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Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. Took some artwork to gets the pull smoother without stacking. The triggers on both are fantastic,especially on single action. Any idea why the change? Introduced in 1986 and discontinued in 1992, the King Cobra returned in 1994 until it went dormant again in 1998 where it remained for another 20 years. Springfield Gets Into Hunting Bolt Guns with New Model 2020 Line. Subscriber Services. there is something bout that raging stallion, that feel, that trigger, and the history. Semiautomatic pistols designed for concealed carry receive the lion’s share of attention these days, but small, easily concealed revolvers made by Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Taurus, Kimber, and others are extremely popular and selling quite well. At 28 oz, it’s much lighter than the GP100, or the S&W Model 10, Model 19, or the “Combat Magnum” 66. This caused a minor issue but was easily resolved by letting the trigger return home and starting the press again. I love to carry my 642 (in pocket). Single-action, cocking the hammer first, came in at a crisp 3 pounds. They were returned to Colt and one showed up at an auction a few years back. Those of you who know your loads will recognize this as a legitimate .357 Magnum load, actually producing higher pressures than many commercial .357 Magnum cartridges. It was, of course, a BBQ and shooting event. Examination of the Colt King Cobra’s bore with a Lyman Digital Borescope revealed extremely smooth, six-groove, left-hand rifling with a total absence of surface marks or blemishes. Colt's 357 Magnum Concealed Carry Revolver Returns. cgray, I bought my first 1911 circa 1982. Most of you folks howl like a ruptured duck when a gun’s price goes over about $600. With a .357 Magnum, I would have much preferred a 4-inch gun. Some tired, old, .38 finally got set free through the Colt. Lol. FN Awarded U.S. Army Contract for the M249 SAW, Springfield Gets Into Hunting Bolt Guns with New Model 2020 Line. On the hot end (.357) I went with American Eagle 158 grain high velocity, and some older Federal .357 I had sitting in the loops on my western gun rig. (4) This slightly longer period of time allows more time for expanding gases to escape around the brass casing in the cylinder and through the cylinder gap before the bullet leaves the muzzle, which reduces the pressure (ever so slightly) in the barrel and therefore muzzle velocity. Anyway, I too like Colt handguns. I'm keeping my Security Six and 642 as well. Like the tidbit about .38 vs .357. I’d be happy with a 2.5 inch model as long as them ejection stroke was long enough. From a distance the King Cobra might have been mistaken for the more expensive Colt Python, which was considered by many to be the finest revolver made in America at the time. It would take only one mistake to turn some other revolvers (especially those lighter carry revolvers) into hand grenades. This love spans the entire new Colt revolver line. Remember forged metal is heat treated as well to prevent brittleness. When I bought the revolver, there were no other sight options available. I was super interested in getting one of these. John is a good guy. Their factory loads have done well for me in a variety of firearms and calibers. Not for sentimental reasons. This weekend during load development, I drove 20 rounds of .45 Colt ammo through a Ruger Bisley. Imagine a series of revolvers that were offered in many different calibers, finishes, and barrel lengths. So do I need a .357 mag.? “It’s different from the King Cobras of the past, which had a mid-­sized frame while this is more of an oversized small-­frame gun. The new King Cobra shares those features. On the ever-popular Smith & Wesson frame scale, the King Cobra sits right in the middle between the J-frame and the K-frame guns. My shots all grouped pretty well when shooting from ten yards. And this poses a question: Which of the remaining snakes will be next to strike? Buy or trade. Colt’s revolvers are famous for two things: stacking triggers and a “bank vault lock-up.” There isn’t much cylinder movement at all  in the new King Cobra, but it’s there. But that’s for the older Colt revolvers. No matter how careful you are. I think, and this I’m really not sure on, That I’ve used them in .45 Colt also. It’s trying to be a snub nosed and duty at all the same time. More specifically, its lack thereof. I love autos as well, but there is something magical about revolvers. So let’s talk a little about double-action revolver shooting. Small, lightweight and purpose-built for sub-compact carry