how to clean a muskie skull

Use protective wear. All rights reserved. After boiling, degrease the skull by washing with soap and then soaking it in white gas for 12 hours. Skull boiling suggestions: 1. Make sure you hang the animal in the shade. Rotting is also another way of cleaning a deer skull without boiling. “The blood, soil, and moisture that might be on a cape make it the perfect place for bacteria to grow,” says Fleming. Also be careful not to overdo it. When field dressing, make one cut up the underside of the animal from the center between the hind legs to a point a few inches BELOW the middle of the front legs. Always check the latest hunting gears out in the market and try to share his honest opinion with the audience in OUTDOOR EVER. You can now immerse the skull in the liquid. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 47,408 times. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. But then I have all the weight on the small nut. Shop: Adjustable Game T-Hanger at In northern Lakes with no Zebra Mussels and clean clear water the Muskie growth is slower but can they live much longer. Be sure to never take this cut all the way forward to the front legs. Deer head is easiest to skin just after a hunt. After that, insert a stick in the body cavity separating the sides of the animal to allow air to circulate. Once it is bubbling hot, lower the temperature and bring the liquids to a simmer. Length = 54 inches “Never shoot an animal that you might later decide to mount in the neck or head. Cleaning a skull is an easy process and can be no more unpleasant than pulling meat off a cooked soup bone. Handle carnivore skulls from the western and northern coasts of Alaska using gloves, preferably disposable ones. Use a stiff wire to remove the tissue in the nasal cavity carefully. Make sure you pierce some holes in the lid for the beetles to breathe. Do not clean the deer skull with bleach. Its chemical reaction is generally too harsh and can damage the skull. Muskie peered out into the audience, fixed the young man with a glare, and said: "For Gawd sake, don't make noises at me . For deeply entrenched odors, there is also a “Hold” setting for treatment longer than 12 hours until the machine is turned off manually. He has written two books on fishing and contributed chapters to a number of hunting books. Ontario is the top destination in the world for Muskie fishing. Skulls of most animals taken during established hunting seasons within state and federal regulations are legal to possess. Over-exposure also damages the bone quality and makes the skull brittle. The Estate 4000 is for the largest spaces and toughest odors but can also be used for rapid odor removal in smaller spaces. The skull, however, looks tampered with and loses its natural look. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. Make sure that, for species which require it, the skull has been sealed by a representative of ADF&G. Hydrogen Peroxide tends to come in concentrations of 12%, 9%, or 6%. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. I would try quik-rok. Huge Skeletal Muskie Jaw Found On The Big Chip Shows That Record Fish Probably Are Still Out There By: Terrell Boettcher. Here are a few suggestions of how to clean a skull for display or study. Professionals have flesh eating insects that can clean bones for them. Actual boiling would damage the softer bones of the nasal cavity. Email ma at, if (document.body.clientWidth <= 1024) { This process takes a long time (2-3 months is recommended), but is inexpensive. This gives the taxidermist the best material to work with of all. Muskie proceeded to deliver the speech I had written. He has written hunting and fishing columns for many newspapers both in Virginia and Texas, as well as the Washington Post. Then take the animal home or to the taxidermist’s shop as quickly as possible. The skull will look better and last longer. Teeth will become loose and should be removed, cleaned, and dried in the order of their placement in the jaw. Mix water and washing soda in the ratio of half-a-cup per gallon of water (0.25 L Washing Soda For Every 7.6 L of Water). Most taxidermists don’t recommend salting the hide, unless you’re hunting out in the wilderness and can’t get back to civilization for a few days. We can’t create a quality mount for the wall when we have to deal with spoiled hides, capes cut too short, drag marks on the animal, or throats that have been carelessly and needlessly slit.”. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. The process of whiten deer skull involves bathing the skull in hydrogen peroxide until the desired level of whiteness is achieved. But when possible, try to avoid this shot as well. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Place the skull in a large pot with 8.5 fluid ounces (0.25 L) of washing soda for every 260 fluid ounces (7.7 L) of water for 12 hours and regularly check the progress every hour or so. Remember this while following our how to whiten a deer skull guide. document.write(''); One thing to note, however, is that if the skull is for record purposes, boiling may shrink it. You already know that if you are an experienced Musky hunter. Or you could take a small drill bit and drill a hole on each side behind the cheek bone and run a piece of wire through it then hang it on a nail. The initial step in cleaning a skull is simmering the skull after the hair and hide are removed. They say that as the bugs feed, they bump and burrow and knock everything all over the place. Skinning the head is a whole different task if you are looking to create neck or shoulder mounts. I will check it out. Check the regulations. Extra Tip: After skinning the deer, be sure not to leave the cape and head lying around for very long before getting it inside a cooler. Boil the mixture in the pot. Using a very sharp knife like best camping knife to remove all the skin, eyes, and as much flesh as you can. N.B: Even though I have used bleaching and whitening deer skull techniques interchangeably, But the two are very different. “If the animal is alive enough that you need to cut its throat, it’s dangerous to walk right up to it with a knife. The mixture is perfectly fine to be used again for any other skull. Shade-drying keeps the skull from cracking. He suggests skinning the entire animal, starting at the rear legs, and delivering the whole hide to the taxidermist. To mount the skull, screw the skull to a plank. Once they have done their job gently gather them and release them into the wild once more. Dry it in the shade before the peroxide bath. At this point it can be stored with the head intact in a cooler or refrigerator for several days. Mountain Mike's Reproductions Skull Master Medium Antler... Ebros Gift Rustic Hunter Deer 10 Point Buck Skull Trophy... Things2Die4 10 Point Buck Deer Skull Bust Wall Hanging. If you are up to the challenge, however, this read on. If you're under 18, get a responsible adult to help you with the process. This is a tricky, delicate task. No matter the type of animal, how to bleach a skull is a chemical-intensive process. The last step is to boil the skull, this is optional for all but the full skull option, where it is necessary to remove the last of the meat. Outside is better, on a grill perhaps? If you are new to Ontario and you are specifically looking for a trophy Musky then I suggest you first look at the following lakes & Rivers: Eagle Lake, Canyon Lake, Wabigoon Lake, Dinorwick Lake, Lake Nipissing, French River, Ottawa River, St. Lawrence River, Lake of the Woods, Lake St. Clair, Lake Nosbonsin and the kawartha Lakes. At that point the cape is ruined and you can’t get a quality mount.”. See more ideas about Carving, Fish, Fish art. The process of cleaning and mounting deer skulls follows four intensive steps, Image Credit: Taking the animal out of the woods this way avoids any contact with the ground on the part of the deer that will be mounted. For most hunters, the best bet is to cut the head off at the neck after you’ve skinned it down close to the base of the skull. Check every 15 minutes and scrape off loose flesh. The skull should then be simmered in the water/washing soda mixture to remove the maggots and fly eggs. Even though Musky are not found in great numbers in Lac Suel, which is French for Lake of Soles, there have been Musky of unbelievable sizes coming out of Lac Seul in the last couple of years including three fish that hit the 62-inch mark in 2012. Lewis Lee, who works with his brother and son in the Plains, Virginia, pleads with hunters to take care of the animal properly. Step by Step Guide to Caping a Deer. Nothing complements a hunting tale as well as a skull mount.

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