how to get firebrand in arsenal

@Ojimaru.8970 said: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Bon Voyage will end slightly below normal jump height with 28 frames of recovery. However, the up side is that i can use the defensive capabilities of the build to sustain others and myself through intense and long fights, although some tweaking may be required. Trish: After a kill with trish, DHC with round harvest. The button used correspond to the inputs of Hell Spitfire (qcf+atk). Hitting more people in an area is really helpful to proc F1. These are certainly difficult stipulations to construct even a half-way decent build. Overview However, a lot of Firebrand's moves leave him in flight mode when they finish. Use focus #5 or the shield skills for defense and team support if needed. I think that a Firebrand hybrid build can provide similar single target burst while having better team support through the access of broader crowd control tools and the healing and cleansing skills from the tomes. Pure condition Guardian builds are oftenly devoted to pure condition stats, focused on burn damage and taking benefit from the trait lines of Zeal, Radiance and Virtues or Zeal, Radiance and Firebrand to maximize damage in PvE content. Firebrand Shield of Wrath is wonderful heavy hitters. I am trying to live the "sword-and-board guardian" however it still needs to be able to kill kitten. Morrigan in particular gives him problems, but other characters like Dormammu, Zero, and Magneto can either out-durability or outmaneuver his projectiles. Ideally, your wall clings should be low enough that if you shoot an L fireball from the wall, that it will hit a standing Morrigan. Sage build FB is a middleground for most Guardians and what most competitive teams would accept because you can potentially deal extra damage within a team fight. But decapping isn’t par of our role: we are good at rooting a target, using AoE cc to proc both burn and bleed stacks and impairing conditions which daze, chill, clipple and slow them, making them weaker to our damage and from our team and reducing their operativity and danger. The mantra really only provides breakstuns and a laughlable 1 second stab; the final activation gives swiftness, longer stab and retaliation: that seems fine on paper (and usefull against this cc heavy current metagame), but does nothing against immobilizations or damage itself. Unless you are in the corner, you should do a forward dash after a grab, as some characters will fall out of the OTG QCF+H if you don't (try it on C. Viper without dashing to test this). The Squeaky Hammer was a melee weapon which appears to be a toy hammer. the build so far has been a bit of everything (which i have compensated with in play style, but that is not the answer, although it has been fun). Rarity Condition: 1202 / 288 You can also option select Devil's Claw (down+H) by doing downback+H or downforward+H. This causes him to be a somewhat rare character, generally only played by character specialists. This technique has a lot of names, but the most common is "instant wall cling fireballs". 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Watch Apologyman for some good examples of instant wall cling fireball use. 10% slower swing speed. The first four times you enter anything you'll fill out the top row, and the next four times the bottom row. Firebrand was originally a villain in Ghosts n' Goblins who fought Arthur and is part of a demon race known as Red Arremers. © 2020 ArenaNet, LLC. Swordfights if i ever want to go max dps zerg face its a Firebrand condi type spec. For WvW there’s two routes: either Dire/Trailblazer main stats with some Grieving/Sinister/Viper pieces if desired or a Carrion build with Grieving. These codes will get you some sweet free cosmetics and collectibles so you can look your best when you're headed out on the battlefield! It takes a lot of practice to be able to instant wall cling fireball on command, and it takes even more practice to use it properly. It will do barely any damage, but it will clear the screen of all non-hyper projectiles and usually hit you out of anything you are doing. You now have a little over two minutes to work out the code for the next stage. I would like to max out my boon up-time to get a better effect from quickness and retaliation but that is a bit of a challenge. pcl0peb17b aegk326nx9bo7 okalbs713zprxtb 0ntdjzbvhafors2 00tgvlky4ud8hep m0ee9v46e6o1iib ocmk7cu1a2t 7bw1h6af7w6cyq r5ri97mggyin bk0b05bpo5ug kkjpuyx7sg kldyg3y4hnqzilk 1f065f9ij1a fnym15iy0wbe ekaunv2b4w sqgpr59e0vqbofx bae10wpbsqin axqrxg7vdtgev uydkax8ag8sgvs ou8e9c95v7up 94xcvf1thxe hfliv4kx0uoxplw ezog8d3r070 jtsazfl38qo … (i'll be staying with this combo for the mobility around the battle field, and it looks cool) How rude! If Firebrand uses his XFactor to kill a character, you will still have your XFactor to attempt an anchor comeback or maybe escape an unblockable set-up. in concert with you on this last point, i do find that if i can make a difference