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Were…. The Mandela Effect Exposed – Deception or Distraction Part II, Trespassing Spirits – Exposing the Intruder, Warning! It was hanging off a flag off a pole and it was burning from one corner. It was being lowered like at the end of the day. – Uncontrollable Muslims In America, Prophetic Dream- Children Caught in the Cross fire; The Day of Reckoning Nears, Prophetic Dream- Major Outpouring of God’s Spirit to Sweep the Earth, Prophetic Dream- Obama: The Spirit of Antichrist and Demon Possession, Prophetic Dream: The End of the Church Age and Jewish Believers Taking up the Torch, Prophetic Dreams -The Fall Of America and Europe, Prophetic Dreams – Poisoned Food Causing Famine & Preparing the Gardens of Your Heart. If anything is happening we will have it here! There are evil forces operating behind the scenes and there is much we don’t know about. I see him as reformed, not condemned. The bystanders that were part of the protests but not really getting involved were called “not one of us”. A billionaire that was rescued from total…, Thanks, Deborah for the link. He saw circus clowns in suits. They were in the heat of the battle. Brace yourself and keep a good supply of food and water for your families.

The events he shares in this message confirms my own expectations for a major market crash ahead. When it hits, it gradually starts to ripple out (far reaching) meaning it will affect more and more federalists and government people, etc……- hence all the heads exploding? However, John Fenn makes it exceedingly clear that the events that he was shown are conditional. Please be encouraged!!! Hey Phil – They tried to reach for the bits of their tongues but could not reach these as these were beyond their reach. Hi James, the next dream that Dana Coverstone had references December & January -the Baltic index was I know several of us are warning about Trump on Z3 News but these warnings fall on deaf ears. I understand that some people have a hard time making this sort of a distinction, but I am going to post this video anyway because I think that it is very important. Then he saw one last scene. They were exposed. Our audio podcast channel on Here on iTunes, Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Believers stand strong.
It tapped it and then held it.

As you watch the video, you will quickly realize that it perfectly lines up with what Pastor Dana Coverstone was recently shown. Phillip, President Trump just lost his brother. What Does The Bible Say About Narcissism? I would do so.... Jesus protect and save the Unborn. Phil. Joel’s Army – The Lord’s Army? There may even be a link to the “asteroid” seen in a prophetic dream that hits near Puerto Rico & causes a tsunami. The Holocaust happened because tens of thousands of Christians in Europe saw what was happening and did nothing. Is this just a coincidence? A Christian perspective of working in the Mental Health and Medical fields, A New Perspective into the Laodicean Church, A Visit to the Third Heaven; A Short Story of Overcoming the Spirit of Weariness, All Heads Bowed and All Eyes Closed: ‘Hidden’ Salvation In the Present Day Church. In fact, the reason why this warning is being given is so that we will pray that the events will not happen. Be praying for America. Jesus said ....''Be watchful, the end of all things is at hand, behold I come quickly,'', I'm using an Australian exchange (Coinspot) which allows me to set a buy order directly from Australian fiat to RDD (and vice versa), without needing to go through bitcoin. Dr. Daniel Daves had a dream from the Lord of the coming collapse of the American economy and the Future of America. (Part 1), A Word from the Lord; It Will Come Suddenly – Are You Prepared?-Part II, An Urgent Word from the Lord for 2017 – To the Old & Young Believer, Could Aliens Play A Role in End Times Deception?- Prophetic Dream, Government Takeover And Chinese Communism – Prophetic Dream, Living In The Last Hours Of The Last Days – Prophetic Word. Become accountable. Gonna do a short version. These trees are truly a prophetic warning to those with eyes to see…, Expat Gal-Did it ever occur to you that the Deep Stare will cause all of these bad things to happen and use Donald Trump as A scapegoat? John Fenn, founder of Church Without Walls International, shared a prophetic warning in a 10-minute video published yesterday, which is shown below.The following provides a transcript of excerpts from the video. During the third week of October of 2020, here in our state of California, evangelist Mario Murillo will be holding a huge tent meeting during the third week of October 11-16. The New Apostolic Reformation, What is it? My wife and I will This dream warns of specific events coming in December 2020 and January 2021. Everyone else had heads like the smaller lady finger style fireworks.

The Mandela Effect – Deception or Distraction? Contemplative prayer Is it really prayer? They bit through their tongues as they landed. The governors had heads like the black cat (1 1/2-2”) firecrackers. "the prevailing feeling in Blue and White is that Netanyahu is not interested in the continued functioning of the government and that the Knesset will in any case be dissolved on December 23, the deadline for a new budget.". The Darkness is Coming: The Last 3 Days to Repent? With Viral Empowerment, the Beast System is Rising Rapidly! He then saw a big $100 bill about the size of an American flag. In other words, they may or may not happen depending on how America responds in the months ahead. I think we’re going to see…, Expat Gal & Abigail. Jason V, James saw BTC at $36,700 and his numbers are not usually turning points. I did check out your comment and I agree with your approach to not be too hasty to make judgements without weighing all the prophetic viewpoints on this matter of DT’s heart, motives, plans,…, I am in agreement with your comment, Megan. As I listened I heard , “winds of change.”,,, Ex-32nd Degree Freemason – FEMA in Control, Laws Already Passed & Will Now Be Enforced, Fallen Ones Are Here, Trump Will Be Removed But He is Complicit in Plans, Power Grid & Communication Network Taken Down, Natural Events With Weapons Used & Want Events Done Before End Of December. voting). The Enemy Of Our Souls – Who Is He & How Does He Get In? Why not an exhortation here to pray for God’s comforting presence of the Holy Spirit to envelope the Trump family during their time of grief and loss? He also offers some timely encouragement, and outlines some positive steps to … This Happened on Our Earth August 26-28th 2017, Landslide in Guizhou, China August 28th 2017. Behold, all things have become new!" That is what these agreements in the news mean that have taken place since November 2017 through his summer of 2020.

My heart and my prayers go out to you brother; Pastor Dana Coverstone!! From an Insider Source (Transcript), Israel and the amazing convergence of End Time Prophetic Signs, Las Vegas Shooting – An Illuminati Master-minded Agenda – (Extended article), Mainstream Propaganda – The Controlled Narrative Now Unravelling, Meddling In The Middle East. It is my great honor to present to you a dear brother in The Lord, John Fenn. Keeping you up to date with World Events as biblical prophecy unfolds. Pieces of their tongues went flying. “I think I released this to the public in about 2008. So yes on usual exchanges I…, Deborah I heard the same thing! So 37k is close to what I think would be the next major peak near end of 2021. They were preaching against persecution coming.

So nobody should come back later and label John Fenn as “false” when he is clearly telling us that the Lord told him that these events are conditional. MYSTERIOUS Things Outside Earth and Weather Modifi... Is Russia Anticipating NATO Preemptive Strike.
New World Order Global Dictatorship – A Final Warning!

There has been a lot of objects go by recently and the number is increasing. Why isn't the hope we have in Christ and that WE are more than…. The following provides a transcript of excerpts from the video. The New Apostolic Reformation, What is it? Big things are coming for the world.”. Ancient History and Future Apocalypse – Exposing the Truth! Then the scene went back to those who were still praying. E.P.! THE JUDGMENT WILL COME AND IT WILL BE SWIFT - STEP... Three Police Officers Shot at California Motel. In late March 2015, she received a strong Word from the Lord that your “family is no longer safe here” so she and her family permanently relocated outside the U.S. And sometimes God shows people things that are conditional, and those types of prophetic warnings are calls to prayer.

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