jager pro hog traps

Camera is for intelligence gathering only, and has no connectivity to the M.I.N.E. Our documented proof of concept produced a 92% capture rate (removing 278 of 303) feral pigs on the 5,000 acre Flint River Project. We use 12-gauge wire to secure the panels to the posts.”, “The gate opening is eight feet wide and four feet high. Hog Trapping – Trap & Gate Selection 02.19.2017 / Rod Pinkston Trapping is the most cost-effective and efficient control method for removing large numbers of feral …

MNget. “The Jager Pro™ system is designed to allow a landowner to trap large numbers of hogs at one time. Yes.

We are looking forward to catching many more feral hogs in the near future.”, “We installed a JAGER PRO I.C.E.® Camera and began conditioning feral pigs to a new bait site on 11 February 2015. After he surveyed the sites we had chosen for traps, he instructed us to pre-bait the areas and notify him when hogs regularly visited the feeders.

Rooting damage in fields and timber is widespread and our frustration is at an all-time high.

At that time we did not realize just how wrong our approach to dealing with hogs had been. COPYRIGHT | PRIVACY & TERMS.

This patented trap is easily transported, setup in 30 min or less and strong enough to hold any hog. The expert hosting the first seminar we attended left us thinking we were on track with our efforts to control hogs. This patented trap is easily transported, setup in 30 min or less and strong enough to hold any hog. It was so cool to get the picture, see the hogs in the trap, and catch them with a simple command from my phone while sitting at my house.

This system was developed by JAGER PRO® during four years of research (2007 2010) and designed to capture whole sounders at one time. We called Pinkston and on June 23 he returned, ready to guide us in proper trap construction.

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To achieve maximum population control many trapping techniques have to be implemented. I was fishing a flat and spotted a brush pile off to the side of my boat. Problem is, each time you catch three in a group of six you educate the other three.

They damage crops, destroy property, root-up woods and roads and compete with deer and turkeys for food.

southernhogcontrol.net, P.O.

Although portable traps are inexpensive and easily relocated, we do not recommend them for Integrated Wild Pig Control purposes because these devices only capture juveniles and uneducated adults. Inspect the trap and gate for damage after each catch.

On 12 February, the sounder of 35 pigs fed for nearly three hours and returned on 13 February for an hour. Full length, galvanized connecting rods are used to secure M.I.N.E.® Rigid Trap Panels together. Capture Success Matrix. It also touts a camera with state-of-art electronics that monitors and transmits photos directly to your computer or smart phone in a text message.

If you do a search for “building a hog trap” you will likely find plans that call for T-posts, cattle panels, and a door that is triggered when an animal enters the trap and trips the door.

Conventional trapping has only a 50% capture rate which educates the remaining sounder to the trapping method.

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