how to tell if a blue tongue skink is male or female

The vet might also perform an ultrasound of a sexually mature female to see if he has any follicles. I say “most likely” because this method isn’t fool-proof. It’s always better to perform popping with younger blue tongue skinks. Iguana Diet 2. In this post, you will learn the ways to help you find out your blue tongue skink’s gender/sex. Moreover, both of these methods also fail on another useful metric, they are incredibly difficult to actually work out in the real world. Presence of fresh semen or seminal plugs inside the tank will tell you that your blue tongue is a male. I’ll give you an example. Seminal plugs might look like urates. Applying too much pressure can cause injury and damage to hemipenes. But, just about every owner who has bred skinks can attest that this isn’t a foolproof method. Some people might claim that they’re experts at this, but in reality give you false results. If you see these laying around your skink’s habitat, he is almost assuredly a male. Keeping a pet is a full time responsibility, so think before you go to buy a pet for yourself. Seminal plugs look like white plugs, or strands that are dried sperm. Please put two skinks together to observe breeding behaviors when they are at least 8-12 months old. So, visual inspection isn’t the most reliable way to find out the blue tongue skink’s gender. So, to sum up, the best, most reliable methods to sexing a blue-tongue skink are: Hi, This is Blu, an Indonesian Blue-Tongued Skink that I picked up years ago. This method will take a little bit of work, and at first glance may seem a bit scary, but it’s perfectly safe. Some blue-tongues are naturally bigger and heavier than others, and thus, you might think that a good way to judge what species you have is to simply weigh it. She won’t be biting back or resisting too much. You might start seeing hemipenes at the age of around 5 months.

If the female is receptive, she will whip and lift her tail slightly and they will start mating. There are multiple methods to determine their gender, but not all of them are reliable or all that useful. Basically, you will try to “pop” your skink’s hemipenes out.

During mating season, the male becomes overly protective and aggressive towards the female; he may even end up hurting and injuring the female during the process but apart from this both male and female skink usually get along pretty well. What is more, some owners believe that male’s neck (from inside) turns slightly pink during the breeding season, when he is ready to mate. But an absolutely surefire way to determine the gender of your skink is to observe the breeding behaviors. Evert (pop out) male’s hemipenes (male’s reproductive organs) – not the most comfortable and safe way. If someone tells you the skink they have is a female/male, ask how they know. By far the best methods to sex a Blue-Tongue Skink are firstly observing them mount a female, or seeing if they have hemipenes, or observing them drop seminal plugs. Since this reptile can remember faces and recognize voices, you can make them your friend in no time. You may have read somewhere that you can often tell the difference between a male and female blue-tongue by comparing their head sizes, as males are supposed to have larger heads than females. If nothing “popped” it’s most likely a female. In skinks, these differences are much, much less pronounced.

After some time, he will position his body on top of hers, brushing his tail and hind legs on her. And, perhaps most importantly, you cannot use this sexing method on young skinks or small skinks, as you may cause them damage. Most of the time everyone just makes up genders (because unless you're breeding them, it doesn't really matter). Sometimes, males might evert their hemipenes when pooping and you will be able to see them. During the breeding season, male’s hemipenes tend to swell. Another surefire way to determine the gender of your blue tongue skink is to watch its excrement. Then, you will need to put the thumb under the vent and start pushing the thumb up, applying some force. Our site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for our site to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affilliated sites. Now, you can’t see them when they are closed, hence why you need to “pop” them. If the skink is a male, one of the hemipenes should “pop” open. This is especially true when blue tongue skinks are still young – less than 12 months old.
Sexing blue tongue skinks can be hard, so you will need to look for many factors. It might not happen straight away, and he is likely to stare at her for a minute. To pop out, or evert blue tongue skink’s hemipenes, you will need to hold the skink with its belly turned to you. Most blue tongue skink owners want to find out the gender/sex of their blue tongue lizard. X-Ray scanning uses radiation, so it’s not recommended. All of the visual factors are only clues, and should not be relied on when finding out the gender. There are lots of limitations with this method however, as you will need at least 2 skinks, 1 male and 1 female, for it to work. Usually found in dry or semi humid places, BTS can become a very good pet for people who like to keep animals that require slight attention. For instance, in humans, sexual dimorphism would be displayed visually by things such as the genitals, breasts, muscle-mass, height and a slew of other traits. This is because adults have large hemipenes, and it can be hard to evert them. If you place two males together, you will see how they become defensive and territorial. Your blue tongue skink will release seminal plugs if he’s a male, and you will need to find them. Now, that being said, there are 3 methods in my opinion that are much more reliable than the above common methods. You might start seeing seminal plugs when your blue tongue skink turns 6-10 months old, and of course if he’s a male. Urates are often brighter in color than semen. The cloaca is basically your skink’s “butt” for lack of a better word. However, after learning a lot, I built Blutongued for the purpose of helping others avoid many of the mistakes I first made when I started out. It can be very hard to determine blue tongue skink’s gender/sex by inspecting the lizard visually. It has been generally observed that male blue tongue lizards have more defined and fine patterns on their body that are easily visible to the on lookers while the female skink has combination of dull brown on its body that cannot be distinguished in to clear patterns. If you place a male and female together, you will see how male approaches the female. Sexual dimorphism basically are traits and characteristics that can differentiate the genders of an animal species. Very few people are really knowledgable about blue-tongues, and unless you have been around them for a while, and seen more than your fair share, you will probably not be able to accurately estimate what exactly constitutes a “larger head” and “more brightly coloured eyes” than not. The vet will inject a contrast dye in blue tongue skink’s vent, and then take X-Ray scans. Our website is compliant with GDPR and adverstising laws of United States. There are 2 problems with this: most skink species weights overlap; underfeeding or overfeeding can skew the results; So, let’s just leave this out of it for now. Hemipenes might pop out. There are unfortunately, a few limitations with all 3 of these.

I know that figuring out how to do this from reading text isn’t exactly easy, so I would highly advise you to watch the video below on how to do this properly, and if you are serious about using this particular method. Otherwise, they will be too young to show any breeding interest. Google a picture of these. Feeding Precautions of the Blue Tongue Skink. Another method is to open the flap, and push your thumb directly inside the vent, trying to pop out the hemipenes.
If you place two females together, they will either become slightly defensive or will ignore each other.

Many owners have incorrectly determined the sex of their skink based on this, only to find out later they were wrong.

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