how to make a ww2 gas mask for school

Tests showed that asbestos fibres can also be inhaled by wearing the masks. Mar 16, 2015 - Immerse your students in the past with this printable gas mask box with labels. London WC1R 4HQ. (8), H. G. Wells, the famous novelist, and Kingsley Martin, the editor of The New Statesman, both wrote articles claiming they were unwilling to carry gas masks. (15), The following year the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) says it analysed a number of vintage gas masks at the request of the Department for Education (DfE). shown on the template, draw out the shape either straight on to the card Before Removing and Replacing Mask, ALWAYS Test for Gas Take a moderately full breath, exhale part of the air breathed, and stop breathing. Subscribe to our Spartacus Newsletter and keep up to date with the latest articles. Gas masks contained chrysotile (white asbestos) or crocidolite (blue asbestos) in their filters.
(3), Adult gas masks were black whereas children had 'Micky Mouse' masks with red rubber pieces and bright eye piece rims. It was a story that appeared in The Lancashire Telegraph in August 2013, that suggested that gas masks posed a serious health danger. Teachers were instructed to send children back home to fetch their masks if they had forgotten them. Score along the remaining lines as they are folds. The Identity Cards had to be carried in wallets and handbags at all times. Gas attacks were greatly feared and all British citizens received a gas mask – including young children and babies. If a person was found to have lost the gas mask they were forced to pay for its replacement. Ours took up all the small dirt square, with the opening coming right up to the edge of the path.

My identity number was TKBR/82/10. (7), Gas masks were neither easy nor comfortable to wear. Even in the first week of war, no more than three-quarters of Londoners seen in the streets were carrying gas masks. In fact, it became a kind of ritual to say each time we ventured forth, 'Don't forget, Gas Mask, Identity Card and Torch.'. (11), Germany did not use chemical weapons during the war but a few year later the authorities began to have worries about the British gas masks that were produced by Baxters of Blackburn. (2) Stocks of components in the custody of each on April 1st. (5), Joyce Storey lived in Bristol: "Elsie remarked that she had spoken to Mr. Fry, the local Councillor and her next-door neighbour, and he had told her in confidence that the first consignment of gas masks due to be delivered the following week would be far from adequate and it was a question of distribution. (14), However, the government decided not to tell the British public about the possible dangers of wearing gas-masks during the war, fearing no doubt a large number of compensation claims. People carried their gas masks in cardboard cases for many months. Hand bells will be rung when there is no longer any danger. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and People reacted in the most uncivilised way because they were so certain that poison gas would be used by the Germans and there were not enough gas masks issued on that first delivery. " A fun and interactive WW2 activity with simple instructions. By the beginning of 1940 almost no one bothered to carry their gasmask with them. While the masks were effective in terms of being able to filter out poisonous gases like mustard gas, phosgene or chlorine gas, the filters in them contained a chemical that we now know is extremely harmful to humans: asbestos... Asbestos, which was widely used as a heat-resistant insulator... before it was discovered just how harmful prolonged exposure was. (9), A study at the beginning of the war suggested that only about 75 per cent of people in London were obeying government instructions regarding gas masks.

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