icon suspension stages explained

The main reason I’m looking a suspension upgrade is to fix this issue but it’s also my daily driver. Its not going to be confused with a Mercedes, Cadillac or BMW. With KING, most of their components need to be fine-tuned. It wasn't the fish tacos or the beautiful scenery and people we'd been enjoying that made us come to this revelation. The upper control arms alone are responsible for an additional 1-inch of droop, and the rear adjustable pan-rod makes sure your axle is properly aligned — no crab-walking 4Runners here! Unlike your average spacer lift or canned suspension package, Icons are offered in a wide variety of stages ranging from introductory to highly advanced. I’ll be using my truck mainly on fore roads for hunting and overland trips, Thanks. We wrote a pretty good overview of trimming the wheel well and other areas for fitting larger tires. That’s as good of a testimony as any in our book. Thanks and any help would be great. It was, to be honest, a combination The company's business is customer-driven, technology-influenced, engineering-oriented and focuses on world-class manufacturing processes and techniques. how much lift does the front coilovers come set at out of the box? Even though this kit is supposed to be tuned, it doesn’t feel like that after the install. Considering that the rear is a static 2”, if you go with the max up front of 3.5” won’t you have a leveling issue with the vehicle? You will either need to buy a spanner wrench or take it to an off-road shop and have them tune your suspension for you. I like Toyota's, exploring remote locations, taking photos, cooking, camping, wheeling, and a good bowl of ramen... or tacos. ICON Vehicle Dynamics is a premiere performance suspension manufacturer specializing in aftermarket suspension components for trucks, SUV's and off road suspension development. With only 0.75" - 1" higher ride height, I'm interested to see where you guys go for us 2 doors. I believe 3 and 4 also come with dual steering stabalizers as well.

If you go to trucktoyzstore.com they have all the different stages explained and pictured very well. I just pulled the trigger on an Icon Stage 2 kit. Icon coilovers are fully adjustable and can be adjusted down to the top thread (lowest ride height) if you wanted. It wasn’t the fish tacos or the beautiful scenery and people we’d been enjoying that made us come to this revelation. SDHQ had it for a couple hundred cheaper than Metal Tech and icon themselves… The Cyber Monday deal was about to run out, so couldn’t check on price matching, etc. We’re not saying that the suspension is terrible on a stock Toyota 4Runner, actually we’re saying quite the opposite, with a factory setup like we have on the Trail Edition, paired with KDSS that’s constantly working to keep the vehicle level, it gives suspension gurus like our friends at ICON a playground of opportunity. The 34″ tire question with stage 2 icon lift is a bit of a tricky question. Can they be adjusted with a spanner wrench while in place? With full lift kits, there is much more involved. The only difference between installing this stage 2 is that you will be replacing the Upper Control Arms (UCA’s). If you want a 2.5″ lift in… Read more », Brenan, what do you recommend as an affordable option for a mild lift like everyone”or less. If you provide mw with your shipping address I’ll rush you out a replacement spacer.”, The Benefit of a Complete “Tuned” Suspension.