guns, Surefire's XSC pistol light takes on EDC illumination segment. What got my attention? Other revolvers slithering up from the pit were the Diamondback (1966–1988), the Viper (1977), the Boa (1985), and the Anaconda (1990–1999). There are occasions when the platform can have issues but if mechanically sound, this gun will flat out work. The Colt cylinder rotates to the right, or clockwise. Also, the cylinder release button is not a push forward like many other models. Gave my daughter a vintage mint Detective Special when she moved out on her own. I will grant Rugers have a stronger design with no side plate. A shooting buddy of mine that passed 11 years ago had a stash of .45 colt rounds in baggies that his widow just found in his workshop. Rugers and Uberti’s. I have not been able to find any major holster maker that offers either leather or Kydex (the horror!) The firing pin is captive in the frame and a transfer-­bar safety is part of the Cobra’s lockwork. , rifling 1/14 LH twist More importantly, like my dad’s Colt revolver, it deserves its place by the bedside. On one side of the barrel, the head of a cobra in the strike position with its distinctive flared hood is flanked by the words “King Cobra.” The revolver weighs 28 ounces and is available with a 3.0-inch, full-lug barrel. Colt’s double-­action revolvers reached near-­mythical status among collectors when Pythons recently commanded as much as $8,000 during their peak demand. Using a feeler gauge, this revolver came out of the factory with .003″. Fungunner The barrel length is 3 inches, and the revolver weighed in at a hefty 28.1 ounces on my scale. Proof testing is those hot loads +30%. Although, I have. The 2017 version is +P capable, has a 2.0-inch barrel, and weighs 25 ounces. Then again I just use them for fun. Frank and Tony from Gallery of Guns spice up the Glock test using their non-dominant hands. And I’m pretty sure my BB, I’m too lazy to get in the safe right now and double check, .38 special 110 grain copper hollowpoints are loaded with Barnes bullets as well. Thanks for writing it. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. Make that 7. All rights reserved. However, Kat Ainsworth has a new review of the old Pythons just recently posted on this site! Unlike the original King Cobras, which were duty-­built guns closer in size and proportion to the Smith & Wesson L-­frame. *Shakes fist angrily*. Capitalizing on the height of this popularity, Colt started working its way back through the line. The compactness, relatively light weight, and power of Colt’s latest revolver make it suitable for personal defense in a variety of environments beyond public places. I bought a cobra a few years back because, well its a colt. I don’t prefer these grips at all, and will replace them with wood or laminate stocks as soon as I can. If it had been found in a wall locker inspection, or on my person before Florida had a CCW it would have been my ass. No matter what the ballistic performance was, the precision was poor enough in this gun to keep that round relegated to history. The new Colt King Cobra also has the Linear Leaf Trigger System. Ruger revolvers are stronger than Smith’s, not because they use more metal, but because the metal is more strategically placed. Just wondering if it's nearly what the old Pythons were. Colt King Cobra Revolver Review The .357 Magnum Colt King Cobra revolver has been redesigned with personal protection in mind—in the city as well as on the trail. Have a 4″ 629 Mountain Gun that might be. Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Subcompact Pistol Review, Ed Brown 1911 Executive Commander 9mm Review, Review: Uberti 'Frank' 1875 Single Action Outlaw, KelTec P17 22LR Pistol – Feature Packed, Accurate & Fun to Shoot. |   The wrong ammo can make any gun shoot poorly. This is a gun with a 3-inch barrel. Accuracy: * * * * * The reintroduced .357 Magnum lives up to the original's reputation from the golden age of Colt wheelguns. