hydraulic jack repair

Once the cylinder is clean, you'll need to put need to pour new fluid in with the aid of a funnel. Coat it with jack oil. First photo--I have a dental pick I can use to remove old seals. Hah, what are the odds that I would find someone that rebuilt the same jack that I have.

Thread the plunger into the base of the bottle jack unit. Get a funnel with a very narrow end. Reply Just to reiterate, the purpose of the overload/safety valve is when in the event that your jack reaches its PSI limit, the hydraulic jack …

Loosen the nuts on the axle for the lift arm considerably, but do not remove them. If there is some, blow it out with some compressed air. The machining is not always as good as on the older models made in the USA. A new ball is included in the parts kit. The screw slot is 1/2 inch across the diameter of the screw and almost 1/8 inch wide.

I did find dirt in the oil. This is a 1 1/4 ton hydraulic floor jack my father passed on to me. I understand. (I was able to pull the lift…

I replaced an O-ring with a nearly identical O-ring that was just a little different, and suddenly the nail gun worked just fine. Third photo--Install the parts shown in this photo from step 8. It is good that I did. The third photo shows the parts for the safety overload valve in the order in which they are inserted.

See the left text box. The oil residue is certainly like what I have seen in the kitchen from vegetable oils. The plug should be seated flat without any type of wrinkle in it which can cause air to leak into the cylinders. This is a another video that shows how to dismantle a bottle jack unit.

One source suggested raising the jack fully and lowering it slowly twenty or so times to remove all air that might be trapped inside the jack's passageways. You should not have any other problems once the fluid has been replaced, but to make sure, you should test the floor jack several times before putting any considerable weight on it. Several different parts came in more than one version. I used a wooden dowel rod to scrape and break loose any dirt I could find. At this link you will find one man's description of how he rejuvenated his twenty-five year old jack by flushing its insides with a solvent, letting it dry completely, and filling it with fresh hydraulic jack fluid. There are also some steel balls and copper washers. Get a shallow cardboard box with no holes in the bottom or a large pan and work inside of either one. Make sure the pressure is able to hold the weight before fully use it. But, this one is stuck very tightly. Carefully turn the screw plug until the valve assembly bottoms out. Our team has the experience needed to diagnose and repair your system while providing parts from existing stock, or fabricating parts that are not immediately available. The upper end of the universal joint is a piece of hex stock. New plugs are included in the parts kit.

I used a couple of pieces of wood on the drill's base in order to achieve the desired distance between the chuck and the surface supporting the smooth end of the plunger.

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