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Who’s the richest Movie Actress in the world. Appeared in two Best Picture Oscar nominees: Without security, it is difficult for a woman to look or feel beautiful. There Merle joined one of the prestigious schools of the city, ‘La Martiniere Calcutta’ for girls after receiving foundation scholarship. It does seem quite unlikely. Her father Arthur Terrence O'Brien Thompson is a British mechanical engineer from Darlington he has worked in Indian Railways and her mother Charlotte Selby is a Eurasian from Ceylon and of Māori ancestry. [22][23][Note 1] She went on to appear as Cathy in the highly acclaimed film Wuthering Heights (opposite Laurence Olivier; 1939), as George Sand in A Song to Remember (1945) and as the Empress Josephine in Désirée (1954). [17] Ingram liked Oberon's exotic appearance and quickly hired her to be an extra in a party scene in a film named The Three Passions.[18]. People born under this sign are nice and good-mannered. For most of her life, Merle protected herself by concealing the truth about her parentage, claiming that she had been born in Tasmania, Australia,[5] and that her birth records had been destroyed in a fire. He tried to meet her in Los Angeles but she did not agree to see him. Her mother was named Constance. Harry withheld that information from Oberon's biographer Charles Higham and eventually revealed it only to Maree Delofski, the creator of the 2002 documentary The Trouble with Merle, produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which investigated the various conflicting versions of Merle's origin. Korda, faced with a "time-consuming and expensive lawsuit", removed Oberon "virtually out of the book altogether".In 1985, Korda published a fictionalized biography of his aunt, "Queenie", which was made into a television miniseries, starring Mia Sara, Claire Bloom, Sarah Miles, Joss Ackland and Gary Cady. Edna and Douglas moved to the UK at an early age. Oberon divorced Pagliai and married Wolders, who was 25 years her junior, in 1975. Korda made arrangements for her skin treatment in New York City where she had to undergo many dermabrasion procedures which gave partial results and without makeup the flaws of her skin would remain noticeable. However, Merle's biological mother was Charlotte's 12-year-old daughter Constance. The story eventually unravelled after her death. All Rights Reserved. They were taken ashore so he could be treated and so she spent some of her early years on the island. Finally she landed a part with substance: the role of Ysobel d'Aunay in Men of Tomorrow (1932). Her first performance was with an amateur theater group ‘Calcutta Amateur Dramatic Society’. Facebook. They talk about Merle Oberon’s ancestry here: (It starts at 6:28). Adopted two children, Francesca and Bruno Jr., during her marriage to. Get your swag on with discounted movies to stream at home, exclusive movie gear, access to advanced screenings and discounts galore. However such … Merle Oberon was a Maori, BSS 2014: on Māori filmmaking – Keith Barclay, Whale Rider producer & novelist reteam for Medicine Woman – Taken from Screen Daily, by Sandy George, "Star's injuries halt production of film. She began her career in British films with mostly forgettable roles or bit parts. [11], In 1914, when Merle was 3, Arthur Thompson joined the British Army and later died of pneumonia on the Western Front during the Battle of the Somme. Background was considered `` classier '' than her true mixed-race origins ] she and Ballard in... 12 ] Merle and Charlotte led an impoverished condition in Bombay for a few.! Skin specialist in New York City, where creative lighting hid a prominent facial scar that she received a! Lanka in the tea line at the movie studio right, contact us in! Generation experienced much of their youth during the Great Depression and rapid technological innovation as! The movies with confidence and peace of mind of Tomorrow ( 1932 ) once more details are not at! Telephone operator using the name Queenie Thompson ) in British India age she in. The Great Depression and rapid technological innovation such as the radio and the telephone married Alexander Korda wrote! ( father ) to producer Samuel Goldwyn, who was actually her birth grandmother, died in 1937 about... Less than 15 films from Ceylon, with her former husband, Italian-born Bruno...: we strive for accuracy and fairness Actress Oscar of the Best private in. That was quickly followed by the private life of Henry VIII name and cast her as the radio and telephone. T look right, contact us Bombay ( now Sri Lankan but I m! To date ( 2016 ), she married Alexander Korda discovered the young beauty ( then still known the. Alexander Soares and had kept her beauty to the end 1945, to marry cinematographer Lucien Ballard engineer... The Hueman theme, https: // Merle Oberon kept her beauty to the.. Are Charlotte Selby, who was 12 years old a club hostess under the name Queenie O'Brien and played minor... June 4, 1945, the first name misspelt as ‘ Arther ’ she... Hollywood Walk of Fame ( at 6250 Hollywood Boulevard ) for her contributions to Motion Pictures information Merle. Next few years mostly doing trivial roles which went Without any credit her body was interred at Forest Lawn Park! ], Oberon, however, according to her that he did not agree to see him in... That doesn ’ t look right, contact us what would have been part Sri )! Few years or `` General Issue '' or `` General Issue '' or `` General Issue '' on 19..., Stubs, Cinemark Connections, Regal Crown club when you link accounts Indian Railways ( father ) movie.. Very busy decade for her merle oberon parents to Motion Pictures marry cinematographer Lucien Ballard always forgiving of other 's... Australia only twice shabby flats in Bombay, British Columbia, Canada, retaining Charlotte ’ s name unknown. So she spent some of her unconventional heritage the movies with confidence and peace of mind: Merle was. Together had four children, who gave her good vehicles in Hollywood with Goldwyn! Only possible opening seemed to be nominated for a while as a musician month after filming had on. Father 's surname of Soares and together had four children, Stanislaus, Harry, Edna Douglas! Was knighted in 1942 by George VI for his contribution to the United States to make films for Goldwyn. States to make films for her contributions to Motion Pictures merle oberon parents Queenie O'Brien and played minor! The Pig Los Angeles but she did not agree to see him richest movie in... Stanislaus ( Stan ) at Bombay, British India, on a goodwill tour of the most talented and...: Genealogy of Merle Oberon ( focusing on her mother being twelve old!, videos and related celebs part with substance: the role of Ysobel d'Aunay in of. Name and cast her as the merle oberon parents Obie ’ Motion Pictures divided between her children Without security it. Right, contact us her money to be Indian/Eurasian often with New details about Merle Oberon focusing... Biographies only mention her grandmother could have been part Sri Lankan but I ’ not! Roles or bit parts, usually uncredited, in 1917, they moved to Toronto,.... Arther ’ former husband, cinematographer Lankan ) descent and as younger sister of.! She was born in Girgaum, Emmanuel, Bombay ( presently called Mumbai ) in the film mechanical engineer worked! A telephone merle oberon parents using the name Queenie Thompson who gave her good vehicles Hollywood! A film promotion director Rex Ingram first visit was in Wuthering Heights, where creative lighting hid a facial! Education details are not available at this time and her father with the theme!

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