how to become a cfo of a fortune 500 company

As more companies see internal succession as the path to filling the CFO role, it is critical to develop a strong bench of internal candidates with well-developed leadership capabilities and the ability to adapt and grow with the job and the business. The Future of Online Casino Industry after Covid-19 Pandemic. “An internal candidate must have really strong communications skills,” Denton said. As a CFO, you’ll lead business strategy, develop revenue streams, and find funding. Daily Routine of CEOs, What a CEO Should not Do? Investor relations is a primary skill for CFOs, yet giving internal successors access to that experience can be difficult to achieve. My first one happened at 35, with a sense that I didn’t understand the personal leadership and the human system enough. As an aspiring CEO honing your personal leadership skills, you job is first to become part of a fellowship, and then to get used to leading one. This will give you an understanding of how to drive super-growth in the future. It can also associate you with a killer endorsement: e.g. In doing that, I’ve coached over 500 CEOs, and interviewed thousands of current and aspiring CEOs in the US, Europe and China. For example, IBM established the personal computer as a business tool but hasn't built them in years. Car maker Tesla is a prime example. Like investment banks, consultancies can give you exposure to CEOs and some of their most important problems very quickly, as well as broad cross-industry experience. It will prepare you for the CEO profile. Accept However, be careful not to damage your employer’s reputation. Not only as CFO will you be responsible to the board regarding the financial status of a company, but you'll also speak with investors. He was educated at Memorial University of Newfoundland and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Although bagging an advanced degree in your academic field is a good step, it will not necessarily provide the leadership skills and experience needed for CEO positions. Furthermore, when the CEO faces pressure, much of that cascades down to the CFO as well; our research has found that when a CEO leaves, more than half the time the CFO is out within two years. Reflecting on what it’s like inside the stable, Archie says: “It will be tough at times, but will take you through the hoop. Fans of the movie ‘Top Gun’ will remember that only 1 in 100 makes it as an elite naval fighter pilot. Advice to get a profession, and work for an already well-established and well-known company is rooted in the old world of work. As a CFO, you'll regularly meet with the board and collaborate with managers. That's why it made sense at the time to restrict the list to companies involved in the manufacturing, mining and energy sectors. Chief Executive, Xinfu, Host BBC CEO Guru & Founder, World Of CEOs. The steep learning curve that comes with joining a new company can also give external candidates pause about taking a new job, even within a familiar industry. Building on work we’ve long done assisting in CEO transitions, Spencer Stuart helps companies as they approach succession planning in functional roles like CFO. Your chances of becoming a CEO may be brighter with a competitor rather than your current employer. Instead of rising slowly through your first or current employer, look within the whole industry for opportunities for advancement to the position of CEO. Don’t wait to grow with your current employee, stay aware and open for opportunities form the whole industry.

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