. I was simply left with my continued chronic fatigue and a sluggish metabolism, feeling discouraged and hopeless. She assured me that I was not “too difficult of a patient” and that she would not stop digging until we had some answers and I felt better. Functional medicine is looking through an entirely new lens where we ask the question WHY for the first time. Ms. LAURA ANN Laura Ruby is the author of twelve books, including Bone Gap, winner of the 2016 Printz Award and finalist for the 2015 National Book Award.. The first change I noticed was that I no longer felt groggy mid-day. For 5 months, I followed up with a specialist weekly (sometimes twice a week). At one point, I reached out to several of my medical colleagues who told me there was “nothing wrong with me” and that I was just “stressed out.”  Over the years my reflux was so severe I was told I would need a procedure to wrap my esophagus around the top part of my stomach, a procedure that had a list of potential serious side effects.

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