lapd radio codes See district map in Codes and Maps tab above. Central - Headquartered next to the Santa Monica pier, provides services from Las Tunas(Malibu) Southward till Marina Del Rey. Emergency call, immediate threat to life or personal safety. SEAACA's shelter and dispatch center is in Downey and SEAACA provides field officer services to the following cities: Bell Gardens, Bellflower, Buena Park, Downey, Lakewood, La Palma, Montebello, Norwalk, Paramount, Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs, South El Monte, South Gate and Vernon. Dispatches on behalf of: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. All Trunked Radio Systems in Los Angeles County, Choose a programmed scanner for this area, Los Angeles Countywide Integrated Radio System (CWIRS), Los Angeles City (STRS - Simulcast Trunked Radio System) Project 25, Interagency Communications Interoperability (ICI), Interagency Communications Interoperability (ICI) Smartzone, National Science and Technology Network (Sierra Peak 1), Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority - 900Mhz, University of California - Los Angeles: Residence Suites, Acumen Communication (Oat Mountain/Hollywood), Air Communication Services Inc. (Mt. 9 VAN NUYS CL BICYCLE PATROL Code 2 Routine Call, No Lights or Siren Notify me of follow-up comments by email. division number, the second part is the type of unit, and the third part is Urgent calls to be handled immediately without the use of lights and sirens. 488 Petty Theft 2K BURGARY/AUTO THEFTS 10-91D Animal, dead. RD Reporting District (Division plus Master Beat) Code 6C Out of Car on Investigation, Suspect is Wanted G METRO ANTI-GANG TASK FORCE ? RADIO CODES. 5K90C CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY SECTION 80 COMMUNITY RELATIONS LAPD Radio Codes California Police Services LAPD Police Scanner Codes. OP OBSERVATION POST Thanks for your help, Your email address will not be published. 31 - Lincoln Math/Science/Technology Magnet, Ch. 20-70 FIELD SUPERVISOR Non Trunked Fallback and Talkaround Frequencies Supplementary to Municipal Services TRS. 8 WEST LOS ANGELES Code 3 Emergency Call, Lights and Siren No additional assistance is needed at the scene of a call, but the suspect may still be in the area. 10-35 Confidential Information LAPD Radio Codes. Each L-TAC channel corresponds with (and is secondary to) one or more dispatch channels. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. No additional assistance is needed at the scene of a call. As default many County Jail and Correction Facilities utilize Court Services (CTS) simplex frequencies. When the control operator fails to receive an acknowledgment of a communication, a "Code One" shall be given. 10-91V Animal, vicious. Air Support Division. H DIVISIONAL HOMICIDE 4 HOLLENBECK 10-97 Arrived at scene. Provides Fire/EMS dispatch for Culver City, El Segundo and Manhattan Beach. 5K90C CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY SECTION S-TAC 2 & 3 are repeater operation only. 246 Shooting in Dwelling 240 Assault 5K90G GANG SECTION Terms in this set (98) Code 1. 34 WEST TRAFFIC Z SPECIAL PATROL UNIT (RESERVES), 10 WATCH COMMANDER Acknowledge radio transmission from dispatch (used if missed initial code) Code 2. Police Scanner 10 Codes. The unit to which a "Code One" is directed shall acknowledge immediately upon hearing a "Code One." County Services Bureau (CSB) Hospital security operations also utilize County's 800Mhz trunked CWIRS and in hospital 800Mhz non-trunked standalone radio systems. General information of a reported fire when there is a high fire hazard or a threat of personal danger to fire fighting personnel by a hostile group. 24 CENTRAL TRAFFIC Find someone on the world’s largest marketplace for services starting at $5. Each sheriff's station has a Dispatch channel and a Local Tactical ('L-TAC') channel, each of which may be permanently shared with one or more other stations depending on the volume of station radio activity. Instead, only a beeping tone is broadcast to signify to the field units that someone is talking. Code 99 Emergency 415 Disturbance Write. 10 WEST VALLEY 484 Theft Code 2-HIGH Priority Call, No Lights or Siren South - Headquartered at Hermosa Beach, provides service from the Southern jetty of Marina Del Rey to San Pedro. J JUVENILE INVESTIGATOR F FELONY ENFORCEMENT 10-15 Enroute With Prisoner FB UNIFORMED FOOT PATROL (FOOT BEAT) To ensure the best experience, please update your browser. 6 HOLLYWOOD 10-98 Assignment Complete Your email address will not be published. 