insane latin dragons

From Organized Crime to Folk and People Street Gangs, reveal the criminal origins of more than 90 of Chicago’s baddest street gangs. By the end of 1995 things were really heating up for YLOCs as they went out for blood gunning down several enemies. YLO Cobras had gained police attention by 1990 because of their bold drug distribution, which led to a raid on Duk’s Hot Dog stand in early 1991, causing Lemoyne and Harding to close down and Crazy C was put in prison.

The Insane Latin Dragons were trying to establish a foothold in the area and kept getting attacked by the People gang the Latin Brothers and the Maniac MK’s, who were backed up by the Maniac Latin Disciples. Instead of searching one site after another to piece Chicago street gang history together, you can come to Chicago Gang History to see the research Zook has done to compile everything into one source. in 1980 Keep reading…, Founded In 1992, Python C went to prison for the murder of a Latin King gang member from Beach and Spaulding. The YLOCs then took all those operations to the bar on North Ave and Harding. Big Joker C became Chief of the neighboring section in Springfield and Hirsch. Latin Mafia Familia Crips(Crip Alliance gang)Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation(People Nation gang)Almighty Insane Latin Counts Nation(People Nation … Keep reading…, Organized Crime to Folk and People Street Gangs, Warlords Wicker Park, La Familia Warlords, Ghetto Brothers Organization/Yates Boys Organization, Playboys, Ventures, Pulaski Park, Rice Boys. All this bloodshed against rivals made YLOCs wanted for dead by many enemies, especially Menace C, who was known to be a legend from Avers and Hirsch having shot up MLDs, IGs and killed 3 Latin Kings, 2 of which were from Central Park Ave and Hirsch and another from Armitage and Kedzie. This boosted their reputation. Get the latest Chicago Gang History delivered right to your inbox. This disagreement led to the gang being split in half. In Chicago, YLOC’s in Koz Park were still holding it down, Shakespeare/Central Park “Young and Crazy” and Monticello/Cortland kept the YLO Cobra’s hardcore going into the 21st century.

The war did not last very long as Maniacs, Almighties and Insanes often froze their wars in the early 90’s, putting both YLO gangs back at peace. YLOCs went deep into this war and went after MLDs by gunning down members in Humboldt Park and at the Brickyard Mall in the Belmont – Cragin neighborhood. Jane Addams, Gangster Disciples

Insane Gangster Satan Disciples. YLOCD applied to both groups, who were two separate gangs but also like one larger entity at the same time; mainly when they got together, but when they were posted on their own turf they used their own names. The kids that wanted to be Cobras still had their territory at Mozart and Cortland Disciples were posted at Richmond and Cortland. Almighty Latin Kings This became apparent in the Fall of 1999 when Avers and Hirsch shooters stormed a Latin King wedding and shot up 5 people, killing 2 of them and wounding 3 others. Spanish Cobras were upset with Insane Cambell Boys for breaking the peace treaty in 1994 and demanded the ICBs disband. Keep reading…, Founded Now just for understanding: the YLOCD was an agreement between YLO Cobras and YLO Disciples. You could say these were the first YLO Cobras even though they were just a part of the Spanish Cobras organization at that time, however, this was in a way a merger between a group of Young Lords and Spanish Cobras. By 1999 Avers and Hirsch was the last West Humboldt Park YLOC section standing, and being heavily watched by the Chicago Police because this section was completely crazy and quick with the gun.

YLO was governed by both Spanish Cobras and Latin Disciples in 1978. In 1976, King Cobra situated young Spanish Cobras at the intersection of Springfield and Hirsch in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood in 1976 who were completely all about friendship with the YLO. The Maniac Latin Disciples on board with this where situated at Francisco and Wabansia as YLO Latin Disciples.

The Insane Campbell Boys were not a well-known gang in the 1980s but soon exploded into popularity in the early 1990s and swelled to over 100 members. Founded in East Humboldt Park section of West Town neighborhood at Augusta and Campbell. YLO 1978-1979; YLO Cobra Disciples 1979-1980; YLO Cobras 1980-1992, The concept of “YLO” came about in 1971 invented by the Young Lords as they used “YLO” to represent “Young Lords Organization.”  By the mid-1970s the Young Lords started to decline in numbers and this led members to looks elsewhere for membership. The Campbell Boys hung out with Insane Dragons but didn’t want to join the Dragons instead they made the decision to start their own gang by 1982. In February the Insane Campbell Boy caught Wolfie after school at Roberto Clemente High School after all the kids had just got out.

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