identify redline bike by serial number

That, is the chrome frame of a Red Line 540. Vbars & same All Have commemorative sticker stating 1972-1991. 1984/19851984 500 A - 4130 Series III frame set(MX-III). i'd agree this one in question is a 1990 manufacture date. Japanese 1 piece cranks. Mostly black with some grey and red Redline written several times. DBSN 401Q7687 (Built by code, came with 401's, Q cause they look cool and run number) ??? 1992 Redline Platinum - 20th Anniversary Edition. Some model years started earlier and this throws off the fluid look. 1970's Redline Squareback First production bike was serial number 100. Philipp Schuster - Austrian Shredder. Specs. early taiwan production (1984-89ish, depending on model) was usually the first two numerals being the year, sometimes preceeded by an "R". Based on google images and the seat it's looking like 2010 or before but other than that I wouldnt be able to spot subtle differences. Forklifter stems. Offline. 1990 Four (400 EXL) - Series-III type frame. 1985 800 P - 4130 Proline frame and fork. IS7K0384 1997 Redline Cruiser (The bike seems to also have date codes on the seat tube and forks). Somewhat atleast. Mostly black with some grey & red Redline written Is It Okay To Track Down Your Bicycle Yourself? To make it easy to find I'll post it from the museum. Arabic Sorry for all these replies bro. I picked up Profile Wheels for 100 bucks a few years back of CL. By the 500-600 range somewhere begin the 1975's. 1983 600a - 4130 came complete with Sugino 1pc or Sugino GT 3 piece cranks, Mild steel Kusuki Vbar and Sugino alloy and 4130 stem. Available in White or Chrome only. Serial numbers on a bike have to do with the manufacturer of the frame (no, it isn't Redline), the date of manufacture, and the production sequence. The serial number guide will help date Redline BMX bikes made between 2001 and 2009. years no decal Identifying the bikes as 600 or 700 etc is on the bike 81/82 600 Now using a first generation MX-III frame which is really a MX-II. Enter a frame number or unique BikeRegister ID below, and click on the magnifying glass. made, starting in 1979. A low number bike would be early 1974. Edited Date/Time: 1/13/2017 7:58 AM, Thanks, was starting to think that from my searching (and the word justice stamped on the bb lol) but then was thinking why someone would put the stickers on. TRX Type, leading axle, dropout forks. [X]. Newer Post →, – Meet, be inspired, communicate and continue flirting! If you can add to this, make corrections please do.Unfortunately almost no one posting serial numbers posted pics or posted bike that posted the serial number. Locksbottom How can you tell the 300 from the 700. Available in Red, Blue, Black & Chrome.1989 800 PXL -. 1984 500 A - 4130 Series III frame set (MX-III). Disable Mobile Trimoly stamp). Forum Main General BMX Talk Identifying a bike by serial number. It has flybikes stickers on it but googling the numbers off the bb doesn't throw anything up other than something for wethepeople and it has some salt components. The 500a used a MX-III frame. RA 04320 - 1982 Redline MX (Made in Japan, Redline Hotdog stamp)RB XXXX - 1982 Redline MX-IIRB 01382 - 1984 Redline 102b (May possibly be a 82 or 83) (Redline Hotdog stamp)RB 01693 - 1982 Proline II (has No gusset behind seat, CS bridge)RC 01878 - Unknown Year, (maybe 600a) MX-II or III (Redline Oval stamp)RC 06430 - 1984 Redline 600b RC 07870 - 1984 Redline MX-III(ST-20), (has gusset behind seat, Redline Oval stamp)RC 07631 - 1984 Redline 600b (Redline Oval stamp)RC 09325 - 1984 Redline Proline (Redline Oval stamp, CS bridge)RC 09858 - Unknown Year, Redline Proline (has NO gusset behind seat, Redline Oval stamp, CS bridge)RC 13645 - 1984 Redline 700p RE 00533 - 1985 Redline 800pRH 00726 - 1983 Redline 600a (Redline Oval stamp, NO CS bridge)RH 07118 - 1983 Redline 600a RH 00250 - Unknown Year, Redline 102bRI 0394X - Unknown Year, Redline MX-II or III (claims top tube is 17" but they only came in @18 & 18 3/4)RI 05788 - Unknown Year, Redline MX-II or IIIRJ 00829 - Unknown Year, ModelRJ 02630 - Unknown Year, ModelRJ 03295 - Unknown Year, ModelRJ 05818 - 1980 MX-III (MX-III was a MX-II frameset sold as a complete bike that came from Japan), 9 Digits, Letters & NumbersWA9F01870  (1999, June)WN0C05414  (2000, March) Redline 340WN0C07804  (2000, March) Redline 340WV9G05080  (1999, July).

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