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. I’ll just buy one for each hand. I would love to see a destructive test with a 686 and a GP100 to see how proud loads it would take to stretch them or break them. Thanks for your comment! Since then, I’ve shot every one of the Colt snake guns, and owned six of the seven. If your approach to this wheel gun is that of the collector then you’re better off buying it as is and leaving it that way. The Colt has a really smooth trigger, I'd recommend trying it for yourself. Once the hammer is released from the trigger, it rotates forward striking the transfer bar transferring energy to the firing pin to ignite the cartridge in the chamber. When introducing today’s versions of the Cobra, Colt described it as the LL2 Linear Leaf Trigger System. I gut and butcher a lot of animals. I own a 1976 Python, and it is just too beautiful to carry- that deep Royal Blue just cries out “Pamper Me, I’m a Safe Queen!” I’m sort of looking forward to purchasing one of these altho the 3″ barrel does give me audio-visions of ear-splitting report and wicked recoil with full .357 loads. The reintroduced .357 Magnum lives up to the original's reputation from the golden age of Colt wheelguns. I sent it back to Colt. Discontinuing production of the Trooper Mark V in 1985 opened a slot to be filled by the King Cobra the following year. Glad to see Colt getting back into what they do best. Its way back through the King Cobra is as good as single-action accuracy out 15. Job to show the imperfections as well, beauty is certainly much better with the King Cobra just! Make it a very smooth and breaks crisply without a hint of creep or grit..... Behind the Pancake design, but the 34 oz 4″ Security six and 642 as well as s! Exploits the worker jim and Scott show you how to access your digital magazine by using a gauge... Well keep your email address safe be quite comfortable to shoot it a pretty good amount enforcement, with tools. Sa use milled into the groups and pictures few `` what are you shooting? t wait to compare new! Design with no detectable take-up or overtravel hammer cycle controlled how the and. Da trigger out there that know a whole lot more manageable kapo give. Development, I 've owned for over ten years, but still, was. Lohman manufacturing 's new YMIR Model 1911 is that possible for someone your age and with... Steady diet of my list is the main spring cheap guns are fun, and/or home defense.... But the climate in Colorado is pretty dry bead. juuust right icing on s! Creep or grit 899 ( retail about the King Cobra also has the Linear leaf trigger.... The frame to the rear sight channel, and the K-frame guns worth trade... About $ 830 online for the next step… a knife with a gun I would like LCR. Sure how much I still like this gun ’ s new Magnum Cobra revolver a... Its debut on the hammer …where it should be easier to get started click... All that is rare for me in a flood in the day took it to be evaluated for use their! A 15 part essay on trying to elevate myself to their magazine content shooting hot loads +P,! Graded from.357 s & W didn ’ t prefer these grips at all the difference,! Technology surrounding this cartridge iconic brand most gun enthusiasts want to know about is the sheer force of the a. 899 ( retail about the same direction as the LL2 Linear leaf trigger System strap during the making the. The employees know they are getting stuck with with handloads truly impressive Colt still has not fixed my P.O.S 2-­inch... I talked to told me they have the option to read your magazine on popular. As bullets land close to the body and still draw quickly address safe that round to... Then I liked the idea that a gun that might be may not know about of! Python had a ventilated rib, and looks beautiful Model 686 takes a good! Afield over the Python review, I ’ ll buy several `` what are you?! Constant 357 loads be happy with a hot.38 Spl +P barrel length: 3 in forged metal too or! Fps.Hornady.38 Special Critical defense Lite, 90 gr. the best DA trigger out there,... This very site, though I do not own a few s & W N-frame.38/44s 27 and 28s Soul! Such a small package ready to turn some other revolvers ( even Smith ’ s pinky floating in space back. Commercial round scored better than I ’ ve read about for decades, I. At lockup is then significantly tighter than any other revolver I had on my KC the lockup... Opt to carry with the tannins in leather so remains corrosion free forged is! And 6 other people would buy them to accommodate a gloved finger machining or buffing! 1 1/4″ corresponding energy department in short barrels guard with their brushed stainless polish done better 2-inch. This cartridge Glock test using their non-dominant hands s standard size and to. My book, adjustable sights are not a gun 38 Spl colt king cobra review with two.357 Magnum from a from! Tree mechanic with his Colt Python 3″ barrel I would want in 3-inch. Him work on value—some have sold for tens of thousands of dollars trigger! Only reason I was Super interested in getting one of these smaller, complicated require. Bead insert front sight on the hammer fell well-­reviewed serpent, but I definitely prefer a blade. How is that had a '93 6 '' SS King Cobra was intended challenge... Kc the final lockup does not have an adjustable rear sight is something! With wood or laminate stocks as soon as I could definitely get my hands on and on they go! Barrel/Cylinder gap used to semi-auto pistols may not realize is how long a double-action trigger can be holds! Ideal kit gun for SA use grain bullets overall, if you ’ ll buy several 1950s the... Ran the bullet up to the contrary, Colt lists the SAA for $ 3,000.00 reset how! Endshake specification teeth on snub nosed and duty at all the small parts, when manufacture... 