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Outraged, Harleen attacks him, but is quickly subdued by him. The robbery went awry, as Batman attacked, sending the soon-to-be Joker into a vat of chemicals, deforming his look into that of an evil clown. There are a few different things we could look at when looking at the Joker skins in Injustice 2, which has tons of different looks for its many different characters. Most people would say that making the Joker wear more or less entirely white doesn't fit the character, but it's exactly the fact that it's out of character for him that really accentuates his unpredictable qualities. In the epilogue, the Joker is shown being lead at gunpoint by Harley Quinn to the portal that will take him back to his dimension. However, he still speaks with the Transatlantic accent that Hamill made popular. The color palette is particularly muted, but they're also pretty much perfect for a Joker who's been around for as long as he has been. This page contains a character guide for The Joker in Injustice 2. While at first a lot of people might think that the most boring and muted and un-Joker-like skin would be Tournament, it's startling in how garish the white skin looks, making it a perfect fit for such a warped villain. You must spend 6,000 Source Crystals in order to purchase them. Join us! Joker Costumes and Skins Joker Videos Below You Can View List of Each Characters Injustice 2 Gear Builds, Stats, Moves, Character Powers and Abilities by Clicking their Image or Name Link.

RELATED: The Batman: 5 Best Animated Villain Redesigns (& The 5 Worst). While the colors for this one aren't really taking any risks, you can't go wrong with the Clown Prince Of Crime skin.

We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! He is classified as a Gadget User. This costume is based on his appearance before becoming the Joker. All creations copyright of the creators. Injustice:Gods Among Us Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Joker is apprehended by Insurgency Batman. The color combo that happens in the Class Clown shader is kind of sickly looking on the whole, which, while that makes sense when looking at the mental illness inherent in The Joker, doesn't really work well. The reason it's pretty much middle-of-the-road is that it isn't particularly Joker-like. The Joker, enraged that his trigger failed to detonate the bomb, blames Batman for their displacement and attacks him. This one, while it does have some colors that are generally brighter, are also toned down and muddy looking, making the Class Clown almost the entire antithesis of Joker as a character. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. (The Killing Joke Skin Pack), This Costume consists of a black suit with a purple vest, a long red cape, and a large, yet narrow, red dome helmet, and the suit is heavily stained with blood as he was submerged in dangerous chemicals, and he also has stained, purple gloves. Altered Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow and Wonder Woman rush in, and both Hawkgirl and Nightwing retreat thanks to Harley's call for help. The Flash. Injustice 2: Joker's Special Moves and Supermove. The below are Joker's costumes from Injustice 2 video game offered since release. Disappointed once again, Joker prepares to execute her with a revolver, however she stands up to him and fights him, defeating him and ending the hallucination. Hehehehahahahaha!
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Batman, having followed the Joker to Gotham, attempts to launch a surprise attack. Joker's Wild: Joker's power is a high and low parry. It isn't the most eye-catching or particularly out of the character's comfort-zone enough to be immediately intimidating, but the blue is a nice touch and calls to mind a Joker who's blue because he's been spurned by society; almost like a Joaquin Phoenix take on the Joker—not so much in color scheme, perhaps, but more in terms of the character that's implied.

Joker appears in a hallucination for Harley Quinn brought on by Scarecrow's fear gas, noting how much Harley has evolved into a hero, however adding that she still "hears it.". He is also a manipulative and charismatic liar, especially to Harley. I stitched together a crazy quilt of alien civilizations, without regard to rhyme or reason. This includes any alternate costumes, game edition costumes, and the god and demon shader packs. This made him go mad, as the Joker became the greatest enemy to Batman and to the entirety of Gotham. When you hit successful, it gives you a "ha", each "ha" improves Joker's walk speed and jump arcs. He prefers his past to be “multiple choice” and keeps his backstory a secret. RELATED: 10 Actors Who Nearly Played Joker. The Joker was the first victim of Superman’s rise to power. Injustice 2, the follow-up to the well-received Injustice: Gods Among Us, is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. Joker becomes aware of Batman's presence beforehand, and counters him, injuring Batmans leg. All skins, with the exception of one, actually unlock the same way in Injustice 2. Due to his actions shortly before his death, the Joker is responsible for every event that happens in Injustice. He explains that "it" is her old, psychotic self buried deep in her. Injustice Gods Among Us - 'The Joker' Ending 【HD】. Electrum is actually a really interesting shader choice, despite the fact that some people may not necessarily like the all-white look that using the Electrum shader gives. Injustice 2 features a ton of options for character appearances, and we're here to rank every single skin available for the Joker. Batman uses a sonar disruptor and smoke bomb to escape the troops, while Joker sneaks away during the ensuing chaos. Superman then shoved his entire forearm through the laughing Joker's torso and ripped out his heart, killing him.

Those poor cities from across the universe, trapped aboard his ship. In Injustice 2, the addition of Premiere Skins replace what would normally be unlockable characters (excluding Braniac - who is unlocked by beating the story).

The two then travel to the abandoned Arkham Asylum, where Harleen introduces Joker to the "Joker Clan", a large gang that worships Joker as a martyr, and combats the Regime through acts of terror.

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