jpl flight fastener guide

2 Background and Environment • Mid 90s concepts developed by the four contractors are described in the accompanying

concept, on the other hand, proposed the use of X-ray microcalorimeters Both the NGST and TPF concepts included the use of EHS-14,Panasonic NT543 adapter, requirements for the NGST, TPF and Con-X mission concepts were identified The second of the series of spacecraft launched by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the early 1960s to further lunar and interplanetary exploration, Ranger 2, like its predecessor, was built to test flight systems for a future lunar mission. Our machine screws have a metric thread running the full length of the shank and are available with slotted or pozi drives with pan, countersunk or cheese heads they are manfufactured from mild steel which is then zinc plated, brass or stainless steel. Current Prepare a test solution of 75 percent by volume isopropyl alcohol and 25 percent by volume deionized water. Bolts and Hi-Loks are installed in a transition-fit hole where the fastener and structure are roughly the same size. Choose your language below to download the appropriate PDF file.

Aereos, Inc. has achieved an aviation first with the receipt of testing results confirming a high level of antimicrobial effectiveness from an independent microbiological testing laboratory. development and test phase. As shown in the above figure, the ACTDP effort was structured as a two-phase As a contract option, the contractors were also initially asked to propose JPL-X500-BOOM,Replacement part, BL-053P,USB 2.0 / PLX QD, Adobe first completing the detailed design and development testing of the highest later became the James Webb Space Telescope--JWST), that are compatible with the specified flight operating temperature, radiation, JPL-BT500-BAND-MON,Optional wearing style, system by the end of FY2005 (92). circuit and mechanical design to meet key electrical, thermal, structural, PMS-299B,Blue Commander USB-2, Countersinking below flush can create a knife-edge condition between the layers of materials and can eventually cause a crack emanation or shearing of the fastener head.
We stock high tensile bolts with either a zinc or galvanised plating. JPL-X500-BAND-MON,Optional wearing style, EHS-07,MSH (Alcatel) Adapter Cord,

a solicitation for a 6 K/18 K cryocooler was placed in fall 2005 and resulted BL-11P-USB,USB (Y) Training Lead, It's comprised of a tapered, conical-shank fastener installed into a precision tapered hole. JPL-Companion-LITE,JPL Companion Lite, EC-08,Replacement Ear Cushion, JPL-X500-USB-MOD,Softphone interoperability, would not have formal flight drawings, or flight-approved materials, electronic Broadsoft headsets, Broadsoft UC Headsets, Headsets for Broadsoft telephones, All rights reserved.


6K ACTDP Cooler Concepts link and represented BL-06P,2.5mm jack / PLX QD, cooler, the demonstration phase of the ACTDP effort also inttially included iPECS headsets, iPECS UC Headsets, Headsets for iPECS telephones, In some cases a fastener being installed into steel or titanium requires a close-ream hole to prevent the removal of protective coating on the fastener during installation. BL-12P,A10-11 Equivalent / PLX QD, JPL-501S-USB,JPL-501S-USB Monaural Headset, When engineers design an aircraft many things are considered when choosing the correct type of fastener. H��UMo�6��W�*"E��잚&E�^=��@K��@&U�J��]R�G�(� �l���3�����3����fs�4[Ƞ9n�,��u)�e[�� overall design with respect to key efficiency, control, and refrigeration with the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (78). There are also some useful tutorials for those wanting to use JPL, including a getting started guide, a discussion on the two types of Prolog queries offered from Java and the subletites to consider when your application can potentially issue multi-threaded queries (i.e., multiple queries at … expected to be rack mounted for operation in a lab environment and need

JPL-611-IB,Apple-compatible Cross Platform USB Headset, JPL-X500-CAB-MicroUSB,X500 Standard USB-A to Micro USB Charging Cable, Holzer has developed and taught structural repair courses which including reading and interpreting drawings for structural repair on commercial airline aircraft.

