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He had no sympathy with the enterprise, however, which was backed by his stepmother and aimed against the king of Aragon, his late mother’s brother. [53] With the Genoese debt now removed, Olivares hoped to turn to indigenous bankers for renewed funds. Exploring the rich history of the 5th to 15th century! He even entrusted them with guarding the royal treasury. They were 11 and 16 when they married, and whatever else he was, Philip was reportedly a devoted husband who loved and respected his wife. Philip's government would pursue a 'Netherlands first' strategy throughout the war until 1643. Unfortunately for them, as he demonstrated with the Lombard Bankers and the Jews, his answer to getting rid of debts was to get rid of the debtors. Philip IV, king of Spain (1621–65) and of Portugal (1621–40), during the decline of Spain as a great world power. Philip IV, byname Philip the Fair, French Philippe le Bel, (born 1268, Fontainebleau, France—died November 29, 1314, Fontainebleau), king of France from 1285 to 1314 (and of Navarre, as Philip I, from 1284 to 1305, ruling jointly with his wife, Joan I of Navarre). Philip IV attempted to make de Molay admit to all the Templar’s alleged crimes. Philip IV had no qualms whatsoever about going to war, but he had one teeny tiny problem: a lack of funds. Husbands hiding things from wives, mothers from children, and generation from generation. Some of his conclusions on naval policy were quite advanced: after the peace of 1648, Philip argued that the Dutch fleets off the Spanish peninsula were actually good for trade, despite concerns from his senior officials, since they provided protection against the English and French navies. All of their property and assets were handed over to their rival order, the Knights Hospitallers, but it’s widely believed that Philip and Edward II kept most of the money for themselves. Originally, Philip IV approved of the Knights Templar and protected the organization’s privileges. Felipe IV of Spagna, 16 Maravedis, 1661, Copper. He also had them stretched over racks, their feet coated in lard oil, and burnt them over a flame. [32] Despite this shift in policy, Philip does not seem to have been particularly bellicose; early on he noted that having inherited such a large empire, war somewhere across his domains was an inevitable condition,[33] and he appeared genuinely upset when he came to power and contemplated how much the people of Castile had paid 'in blood' to support the wars of his royal predecessors.[34]. When Philip was 16, he was knighted and married to Joan of Navarre. The re-capture of Breda alone resulted in major works by Velázquez and the French etcher Jacques Callot, in addition to various plays and books. Some of them were his own fault, due to his constant warring with the English, while some were inherited from his father’s failed Aragonese Crusade. His three sons were successively kings of France: Louis X, Philip V, and Charles IV. Philip, of course, had no intention of doing anything of the sort and decided to try and take over all of the English territories in France instead. In the 1630 Treaty of Madrid, Philip was styled "Philip, by the grace of God king of the Spains, Both the Sicilies, Jerusalem, the Indies, etc., archduke of Austria, duke of Burgundy, Milan, etc., count of Habsburg, Tyrol, etc." Philip even suggested that a council of cardinals depose Boniface. The young king’s initial focus was on reforming his government. Throughout the Middle Ages, the Knights Templar grew in size and status throughout Western Europe, becoming the primary bank to many of Europe’s monarchs and nobles, including King Philip IV. [13] His handwritten translation of Francesco Guicciardini's texts on political history still exist. He aggressively attempted to force his papal authority on the two kings. [2] They were married on 7 October 1649. Philip was also notable for his interest in the Spanish navy. [71] The various mystics were not acceptable to broader Spanish noble opinion and, with de Haro's encouragement, they were ultimately dismissed.[70]. Philip, however, became convinced that it was his God-given duty to attain the lofty goals of his grandfather. All Rights Reserved. Omissions? We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. [1], Philip remarried in 1649, following the deaths of both Elisabeth and his only legitimate heir. Although interpretations of Philip's role in government have improved in recent years, Diego Velázquez's contemporary description of Philip's key weakness – that 'he mistrusts himself, and defers to others too much' — remain relevant. He succeeded his father, Philip III of Spain, in 1621, and, for the first 22 years of his reign, Philip’s valido, or chief minister, was the Conde-Duque de Olivares, who took the spread The one surefire way was to accuse them of crimes so heinous that, if proved, no one would dare come to their rescue. [50] Philip and his government were desperately trying to reduce the responsibilities of central government in response to the overstretch of the war, and various reform ideas that might have been pursued during the 1620s were rejected on this basis. Philip has been credited with a share in the composition of several comedies. Consequently, the 17-year-old prince became King Philip IV. [24] Under the influence of de Zúñiga and Olivares, however, Philip was then quick to place de Lerma's estates – expanded considerably during his long period as favourite – under administration, and to remove from office Cristóbal de Sandoval, Duke of Uceda, de Lerma's son, who had initially helped de Zúñiga remove his own father from office to advance his own position. However, the king refused to have anyone, including a pope, challenge his authority. We employ analysis cookies to continually improve and update our websites and services for you. Realizing that the infant queen would be under constant threat, her mother did the only thing she could.

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