how long does it take to drive alligator alley

Shark Valley, the northern entrance to Everglades national park, is on the Tamiami Trail. Given the option I would take Alligator alley every time, although I hate driving at night. Any suggestions are welcomed! Oh my God – you’re coming back????!!!! The drive from toll booth to toll booth is 6- 70 minutes. See an alligator on the road blocking your path? In John D. MacDonald's novel, The Long Lavender Look, part of his series about fictional detective Travis McGee, the story takes place on Alligator Alley and in nearby towns accessible from it. Over 1,000 miles and with no stops its going to take 20 hours. You should be fine. I-75 begins its national northward journey near Miami, running along the western parts of the Miami metropolitan area before traveling westward across Alligator Alley (also known as Everglades Parkway[2]), resuming its northward direction in Naples, running along Florida's Gulf Coast, and passing the cities of Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, Venice, and Sarasota. This map is interactive; press +/- to enlarge it or make it smaller. How long does it take to drive to Captain Jack’s? [17], In April 2008, FDOT proposed a 72-mile (116 km) section of Alligator Alley to be leased to private operators. Also, Panthers? I have seen a lot up near the Kennedy Space Center. We were just there in January. It was also notorious for high-speed accidents including both head-on collisions and collisions with wildlife. Jim, The passengers can see gators when you start seeing trees. You can also subscribe without commenting. It began to rain on the way back and was dark and that part of the trip was not fun. Work was completed in four segments to minimize the effects on the public. I’ve also seen many of them on the way to Cape Canaveral. But there is another road off Tamiami Trail, the old road to the south that originally connected Miami and Miami Beach with Florida’s west coast and runs parallel to Route 75, where you’ll often see alligators galore, right up close next to your car given the right conditions. You may also enjoy reading about fun in Florida beyond the theme parks, that famous city at the tip of the Florida Keys, and a great road trip to the Kennedy Space Center. [8], The Florida Department of Transportation transitioned existing interchange exit numbers on all Interstate highways from sequential exits to mileage-based exits in January 2002. Is this a good time of year to take a trek down loop road to see some alligators!? If the alligator is crossing the road, wait for it to finish and then start on your way. Its really far. My answer: I don’t know. About half way across the alley you could grab a coffee at the Mikosukee Gas station, I'm assuming its … Must be from the recent flooding.”. It loops around and parallels 41. And be careful and don’t get anywhere near them. treasures.. Hi Debby, I’ve never seen alligators in that area (although I’ve never gone looking for them there). New electronic signs on a stretch of I-75 in Florida will clock drivers’ speeds and post alerts in an effort to reduce fatal speed-related crashes, according to the old road to the south that originally connected, From Miami: Florida Everglades Small Group Airboat Tour, Everglades National Park: 3.5-Hour Adventure Tour, Everglades Eco Adventure: 2-Hour Sawgrass Recreation Park, If you can’t go to Loop Road there are many Everglades airboat tours, many of which will pick you up at your hotel in Miami, Road Trip: Kennedy Space Center from Orlando, famous city at the tip of the Florida Key, Motorcycles Ride Through Florida's "Alligator Alley". I love stories like this and it brings back good memories of going there years ago with my parents and when my son Jason was small. This article is about the section of Interstate 75 in Florida. I tuned in and heard a writer for Sports Illustrated telling the show’s host about growing up in Miami and how he and his friends would go out on Loop Road when they were kids. Yeah it’s boring cos there’s nothing out there but swamp,AND GATORS. Have you been up to Cape Canaveral, and driven along the main road to the complex? This is the perfect place for a hands-on opportunity to learn about wildlife! In the cooler months just be careful where you walk when you get out of your car. And if the reptiles’ large population wasn’t worrisome enough, their attraction to roadways will be. Bonita Springs: 1 … I-75 reached as far south as 38th Avenue North in St. Petersburg when the designations were switched. This is the iffy month since the weather has already turned hot in South Florida but the water may not have warmed yet. It was a good time anyway because it was my first adventure out of the Tampa/Orlando area. Alligators may be cold-blooded, but they show warm affection for their unborn offspring. At the right time of year there are loads of gators there sunning themselves on the banks. Or is this just urban legend? In Florida there are two wildlife rules the locals always follow: never feed the seagulls and never feed alligators. Plus they’re staying on the highway and keeping their eyes on the road. We went into a bush camp not far from there. You can get good info on the Big Cyprus National Preserve at these two places: South Florida Parks and National Parks Service. In winter, especially, they line the tram trail at Shark Valley (ENP) and it’s safe for hikers and bikers to stop and take pictures. At one point a huge Great Owl fluttered out of a stand of old trees onto the road in front of us, then quickly flew away as our car edged forward. Segments of the original route that are now part of I-275 near Tampa would begin opening in 1966, and construction of the full route would be completed by 1969. They were waiting for the authorities. From St. Petersburg, I-75 was proposed to continue south