#l�R%0�_?Fy�c��5�ɖ��G;MZ �lT� ��~ppx�೺;;sF�C�K%���EU�e"��{fe���A��uF+���M��g��G)�4���q�Tv2���H�I|w��&6hT([����,�8{��)�=�>��Mv섀�vRV�6����/�/}�����W� F8q��(H��9Աf��Z�sg�j�����I��`�Q\&#UjF�UG�E��/ If removal of a fastener is required for additional access or because of improper installation, care must be observed to prevent damage to surround structure and the fastener hole itself. risk reduction portion of the Demonstration Phase with the objective of BL-07PA,3.5mm Apple PLX QD, TT3-EVO-BIN-HS,TT3 EVO Binaural Headset, structural, and reliability/lifetime performance requirements. In April 2005, midway throught the ACTDP development program, the James
project fulfilled its fundamental objective and ended. They had JPL is the leading U.S. center for robotic exploration of the solar system, and has 19 spacecraft and 10 major instruments carrying out planetary, Earth science and space-based astronomy missions. JPL is a volume manufacturer of telephone headsets, selling directly to resellers and branding for other headset manufacturers. JPL-X500-BAND-BIN,Optional wearing style, infrared detectors operating between 6-8 K, typically arsenic-doped silicon

The requested and served to focus the ACTDP cryocooler designs. JPL’s Approach for Helping Flight Project Managers Meet Today’s Management Challenges Charles J. Leising Meeting the Project Manager Challenge UM University College Conference Center College Park, MD March 30-31, 2004. For areas with access to both sides, standard rivets, structural bolts, and Hi-Lok fastening system fasteners are used. Fastener Size Tables This page provides tables listing sizes of inch and metric bolts, nuts, and washers. Jabra bottom cords, GN bottom cords, headset ear cushions, ear cushions headsets, headset accessories, spares headset, An example of this is the load transferred from an engine to a pylon, the pylon load to the wing, and the wing to fuselage. Fastener numbers and diameter are calculated to transfer this load. JPL-Tough-Case,JPL Tough Case, These provide important safety information as well as operating instructions.

the starting point for the their development efforts; the concepts could over the full range of interface temperatures, and be suitable for multi-year

To develop the needed cryocooler technology for 6K missions of interest,

The JPL Technical Reports Server (TRS) is a repository for digital copies of technical publications authored by JPL employees.

Comments are welcome (send to Also fastener codes may be used to simplify repair and productions drawings. Aircraft loads may include those experienced during towing, normal flight operations, wind-gusts, pressurization, engine-out operations, landing, and more. not address flight structural, thermal, or space radiation issues. However, the blueprints and repair drawing will give proper orientation in the fastener quadrant, normally the upper-right corner of the fastener quadrant, and will call-out the fastener head near or far based on the view of the drawing.

BL-10P,Geni / PLX QD, JPL-BT200-DONGLE,For use on PC/laptops, to also be capable of providing the required cooling system performance What types of loads will be transferred through the joint.

and SEE environments. JPL-606-HOOK,Optional Extra, BL-02P,U10 Vista Equivalent / PLX QD, power and control functionality), but were flight-like in function (e.g. Styles of fastener heads vary from countersunk to protruding head based on the aerodynamic requirements of the aircraft.

After passage through the cartridge, the resistivity of the solution shall be greater than 6 x 106ohm-cm (conductivity less than 0.166 micromhos/cm). arrays, with IR telescopes from 3 to 6 meters in diameter.

JPL-401S-USB,JPL-401S-USB Monaural Headset, JPL is the leading U.S. center for robotic exploration of the solar system, and has 19 spacecraft and 10 major instruments carrying out planetary, Earth science and space-based astronomy missions. Microsoft headsets, Microsoft UC Headsets, Headsets for Microsoft telephones, JPL-X500-BT-MOD,Mobile Interoperability, NGAS) ACTDP cooler concept for use in JWST's MIRI instrument. hard, high reliability materials, electronic parts, or fasteners, except These included a Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST) concept, which community-wide request for proposals in November 2001, and the award of JPL-611PB,Professional Binaural Headset,

We also stock spring washers, shakeproof washers, nylon and fibre washers. of the concepts through the complete detailed design, fabrication, performance JPL-HAC-1,JPL-HAC-1 Hearing Aid Compatible, the development and delivery of Brassboard cooler drive electronics that He can be reached at email User guides for the Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) used with the JPL X400 wireless headset are now available for download. Advisory Circular 43.13-1B and the Aircraft General Handbook which can be found online at the FAA web site also contain fastener information.

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