illustrations looking unto jesus sermon

"—Gospel Herald. Place thy trust in no other thing. "—Sunday School Times. Jesus Sermon Illustrations . I offer it in all affection as one who longs to help you in the right way, who desires to promote in your heart a healthy, vigorous, everyday Christianity, and would gladly guard you against mistakes. They are rich in thought and food for reflection. The sick man answereth, Yes. The glorious company of the Apostles, the noble army of martyrs, the saints who in every age and land have made their mark on mankind, and turned the world upside down,�all, all have had one common mint-stamp upon them. Introduction. In the phrase "looking unto Jesus," it is useful and interesting to remember that the Greek word which, in our English Bible, we render "looking," is only found here in the New Testament. Mark what a wonderful combination of seemingly opposite qualifications is to be seen in His character. It will wear, and stand, and prosper in any climate, in winter and in summer, in heat and in cold. 6). 10.000 Illustrations    2895    Prophecy    Screen Savers (c) Finally, may I not say to all, both old and young, with this great text in view, that we shall do well to aim at greater SIMPLICITY in our own personal religion. And that point is this, that the only receipt for peace of conscience is to "look" by faith to Jesus suffering in our stead, the just for the unjust, paying our debt by that suffering, and dying for us on the cross. Wise men remember that there is a world of duty and trial outside the walls of the church, in which they have to play their part. The world's Love (John 3:16).—Selected.    Noah, Sodom, Sinai, Ark Let us cultivate the habit of daily looking forward to the resurrection of the dead, the gathering together of the saints, the restitution of all things, the banishment of sorrow and sin, and the re-establishment of a new kingdom, of which the rule shall be righteousness. The poet's friend was a believer in the Lord Jesus, and sought as opportunities offered to testify for Him. Every returning morning brings with it so much to be done and borne and suffered, that we are often tempted to despair. So weak and treacherous are our hearts, so busy the devil, so persecuting and ensnaring the world, that we are sometimes half inclined to look back and return to Egypt.    Children's OT Studies Our greatest poet truly says, "We know what we are; but we know not what we may be." Now I venture boldly to express a doubt whether modern Christians "look to Jesus" in this point of view, and make as much as they ought of His life of intercession. Now, I believe firmly that this same second advent was meant to be the hope of the Church in every age of the world. Hebrews, Chapter 12.    291 III. Where is the thoughtful Christian who does not often sigh for a better state of things, and ask himself, "How long, O Lord, faithful and true, how long are we to go on weeping, and working, binding up wounds, and drinking bitter cups, and educating, and parting, and burying, and putting on mourning?    85 Sermon Videos To the Christian He is the Son of the Living God, the Saviour, the Redeemer and Lord.—Selected. First, and foremost (yes! Youth Music Vids About forty years ago a Mrs. L— was visiting a place in New Zealand called Kuripapanga. Commit thyself wholly to this death. He that leans on staffs like these will find them pierce his hand. We must try to realize daily that Jesus not only died for us and rose again, but that He also lives as our Advocate with the Father, and appears in heaven for us.    85 Sermon Videos    O.T. They "looked to Jesus" and realized intensely the personality of Jesus. Then let it be said unto him, Go to, then, and whilst thy soul abideth in thee, put all thy confidence in this death alone. They contain far more than a careless eye can see on the surface. Search To the philosopher He is the Wisdom of God. He wept, and He dries our tears. (Rom. A Plain Question. Like careless children at school, we are content to copy those around us, with all their faults, and do not look constantly at the only faultless copy, the One perfect Man, in whom even Satan could find "nothing." This, again, is what he meant when he gave that confident challenge, "Who is he that condemneth ?

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