For those prices it should be lifetime of the vehicle IMHO. Average Time To Ship Is 3-4 Weeks, Icon's 2.5 Coilover Spanner Wrench is here, 2014-2020 F150 4WD FOX 2.0 Front Adjustable Coilovers (Pair), 2014-2020 F150 4WD FOX Stage 1 Suspension Package, 2015-2020 F150 Stage 3 Eibach Trail Suspension Pack 2, 2014-2020 F150 4WD Rancho quickLIFT Loaded Leveling Kit - Passenger's Side, 2014-2020 F150 4WD Rancho quickLIFT Loaded Leveling Kit (Pair), Powerful suspension upgrade for your F150, Features 2.5 front coilovers and 2.0 rear shocks, Provides awesome off-road performance and on-road handling, Coilovers can add up to 2.5" of ride height, Rear shocks improve rear stability and handling. I've put over 500 miles on it now and the ride quality on and off road is just excellent. Finally, we got a one-sentence email back on Tuesday. These springs will help with load bearing in the rear and are guaranteed to never sag. We have 285/75R17s (33.8″ tires) on our 4Runner and we had lots of rubbing. I really had mixed thoughts after the blog on the Boss leveling kit came out stating it was way smooth, the ICON is in no way rough, kinda hard to explain... stiff is not the term either. Similar to the IVD Stage 1, Stage 2 uses many of the same components. Thanks! Essentially the same product as Icon also. When mounted with the 1-3″ rear 2.0 aluminum series IR shocks, the support on-road and off-road is unmatched in terms of feel and performance. It's a bit more harsh than stock but still rides really well. Can the front coils be raised higher than the 2.5 or is that the maximum limitation? Are they interchangeable or do you need new UCA as well? Icon recommends running the #56100 shock shin guards or any other shock boot to reduce the chance of shock damage. Both are equipped with Icon’s proprietary CDCV (Compression Dampening Control Valve) that gives you ten stages of on-the-fly adjustment in order to perfectly adjust your suspension to what you need it to be doing at the moment. The extended travel coils (2.5″ Shocks = 3.5″ of Front Lift) are a step above the Stage 1. Hoping they let me swap out the front 650# coilover for a 700# coilover. You understand that you are providing your information to Sponsor and not to Instagram or YouTube. I have never run them so I can’t say either way but I probably wouldn’t buy them. I will eventually swap in a set of KINGS on a 4Runner. Seems like most legit lifts are are 3″. I notice an immediate improvement when hitting harsh bumps and holes. Also, the Icon UCA’s have alignment correction built-in. I have heard common complaints about people going 9-12 months and then experiencing leaking and needing rebuild. Pics after wheels and tires go on, Fuel Vapors w/ Nitto T Grapplers. In terms of this whole suspension system, the rear shocks without remote reservoirs are kind of basic. We opted to test the limits of what’s possible with their best—and most expensive—suspension kit, the venerable stage 7 system. I used them to haul stuff, and tow stuff, so I never gave much thought to the ride or the handling. Is it possible to get the reservoir shocks with the stage 2 system for the JL? In the photo of the 2.7 Grey Supercrew, What is the wheel and tire specifications? Adrian, can you explain what the S2 upgrade means? While this suspension lift is not an actual lift kit, is does somewhat act as one being that it is rebuildable and adjustable. Our content is pretty fire! I noticed that your red f150 has 295/65r18 pro comp MTs on stock rims. We tried to install the drivers side first and could only get two bolts lined up. If you have any questions or comments, please... comment ahead. PROVEN: Gear & Tactics – GPS & Tracking Devices. Wheel travel would remain the same because full compression and full droop are the same for both platforms. Similar to the IVD Stage 1, Stage 2 uses many of the same components.

There was an issue with installation. Don’t have a Toyota 4Runner? That means we can use the Pro "normally" and once the warranty expires, we can upgrade to a stage 7. While installing a leveling kit is much easier, they are relatively the same thing. What gains/advantages over stock would the system be designed for? UPDATE (CUSTOMER SERVICE): They sent us the wrong part, for our stage 2. If you wanted a 2″ lift in the front, you would need a .75″ coil for the rear. Extended travel offers increased wheel travel that will enhance your off-road and on-road performance.

I will get there this year hopefully. ): KDSS requires 54200 rear adjustable track bar (But, do they really?). By going with a performance UCA, you will have better articulation and much more strength as opposed to the OE UCA’s.

I’m about ready to pull the trigger on my 13 4 runner for some upgrades, with lift being the first step.

Tire size. ICON doesn’t just include what might be the best shock package in the business with their Stage 7 Kit, they also take care of upper control arms (ours are billet), and rear upper and lower trailing arms. 2018 rubi red, 3.6 auto, cloth seats, LED, tow, steel bumpers, PST, Alpine. My question is if I lowered it to 0 stock height will it be same height as factory or higher?

I am wondering if I can use the Stage 1 Icon system along with a front spacer leveling kit? Adrian, who would you recommend I speak to regarding Toyota warranty concerns when we decide to upgrade to a stage 7? If you’re not quite at the stage where you’re taking driving lessons from Baja champions, ICON has a plethora of options, all of which are modular and allow you to upgrade as need be—starting with their still high-performance Stage 1 system. I put these on my 2015 f150, I also put airbags on rear of truck.

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