how far inland can a tsunami go in florida

Sometimes i see 2 nuclear attacks. Go camping or something. of past events like that, every 300 years, describes a 200-300 ft tsunami along the coast close to the fault. West Palm as in Florida-?

Ain’t gonna work. I live in a small town called miramar in florida which is 13 miles inland.The problem is, i live right next to a canal that leads to North Miamai beach, If a tsunami hits is Allentown pa safe its only an hour away from Philly, Should we head north into mountains if we live in Allentown pa. On one same wreck, at another time, there was a four foot wave on the surface but it its lower orbital aspect was thrashing me back and forth at 110 ft. What that means is that the wave REALLY wanted to be deeper, (probably another 10-20 ft) but its forward movement was impacting the sand and I was caught in the surge. Say in massachusetts. Apologies to you Downeast Maine’rs hadn’t realized the map had clipped off more than half the coast! Yes, in the US of A. I live in Arcadia, Florida and am not planning to buy any flotation devices (which would be useless as the debris would collapse anything anyway). As far as our Gov’t goes, when have you ever know it to tell us the truth about anything? Wondering how N. Suffolk, VA would fair with the Nansemond River close by. Also I saw a map that this will effect the southeast portion of Tx too. The problem is that river that goes right throught it. These show approximately the maximum extent of a tsunami wave, but even that is not exactly true, because moving water can travel uphill, but at the same time, it is bleeding off energy as friction with the surface. The northern and southern coasts would be quite different. I saw this enormous dark tidal wave approaching the coast very rapidly and stretching from north to south as far as the eye can see. Would my family be safe in Philadelphia Pa? I’ve been reading about people having dreams of megaquake tsunami’s a lot lately…. As such, anyone attempting to get away would likely head West and South entirely dependent upon the season in which a collapse occurred. Palm Bay Florida is a very large city of over 100,000 and the most populated zone in your county. The down side is the river that expands out. The highest point in my county in NJ is 300 feet above sea level. That is my plan and need to be done soon.. best wishes. There are 1.5 million people just in Suffolk County. PLEASE! Would this city be effected. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? The later would float as debris as well as the flooded animal areas filled with fecal matter. There is no certain data.. Each of us has to figure what kind of “risks” we wish to take.. This event would likely lead to a mega tsunami that travels across the Atlantic and devastates the East Coast of the United States. But 300 feet is a good average. The Mountains there might stop you?!!! Eyes open but so confused. Still though there would be many horrors awaiting in the aftermath. St. Helen’s is gearing up again. A 10 meter tsunami goes 1.2 kilometers inland. Designed to automatically shutdown the reactors and withdraw the nuclear fuel rods. But the wave might be atomic energy. Such encampments will soon need a slave labor force, when the supplies run out. I thought maybe you were referring to the boxes the guy was loading up onto his boat at the beginning. I live next door to a dozen + Fukishimas.

I’ve heard weeks to 60 days to effect a shutdown. Well Me and my family are done for because we live in Burlington county pemberton nj and your map shows that we will get hit even thou my family and I live on a hill it will still hit us and I heard that when that tsunami happens it is from God because of how the people in America lies and believes in abortions and thinks it’s okay for people to be gay and I heard that after that tsunami in acouple of years from that point on Jesus is coming back and I’m not trying to start a controversial argument or anything but of that tsunami happens it is time to start repenting and time to go home with God just saying but I just wanted to show and help you guys out so you guys can be safe thank you for showing me the map. What do y’all think? With the scenario given in this article, I believe you would be at a fairly high risk to some damage. This has me very concerned.

Thank you. May God bless you all.

one small, then one very large to the northwest of it (a city between). There are a few areas of higher ground that may become islands. (START YOUR AMZN SHOPPING HERE).

A 300 ft wave your elevation is 16ft and Delaware to the east of you runs around 50ft at best sooo….

Also, what if my remote control gets wet, will it still work? It’s the little things! All the salt water that will go into the rivers and some lakes will kill a lot of fish. Here’s a list of Florida’s highest places (first link). If the tsunami is that bad your not safe up there, I dont know if I would want to survive it. Ill say just going up a hilly road 300 above sea level would suffice.

I firmly believe that an asteroid or other space object will be the final death knell for the eastern seabord. I see at first this “300” foot tsunami would go less than 10 miles inland but then i see later in your findings Florida would be wiped out. Pray Read Belive, sleep well everyone. My coworker is from Philippines and there community is telling each other to take there money out of the 401k now and she’s warning me of everthing that they are saying in there community. I usually dream of being near two large nuclear disasters. Is it possible that what you are seeing & hearing is not natural, but spiritual? There actually is scientific evidence of an event like this occurring. GOOD-LUCK…, Anonymous Some years back I dreamt of an enourmous earthquake in the early morn causing a violent volcanoe eruption. There are some instances whereby such a tsunami would probably only travel several miles inland while there are other scenarios where it may roar up a river way or bay and devastate far inland.

“IF” a 300 foot tsunami reached the East Coast, how far inland would it go? Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw?