9Y NARCOTICS – MAJOR and MID-LEVEL ENFORCEMENT, Code 1 Acknowledge Call/Respond Over Radio Code 8 Fire Alarm IBARS FIELD BOOKING W DIVISONAL DETECTIVES Code 8A Working Fire Code 5 Stakeout – Stay Away 5Y ANTI-TERRORIST UNIT A stolen vehicle response has returned on a vehicle license number and/or vehicle identification number in response to a Data Base Inquiry. Lukens, Oat, Sierra), National Science and Technology Network (Oat Mountain), National Science and Technology Network (Rancho Palos Verdes 1), National Science and Technology Network (Rancho Palos Verdes 2), National Science and Technology Network (Santiago Peak), National Science and Technology Network (Sierra Peak 2), National Science and Technology Network (Sunset Peak), Southwest Airlines - Los Angeles International Airport, Tesoro Oil Pipeline Marine Terminal (Long Beach), United Airlines - Los Angeles International Airport, United States Department of Defense (14C), University of California (Los Angeles) - Housing Services, University of Southern California - IT Services, Disp 1 - Crescenta Valley / Altadena [L-TAC 8], Disp 6 - Walnut / San Dimas / Diamond Bar [L-TAC 7], Disp 9 - Carson / Compton / METROLINK [L-TAC 5], Disp 12 - South Los Angeles / Marina Del Rey [L-TAC 2], Disp 13 - Norwalk / Pico Rivera [L-TAC 10], Disp 15 - Lancaster / Palmdale [L-TAC 11], Lake Los Angeles / Bluerock / Antelope Valley [LAKE LTAC], Transit Services Bureau (TSB) / College Safety Bureau [TSB L-TAC], MTA Tunnel Dispatch (underground usage) [TUNL LTAC], South LA / Lomita / Avalon / Marina Del Rey, Crescenta Valley / Altadena / Santa Clarita, County Services Bureau (CSB) Civic Center, County Services Bureau (CSB) High Desert Regional Health Center, County Services Bureau (CSB) MLK Multi-Service Ambulatory Care Center, County Services Bureau (CSB) Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, County Services Bureau (CSB) Rancho Los Amigos Nat'l Rehab Ctr, County Services Bureau (CSB) Olive View-UCLA Medical Center, Transit Services Bureau (TSB) / College Safety Bureau, Lake Los Angeles (Bluerock / Antelope Valley), County Services Bureau (CSB) LAC+USC Medical Center, Court Services Division - Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, Court Services Division - LAX Airport Courthouse, Court Services Division - Stanley Mosk Superior Court, Court Services Division - Pasadena Courthouse, Court Services Division - Glendale Courthouse, Court Services Division - Burbank Superior Court, Los Angeles City Community College Repeater, Special Enforcement Bureau - Tactical - "Clear Channel", Search and Rescue Tac / Portable Repeater 1, Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau - 1, Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau - 2, Special Enforcement Bureau East LA Heliport, Grass Mountain Repeater (Antelope Valley), CMD LA Basin - Bn 7, 8, 9, 14, 18, 21 (South County and Catalina), CMD LA Basin - Bn 1, 3, 5, 13, 20 (West County), CMD San Gabriel Valley - Bn 2, 4, 10, 12, 15, 16, 19 (East County), Alt CMD - Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys, CMD North - Bn 6, 11, 17, 22 (North County), Command / Tactical (Verdugo Peak repeater), Los Angeles County Lake Lifeguard (Castaic), Primary communications for County Municipal Services, Public Works - District 4 - Hollydale/Downey, Public Works - Road Maintenance Division - Agoura / Malibu, LADA - Metro West / San Dimas / Pomona / SFV / SCV, LADA - Antelope Vly / Pasadena / South LA / SGV, LA Downtown Civic Center Parking Services, Rolling Hills - Patch to CWIRS - Sanitation 11, Gang and Narcotics Division Field Enforcement - Red, Gang and Narcotics Division - Johnstone Peak local repeater, Surveillance / Specialized units / Bombsquad - "Ch.11", Jail Division - Metropolitan Detention Center, Hotshot (rebroadcast 484.7125) Rolling Hills, Rebroadcast 484.2875 - Harbor Division (5), Alternate Control - Brush / River Rescue Incidents, Dispatch - Fire/EMS (North of Mulholland), Alternate Control - Structure Fire Incidents, Tactical / Operations West Bureau Earthquake Mode, Tactical - LAX Crash Crews Primary (Simplex), LA Basin / South - Hughes Radio Club Repeater, Bureau of Street Services Talk-Around Direct, Department of Building and Safety Talk-Around Direct, Department of Transportation Talk-Around Direct, Emergency Preparedness Division Talk-Around Direct, General Services Division Talk-Around Direct, Information Technology Agency Talk-Around Direct 1, Information Technology Agency Talk-Around Direct 2, Information Technology Agency - Mt. 10-97 Arriving On Scene C METRO AREA PLATOON Downtown LA Rail Operations (Blue & Expo Lines), Facilities-Security (phone-patch capable), Freeway Service Patrol (Patch TRS TG1584 Base only), Gold Line Rail Operations (East LA-Pasadena), Gold Line Rail Operations (Pasadena-Azusa), Police Department and Parking Enforcement Dispatch, California Institute of Technology (Security), Housing Security / Community Service Officers, Campus Safety Ch 5 - Administration Personnel. I’ve been trying to figure this out, but I’m stumped. 261 Rape 25 SOUTH TRAFFIC Code 10 Request to Clear Frequency for Crime Broadcast 20-70 FIELD SUPERVISOR 288 Lewd Conduct 28 - Beaudry District Administrative Headquarters - Engineering, Ch. TL TRAFFIC INVESTIGATOR SUPERVISOR Used to request a clear frequency to check a suspect for wants and/or warrants. The codes were originally developed in 1937 to allow for brevity, clarity, and standardization of messages transmitted over radio channels. MX DUI PATROL UNIT It shall be answered immediately, but in a manner that will enable the unit to reach the scene as quickly and safely as possible. Flashcards. 211 Armed Robbery 80 COMMUNITY RELATIONS MX DUI PATROL UNIT 3 SOUTHWEST Ang isa sa laging pinakikinggan ay ang pulisya sa lungsod ng Los Angeles, lalo na’t maraming sikat na artista ang nagkaka-aksidente doon. 417 Person With a Gun 2 RAMPART A vehicle that is wanted for a felony crime (i.e. U REPORT TAKING UNIT

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