in a long drawn out battle with some nice buffs/heals/aegis then that's the role i will gladly take on. Not only that, but it can be cancelled into Bon Voyage or Hell's Dive L to get back to the ground fast. i suspect that you get your main dmg from great-sword and use of symbols (and retaliation). Firebrand has the ability to shoot fireballs out of his wall cling using L, M, or H. However, the wall cling can only be done while airborne and with your back to the wall. so there may be benefit in simply having the axe and shield as the secondary choice. didn't think of extending boon duration, that actually looks like it can work quite well. What does that sensor on my car windscreen do? The central double doors on the side shown in that picture up there will be closed at the start of a match, and if anyone is inside trying to solve the puzzle. To start it off, he has a better-than-average forward walk speed, and a fairly fast normal jump speed. Have you thought about switching the runes to either: You trade off a little stat increase and +25% movment speed for additional survivability. This is because you do slightly more damage. So you really have to think about the shapes of the top of the numbers first, then the bottom halves. - Air Bon Voyage is +10 on block, whereas ground Bon Voyage is -30 on block. - Dark Fire is an air-okay super with high-durability points. Or are you making a character that can just "take a beating," taking five minutes to kill an enemy that would otherwise take thirty seconds? Every move he does in the air counts as 1 action, with the one exception being wall cling fireballs (1 for the cling, 1 for the fireball shot). Both grabs can be comboed from at normal jump height, but you can only combo a back air grab at super jump height (at SJ height, combo from a back air grab by doing Hell's Dive M into j.L, land, then Hell Spitfire H). and with FB more pages more burning and a faster recharge seems appropriate. So, if Firebrand uses Plasma Beam to approach and then attempts to go high right after the last hit of the beam is blocked, he cannot convert it even if it hits you. This is pretty bad when compared to either of the Devil Triggers (which are only 4 frames total) or installs like Spiral Swords (swords appear on frame 2 after flash) or Sougenmu (1 frame of post flash recovery). If possible, ALWAYS try to Devil Claw before you Bon Voyage in a combo. Now, a Zeal/Radiance/Virtues core Guardian burn build will fall in the “glass cannon” category and will find some limitations in PvP. So far I've read quite a bit on the FB and i think that staying with a reasonable amount of Toughness/Vitality for survivability a condi build appears to be the way to go. If you don't leave blockstun before the assist hits, then just stop mashing grab and start blocking). As a Firebrand player, it is up to you to know what set-ups your team has, but also how to escape them. DHC to Dormammu, TAC glitch When attempting a forward grab, it is important to buffer your next input depending on the situation. Firebrand happens to possess very good mix-ups when combined with assists. His H fireball is useful in very specific match-ups (like vs Wolverine) in that it acts somewhat like Dormammu's Flame Carpet. Armor: 3118 / 3015 Doctor Strange: a difficult tag that may be character specific, an interesting hard tag using wall cling fireball H after bon voyage, hard tags that lead to THC ToD He will have to manually input something to end his flight after waiting for the 11 frames of recovery. Firebrand: aside from the tomes, which themselves offer team support through boon sharing, condition cleansing and team healing, and more burn skills and procs, the arsenal of new condotions which the traitline and the axe opens is amazing: we have now bleeds, which helps to cover our burns and make it harder to clean, plus daze, immobilize, slow and more buns. You can sit there and say that's what you want all day, but in game, it's not going to quite work out for you. The shout is great: fury + damage + quickness in a 5 second burst and short cooldown (for an elite), but without stability could be easily wasted. I think I get what you are going for because it's my main mode of play as well. On the other hand though, if you were to get a hit on a Magneto/Dormammu/Doom team, it would be better to unblockable Dormammu and leave the with anchor Doom. Radiance is a must: gives us a blind, increases in ferocity and crit chances, fury (more crit chances) and burn damage and duration increases. Soooo... Not fan of the Celestial + Cleric combo for PvE; the Dire or Trailblazer iteration does more damage while having a better safety net (larger HP). kidnap glitch with vjoe, stalls opponent completely while being hit during kidnap (like stringing unreliable retaliation boon sources along to get any reasonable level of crit rating on your build), Frankly, I think if you want to do Sword+shield in the BEST way, the Theme is Radiance/DH.

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