My cynicism grows the more comments I read on this article. Terms Of Use Advertise Thats my opinion. When this happens, our eternity is with Jesus in Heaven where their is no tears of sadness & No pain of any kinds, but Joy & happiness over flows with love & kindness with love in the Heaven, God’s Kingdom where the eternity is in Heaven. The only numbers I saw on the Ensure boxes was 707 and the dates for the impact they mentioned a couple times in the movie was August 19th.

The town itself is about 20 to 25 miles from the Atlantic shoreline, however the proximity to the path of least resistance is very close.

Expectation if heading to the White mountaians from Salisbury Ma is my plan- things are getting very unsettled in the Canary Islands. This is a little concerning though. How would this affect Baltimore, Maryland? Would it make any difference that the St. Johns River flows North? Evacuation would be virtually impossible for most (except for the astute who act quickly) due to only hours notice, probable doubt, and the subsequent immediate gridlock that would follow. But no matter how you look at it, New Jersey would be toast. It looks like we are right on the borderline in Martinez, Ga … Just outside Augusta, Ga. At 300 ft, it goes right around my neighborhood and floods again just north and west of us but that is still too close for comfort for me! It is off the Cross Bronx Expressway.

In the event of the near Puerto Rico predicted asteroid hit any prognosticators on how Sebring will fare ? The long Island Sound, the Bronx River, and The Hutchinson River. Also I saw a map that this will effect the southeast portion of Tx too. I mean with all the volcanic activity lately- forget whatever else they know- how are they not shutting these things down??? I also understand that Mt. YOU TUBE has many videos on this. My daughter live in AZ is she going to be safe with my grandsons? Are we in the end times. Now consider the frequency of earthquakes increasing and the intensity is also on the increase, have you not realized that this is mentioned in the bible, and the fact at the end of the age as we know it today it is predicted a massive earthquake shall come, and it shall shake the whole earth ! Thank you for your model, I firmly believe in be prepared, not scared. If a 100′ tsunami hit the west coast about how far would it travel East? I been praying what I should do with what I’ve seen.. and it was not too longer after, I went back and read my note on my phone where I had wrote down and dated and timed my dream.. ok my dream happened on 7/16/19 5:15am.. but when I went back to look at my note in my phone.. the date I wrote was 11/16/19 5:15am.. part of what has me staying on all this is I think the Lord had me stumble across Perry Stone a few months before my dream.. Trouble is, 20 million other people are between you & them. what is the likelihood that east orange/ Montclair area would be affected? Without knowing those three criteria it would be impossible to predict. If you guys have questions about ANYTHING please reply with my name! The Bahama bank runs for hundreds of miles and is 8-15′ deep in places, That and the islands would certainly slow down any wave heading to south Florida from Palm Beach to Miami. Look up a guy name Efrain Rodriguez. Please don’t take this wrong, but personally I would be taking swimming lessons. I’m praying it’s not too late before this happens.

Now, a day doesnt that I dont hear about someone’s wave nightmare. So, your 100 ft flood tide would sound about right, assuming that the water’s mass is able to lose sufficient momentum through convolutions within anyone’s local topography. How much does does a 100 dollar roblox gift card get you in robhx? If you read up on it, the sea life in the Pacific is taking a major hit, quite possibly more than it will ever recover from, and it is spreading with the currents to other bodies of water.

Knowing the devastation that was caused by the tsunamis in Indonesia and Japan which themselves reached heights ranging between 20 and 50 feet, and the devastation that followed…. Ok after reading the article and a few of the comments I noticed that most were talking about the tsunami caused by the Cumbre Vieja Volcano in the Canary Islands would only be 300 ft. however after viewing the World’s Worst Disasters Season 1 Episode 7, and doing some personal research I found that the 300 ft is no where near the actual calculations of the tsunami…it would be a lot closer to 2000-3000 ft high. It’s now October. In Japan 19,000 lives were lost, 1.2 million buildings damaged and the wave was 133 feet. By my estimates (I wrote a very long article about this once), at best if your gas tank was 3/4 full (since one cannot always top off a fuel tank), and if there was enormous traffic, and your credit cards/atm cards are not working, and gas station owners are worried themselves about evacuating (so hence no honest possibility of refueling), then one can probably only travel 100-150 miles AT MOST. I believe that those who are on coast would get 5-15 min tops.

Would any parts of neighboring New Jersey, the New England States, or Pennsylvania be survival options. I live here with my family and im concern. And less than a mile from the river on the other side is the ocean… Are we safe at all if a wave were to happen? Would we be safe in Parkchester, Bronx? Please shoot me an email as my search for answers will continue. So many factors in play. Don’t know about how soon… but 100 ft wave incoming will travel several miles, unless the rim of rock/soil/ debris blocking it is very high. With that said, the maps provide visualization and reference in this regard. Great article, your simulations are really impressive! I live in Manchester NJ approximately 15 mies from the ocean and approx 10 miles from the Toms River River and the bay. Will I be safe in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

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