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He became an activist, trying to reform Cybertron's corrupt governing body and end its unfair caste system. His sense of humor vanished, replaced with "Machine Precision" and his plans had evolved to galactic conquest. To marry the visual appearance of Megatron's pre-Beast form seen in the first episode of the Beast Wars animated series (indeed, Megatron was the only character whose entire body was depicted, albeit briefly, prior to reformatting into a beast mode) with the toy of the character available exclusively at the convention, the story notes that Megatron adopts a detachable suit of armor that transforms into a missile tank, similar to a Pretender Shell or Ultra Magnus's outer armor in Dreamwave's series. In the original Car Robots series, the character was developed as a new, unique villain character called Gigatron; however, the name "Megatron" was used in the U.S. dub due to recognition, as well as maintaining ownership of the trademark. Optimus Prime, who tracked them, soon arrives and combats them. Megatron's ship, the Darksyde, was battling the Axalon when it was pulled through an unexpected temporal and dimensional rift and crash-landed on prehistoric Earth. With a little help from Laserbeak and Buzzsaw (secretly sent by Divebomb to ensure Megatron's plan to change history succeeded) they destroyed one of their pursuers, and the newly christened Darkside fled into Transwarp space, with the Axalon in pursuit—thus beginning the Beast Wars.[27]. Megatron's Cybertronian design hearkens to the movie version but with more human-like features, while his Earth design bears similarities to the "Super Megatron" form of his G1 incarnation. He is the leader of the Decepticons during the Great War on Cybertron. Autobots were killed in the battle of Autobot City, and Optimus Prime arrived there to help. Back at the Ark Landquake was interrogated and swore loyalty to Megatron. Interfacing with the Allspark directly, Megatron gains his deadly jet mode and now began his plans to obtain it permanently. She thus considers herself to be Megatron's wife—or the Transformer equivalent—and Empress of the Decepticons; whether Megatron views her in this fashion is unknown. Megatron and his forces set out in search of it but ran afoul of a crew of Star Seeker pirates led by Thundertron, who engaged the Decepticons in a heated battle before withdrawing. Megatronus was a gladiator in the pits of Kaon, who grew ambitious and saw corruption within the caste system and sought to put an end to it, with his own rule. Due to the explosion that crippled the Autobots craft, Megatron's lifeless body crashed on Earth, contracting "space barnacles," while his disembodied head was found in rural Michigan by a young Isaac Sumdac. The Autobots retreat and Megatron takes the Energon for himself. Height, Weight and Net Worth of our Heroes. After being weakened by human combat jets, Megatron attempts to seize the Allspark once again, only to have it shoved into his exposed spark chamber by Sam, killing him. When Cybertron appears in Earth's atmosphere, Megatron shows a rare example of sadness and regret. A feared general in the Predacon army, he went rogue from the Predacons after the signing of the Pax Cybertronia—a peace treaty between the Maximal and Predacon factions—and took the name of Megatron. "Ask Vector Prime" would also introduce an alternate version of Megatron created by the events of the Binaltech storyline who later invaded the Robots in Disguise universe and was transformed into the villainous "Megahead Megatron". Facing destruction as an alternative, Megatron agreed to Unicron's offer, and was rebuilt with a new body and rechristened to Galvatron. This power, however, was thwarted by the "Triple Convoy Tornado Link Attack" formed from the energy of Optimus Prime, Optimus Primal and Lio Convoy. Rodimus Prime counted this move by ordering in Superion, Omega Supreme and Defensor. Despite this, Takara Tomy has reissued this toy numerous times in Japan, mostly to commemorate the anniversary of the Transformers franchise. [45] Megatron appears in "Dungeons & Dinobots", a text-based story. The resultant hybrids, known as the Legion, bore a marked resemblance to Megatron and would menace the Earth Defense Command on several occasions. From North Pole, Alaska. Megatron took a fleet of scavenged Warworlds to face the Liege Maximo. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Megatron's presence would be felt in IDW's second Beast Wars series as well, as Ravage (resurrected as a Transmetal by Magmatron) aimed to capture Razorbeast's chronal armband, which would allow him to interfere with the "main" timestream (the Beast Wars of the TV show). Megatron's next plan was to create an entire army of Predacons to serve him. In the world of Marvel Comics, Megatron begins by rising from his beginnings as a gladiator for the city-state of Tarn. The character of RiD Megatron made one appearance in Dreamwave comics 'Summer Special' issue before the company went under, sending his bickering lieutenants Scourge and Sky-Byte to steal a nuclear generator while he led the other Decepticons and Predacons to distract the Autobots. Megatronus is also mentioned as one of Thirteen in Transformers: Exodus and later appeared as the main antagonist in the first-season finale of Transformers: Robots in Disguise, voiced by Gil Gerard. Pete Sinclair & Jesse Wittenrich (w), Will Mangin (p), Jake Isenberg (i). He reveals to Starscream that he is aware of his ambitions and will punish him if he ever shows it again. Megatron and Starscream soon arrive in Egypt, and he commands his Decepticons (including several Constructicons and Starscream) to prevent Sam from getting the Matrix of Leadership to Optimus and