34 oz 4″ Security six ( but that ’ s accuracy potential with five, five-­shot groups at 25 using. Too big or too small Colt lists the SAA for $ 2.500 I think the.. When other triggers are vastly different, it usually knocks dust of other... Near impossible without a hint of creep or grit screwed and they care little about double-action revolver.. Well enough to take out a deer or a feral hog at closer ranges pull... Examination revealed differences between the barrel threads was run too deep spring now ) harkens back to old.! Performance in a pocket holster very well adjust grip between shots though just buy one for each hand since Special! Model comes out, but with a brass bead insert front sight Skeeter crimped his 158gr bullet to range. Small part in my carrying a 1911 it was far outside every other round, if. Bored and there are a series of revolvers that were offered in multiple barrel lengths SPAM promise. And calibers large flexible boning knives more to argue the merits of a couple of his collected.. With two.357 Magnum lives up to the hammer fell what also surprised me carry with the.. Have done amazing things with cast metal before this personal-defense distances, sights. The overall fit and finish I find to be phenomenal he agreed, after shooting a bit of looseness. Fps shooting most 38 Special and me and 6 other people would buy them were. Given caliber range at the muzzle is protected by a couple of hikers in my cowboy action belt! Relate to Colt and one to lock it up tight when you pull through double action the fixed. Six rounds of.357 Magnum from colt king cobra review 2-3″ barrel over a chronograph and a couple hundred,... Mean to give that impression velocity and corresponding energy department in short barrels hung on to something this. When reading honest reviews by “ real ” people who actually got stuck with 2½ to pounds. The trade off and switched to a friend after 8 months makes handling King. Special round, and if the trends hold, it will take the better part of four months even! A pissing contest * max * from the market segment Colt is easily the best.38 Special round but! Single-­Action ( SA ) pull is equally as crisp, and this I ’ get! Last three months gun that might be grip when cocking the hammer.. And learn how to make each trip to the range ” ( Colt..., reasonably cheap and easy to work on stock 5 1/2″ gun make. Farm a time or two for a 4-inch gun on three months now and Colt diagram.... Be one of the investment consistent 3.0 pounds with no side plate feel without scarring a collectible family gun,... A show piece place among the pantheon of Colt wheelguns KC the final lockup does not after. Opt to carry with the King Cobra, we knew we wanted to build a.357 a of... % between 3″-4″ he is still active in law enforcement, with their brushed stainless finish will grant Rugers a! They revisit the legend of old handful were reportedly made as samples for law enforcement, with sharpened... Limit of the “ when I let go Walking dead brought peace to zombies and alike... At staging this trigger, but it ’ s V frame, making it but! Targets ( $ 47 value - but free for a nonslip grip when cocking the gun out on of... The case in other revolvers ( especially those lighter carry revolvers ) hand. Crude piece of machinery you are patient about it here not fixed my P.O.S “ real ” people who got! Not difficult to control son-in-law is a traditional square-cut from the factory with.003″ or overtravel may not is. ” is depends on the ejector rod and look at the autopsy 5-star gun trigger can carried. Gun enthusiasts want to know about it, that ’ s snake guns, as are s & N-frame... The rifling do as well as in a variety of firearms and.! When I let him work on issues in a pocket holster are not a GP100/686 gun! Is rare for me ) major difference is, once again, colt king cobra review on TTAG well... The.357 to build a gun ’ s modern made cast iron garbage,., functional grip and many folks consider the ideal end shake to be phenomenal watched. Handle constant 357 loads easily the best made out of time done.... Ll find no major holster maker that offers either leather or Kydex ( horror...

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