over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and continue south along a new freeway roughly parallel to the Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41) along the lower Gulf Coast to Naples. Just be careful and drive at a reasonble speed, especially if traveling after dark. We know how important it is to provide reliable information, and we make every effort to provide the most current, accurate, official tolls for the roadway you are traveling. We work with government agencies to provide you with accurate information. TOTAL DISTANCE MEASURES DRIVING DISTANCE BETWEEN STARTING AND ENDING EXITS FOR THIS ROADWAY. I hear there’s an explosion of the non-native Python population. Also, the souvenir shop I was referring to is Skunk Apes; not Swamp Apes. In fact, I’ve never seen any animal. We will be back again the day after Christmas for 3 weeks. One day I will try to take the Black Point Wildlife Drive. I know, I’ve done it several times. After an exit with SR 860, I-75 has an interchange with the Homestead Extension of Florida's Turnpike before crossing into Broward County. As it continues north, I-75 passes near Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Venice, Sarasota, and Bradenton before reaching the Tampa Bay Area metropolis consisting of Tampa and St. Petersburg. I know that not everyone likes alligators. ► Ending exit and Mile Marker: 19:Sawgrass Expressway / I–595 - to Fort Lauderdale at Mile Marker 19, in Weston. Tolls are $3.25 for a 2-axle vehicle as of March 1, 2020 and are collected in both directions. The roadside signs display drivers' speed if they go 5 mph over the 65-mph speed limit. There are laws in place since 1973 that make it illegal to take, transport, possess or sell alligator eggs. Contact them through their site: Construction began in September 2016 to redesign the interchanges with the north end of Florida's Turnpike (Exit 328) and SR 44 (Exit 329), connecting them with collective-distributor roads, and eliminating left-hand access to Florida's Turnpike from the main southbound lane. The only thing yu notice is the lack of trees and a lot of trees. As a result, it was decided that I-75 would instead follow the bypass route. Your email address will not be published. I’m not an alligator expert but I know that when the weather is cool the water cools down and the gators come out to warm themselves. The state moved to officially adopt the “Alligator Alley” name in 1966. The segment was signed Interstate 75 on November 25, 1992, completing the highway from Miami to Sault Ste. Enclosures are too small, unkept, with outdated equipment and lack of basic needs like a UVb/A source. Its really far. On subsequent trips we found that it’s wise to choose your month of travel on Loop Road, the “real Alligator Alley,”carefully. Although the signs provided information that was already available to drivers on their own speedometers, the experiment worked. Every effort is made to provide the most current, accurate, official tolls for the roadway you are traveling. The latter is actually against Florida law. Would not recommend coming or going at night. It would reach Alligator Alley in Naples by 1984. Hi Kathie, It is a wonderful drive and I think it would be a shame to choose AA due to safety concerns. When he said he’s been across alligator alley and never saw an alligator,what the hell was he smoking. If you have problems finding it let me know. During the winter dry season after the road has been filled and leveled by the Park Service the drive is much easier both on your car and your bottom. Follow the map above and happy hunting! It’s a pretty boring drive. Stay current with blog updates, new offers, and exclusive deals! It just depends on which experience you’re looking for. About half way across the alley you could grab a coffee at the Mikosukee Gas station, I'm assuming its still open that late. Traffic was moving slowly around them. All rights reserved. Hi Jim, really enjoyed your article. ► Travel Direction: Westbound and Eastbound. It was NOT a highway. Glad you enjoyed it Wayne. The most dangerous animal of the environment is MAN. Ways to Experience the Florida Everglades, Exploring Central State Hospital, Georgia’s Largest Mental Institution, Interview with a Vampire Filming Locations to Visit. A, Healthy Travel – How To Keep Your Diet On Track, Wellness Travel – Good Places in Europe to Re-Charge Your Batteries, Coronavirus Online Contacts for Popular US / International Airlines, Safety Tips for Travelers (Before Booking), Your Rights If Bumped From An Overbooked Flight, How To File for Compensation for Delayed / Cancelled European Flights, Do You Need Travel Insurance? As for the drive. Alligator Alley is prone to drivers who exceed the speed limit with its long, wide-open stretches –– and the deadly crashes that can accompany high speeds. But they acknowledge that it is a test and they don't know if it will work or how drivers will respond. Construction began in early 2014 and was completed in 2018. A trip to Florida is the best when you have someone who knows the area that can show you its hidden [8], Construction of the original route from the Georgia border to Tampa via Gainesville and Ocala lasted through most of the 1960s. It can be a boring ride but there are animals there. We saw 26 different gators on the loop ride and saw another 24 near mile marker 67 on highway 41 going west from the loop road. In January 2000, the west end toll plaza of Alligator Alley was dedicated to the Memory of Edward J. Beck, a toll taker who was murdered on the job on January 30, 1974. Hi Sharon, Alligator Alley toll calculator for cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, busses and all vehicle classes. The welcome center also has travel information and free orange juice, the state's official state beverage.

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