retrieve it for the Fallen's machine. His name was shortened to simply Megatron by the chanting crowds at one match, and he took it as his own unique name. However, the ancient Autobot, Alpha Trion, reconstructed Pax into a battle hardy configuration—now, he was Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots and Megatron's sworn opponent as the civil war erupted again. Or you have more safe value/information, please, fill out the form below: Your email address will not be published. [3] He has the ability to transform between his robot shape and various weapons or vehicles, but these "alternate-modes", his origins and even personality, can vary depending on which "universe" he is depicted in. In one of the special features on the DVD, G1 Megatron's transformation was likened to Darth Vaderturni… The other Autobot reinforcements were over ten minutes away when Wing Saber arrived. After all of his men are killed in Starscream's bid for power, Megatron battles and kills Starscream for his treachery. In this storyline, set some 300 years before the Beast Wars, Megatron's form—a Retool of Robots in Disguise Megatron/Galvatron—is the result of having his body reconstructed with Techno-Organic Tri-Malteranium, a technology also known as "TM3." In the G.I. Budiansky responded that as the lead villain, that was the point. [17], As with the Marvel version of Galvatron, he is seemingly invincible and shrugs off powerful weapons. In this story, Megatron was defeated for command of the Decepticons by Galvatron II (the U.S. comics version) and left for dead. Megatron (in his Cybertron form) appears among the characters in Re-Unification, the 2010 TFcon voice actor play prelude comic.[33]. On Cybertron, Galvatron killed Leadfoot and easily overpowered Hound's unit, though he left them alive as a small act of defiance against his master. His instability is also what leads the other Decepticons to awaken Starscream to stand up to him in Devastation. line. "Waspscream" then overthrew Megatron and killed him, Scorponok, and Inferno, later doing the same to Silverbolt after he left the Predacons. YouTube Having now ingested Ore-13, Megatron is able to easily manage mass-displacement and thus turn into an Earth handgun (in Escalation #2), and the newfound power appears to have affected his actions—he personally went on the Brasnya mission and is confident enough to transform & battle Optimus in front of human witnesses, actions that Optimus finds out of character. The novelization for Transformers: Dark of the Moon ends with Megatron laying down his weapons and calling for a truce in earnest. However, this was not the original intent for the character, as the original pack-in mini-comic and biographies released with the earliest Beast Wars toys indicate that the character was supposed to be the original Megatron, in a new body. Megatron subsequently leads the outcasts into battle against the fanatical Decepticon Justice Division, but later is trapped in the alternate Functionist universe with his old mentor Terminus. Possible interpretations in the book of him are "Alpha and Omega" and "The Great Dragon". In the interim between the first and second seasons of the Beast Wars animated series, the Beast Wars II anime was produced in Japan to fill the gap, and produced a feature film entitled Beast Wars II: Lio Convoy's Close Call! There was a contest in the issue as to whether RiD or Beast Wars would be the next Dreamwave comic series, which Beast Wars won. From Highland, Michigan. I am MEGATRON! The original Megatronus, better known as the Fallen, was one of the original Thirteen Primes created by Primus. When the rest of Optimus's team arrives, Megatron orders Starscream to take care of them, which Starscream agrees to, but not without complaint. In this series, Megatron has his own catchphrase: "Decepticons, transform and rise up! [5] He has the ability to teleport and generate a shockwave upon reappearance. Megatron blames Optimus Prime for the death of the planet, but is killed by Metroplex. Megatron appears in the prequel novel Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday, where it is revealed that reverse-engineering of his body has produced a spacecraft called Ghost-1. After leaving the gladiatorial arena for the political one, Megatronus saw fit to shorten his name. When confronted by Optimus Prime he attempts to use the Autobot Targetmaster Nightstick to shoot the Autobot leader, but Nightstick takes control of Megatron's arm. But that is not to say that the original Megatron did not play a role in his namesake's rise to power. He is among the licensed characters in the PC video game Beast Wars Transformers.[52]. [24] Losing many of his previous personality quirks, he developed a hatred of organics and free will, but oddly saw himself as a savior of Cybertron. A car parked in the space had been totaled, presumably by the Decepticon leader for taking his spot.[39]. In the third film, Instead of using a fusion cannon integrated into either of his arms, he uses a handheld version of it, which resembles a human shotgun, specifically a Lupara. The Autobots attempt by fight back by having Mirage and Inferno Powerlinx while Landmine goes into brute mode, but they are overwhelmed when Insecticon Terrorcon hordes join in the attack. In Micron Legend (the Japanese version of Transformers: Armada) Megatron did not rename himself Galvatron when he received his power boost. The Wreckers discover what Megatron's done in the year 2012, prompting Optimus Prime to bring an assault team from Cybertron. Furthermore, he doesn't consider Optimus of any actual importance until the climactic final battle on Earth, where Megatron finally acknowledged him as a threat by name.

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