how did henry cele passed away

BECAUSE OF HIS INSANITY HE WAS MURDERED BY BOTH OF HIS HALF BROTHERS, THROWN INTO A PIT AND THE PIT WAS FILLED WITH ROCKS AND MUD. it is very sad that my hero is gone... may his gentle soul rest in peace Amen. I was graced with the opportunity to watch my all time favorite moving twice over the weekend!!! November 2, 2007 in Durban, South Africa (complications from a chest infection) Height. Damn he was sexy to me. Please received our heartfelt condolences. they pickedthe perfect person for that role. Henry Cele cause of death has never been made public. Mr. Cele, thank you for your brilliiant and capitivating performance of King Shaka Zulu. I was only a kid when I first saw it but there was just something very captivating about it and the beauty of it was how it made history such a fun subject in primary school! Among other African countries, South Africa stands as one of the most respected with a robust economy, infrastructural growth, and considerable stable polity. THAT BODY, THAT BODY, THAT BODY. He had a presence, an intensity and a bearing so regal that it couldn't simply be attributed solely to an actor playing a historical figure. Shaka Zulu is known to be the king who gave rise to one of the most popular tribes in Southern Africa, that of the Zulu’s.

In his grief, Shaka had hundreds of Zulus killed, and he outlawed the planting of crops and the use of milk for a year. Rest in peace Mr. Cele. Shaka kaSenzangakhona (c. July 1787 – September 22, 1828), also known as Shaka Zulu (Zulu pronunciation: ), was the King of the Zulu Kingdom from 1816 to 1828. I was 34 … Absolute gorgeous to watch in that movie as well.

False: Lil Tjay Death – American Rapper Lil Tjay is not Dead but Alive. As a youth, he was very good in football and sports. He had been admitted to the hospital more than a week ago with a chest infection. I too am watching Shaka Zulu and began researching the actor and the series. The guy was truly handsome, tall, dark, beautiful teeth, great structure. I am sad that he was not recognized for his fantastic portrayal like he should have been among the entertainment industry. … I LOVE YOU, I am too watching the mini-series Shaka Zulu on Centric and am terribly saddened by Mr. Cele's passing. I am also watching the Shaka Zulu mini-series re-run. My sympathies to his family, and you should be so very proud of his legend! Henry Cele gave back to his community in KwaMashu KZN by opening his own football club, and he coached boys from underprivileged KZN communities. Below is a snapshot of his performances in Shaka Zulu. - Sapa, © 2020 Independent Online and affiliated companies. I still remember watching the series when it came on TV in the states , i had never heard of this great King until then. For some reason I just decided to google his name just to see what he had been up to. I was sad to learn of his passing. May God continue to keep you at peace for he is at peace. May Henry Celes rest in peace...!~~~~, HE PLAYED THE ROLE OF SHAKA.WHEN I WAS YOUNGER,I THOUGHT HE WAS THE REAL SHAKA! I had always wondered what he was doing. I saw this film as a teenager and have it on VHS. He became my teen idol and I've been in love every since. Looking for some great streaming picks? Black_Rose. I remember watching Chaka Zulu on tv when it originally aired in America in the 80's...not to long after I'd just studied Chaka Zulu as well as other great Kings & Queens of Africa in University. I have always loved the stature Henry Cele gave to Shaka's character. Mr. Cele was the kind of Man, Actor, Presence and Human Being that made you ask; WHO IS THAT? Henry portrayed Shaka Zulu in a way that is still untouchable and I doubt if it ever will be. I fell in love with you and Africa at the same time. Henry Cele Death | Obituary | Henry Cele Dead | Died | Funeral Plans - We heard about the great loss, that Henry Cele is no more and has reportedly passed away.
I to am truly shocked to learn of his death just today..His acting was beyond superb. Once again, my prayers. Henry Cele fell ill complaining of chest pain in October of 2007, he stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks and was diagnosed with a chest infection. To all who made this movie happen and especially to Henry Celes you have made one of the greatest movies...ever...!!! STZENA (646), Fri, Nov 06 Rest in peace Mr. Cele. This page is to remember Henry Cele, star of Shaka Zulu and an inspiration to millions, Definitely one of the best film series ever made! The real Shaka Zulu must be proud of Henry Cele for the wonderful work he did in portraying the character. I hope your family finds comfort in knowing how loved you were by so many. He is very passionate about all things Nguni. I just watch this movie from 2-11pm RIP <3, I'm watching Shaka Zulu on CTRC I just found out Henry Cele has pass away. I would have wished him a long and happy life so I am still sad to know that he left this Earth much too soon. Known for his distinctive drawl and everyman screen persona, Stewart had a film career that spanned over 55 years from 1935 to 1991 with 80 films. When Henry Cele died, he was reported to have been unemployed, sick and had moved out of his suburban home of KZN moving back at home to KwaMashu. The following are pictures and artist impressions of life among the Ngoni and fellow Nguni (i.e. My son, who is now 23 years old, does not miss a beat on watching this epic film. HENRY REALLY WAS IN TUNE WITH OUR ANCESTORY. IT IS SAID THAT SHAKA NEVER HAD SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH ANY WOMAN DURING HIS LIFETIME FOR FEAR OF PRODUCING A MALE CHILD THAT MIGHT USURP HIM.

SHAKA ZULU REST IN PEACE !!! Henry Cele was born on 20 June 1941 in KwaMashu, Durban, South Africa.

Rest in peace. His appearance on Shaka got him featured in the African American Jet Magazine (3 November 1986 issue), among other recognitions. He is missed dearly, R.I.P. The Shaka Zulu miniseries earned the late actor the attention and affection from different entertainment stakeholders. He played the part to the fullest. Henry Cele, Actor: The Ghost and the Darkness. I wish UE family a Happy New Year! Such an untimely passing of an amazing figure of a man. An unforgettable performance, an extraordinary actor. Rock Hudson died on October 2, 1985, from an AIDS-related illness.

January 30, 1949 in Durban, South Africa. As an athlete. I'm saddened to hear of his passing. Who Is Gibson Makanda – Nelson’s Alternate in the Mandela Effect Conspiracy Theory? Saddened by some of the other things written which may have been troubling him.
Copyright © 2020 Respectance is an IIZT production. We are made to known about his death on October 4, 2020. Your performance was one in a million but your inner beauty and spirit shined. May he rest in peace and may the family live in peace. God bless your wife and family. IN MEMORIAM : WILLIAM KOYI From Among the Wild Angoni by W A Elmslie William Koyi 1846-1886 FOR the following particulars of the early ... A Tribute To Henry Cele (Shaka Zulu Film), Pictures and Artist Impressions of Life among the Ngoni and other Ngunis in the early 19th Century, Maji Maji in Ungoni: A Reappraisal of Existing Historiography, IN MEMORY OF WILLIAM KOYI, XHOSA MISSIONARY TO NORTHERN NGONILAND. Mr. Cele you will always be remembered as one of the greatest in my heart. When the name of Nelson Mandela is mentioned to the bigger part of the world, what comes to mind is a South African hero... Art festivals, annual Oyster festivals, surfing, camping, and diving, is there anything you can’t do in Knysna, South Africa? Please received our heartfelt condolences. cruise and find out what. But as we all know, the media has no tact! You made me feel so proud to be a black women because of the strength and fighting spirit was something to be reckoned with. I remember watching the movie Shaka Zulu and watching the actor Henry Cele. I am watching Shaka Zulu as I type this note. The incident occurred... Latest Update on All the Alleged Killers in Senzo Meyiwa’s Murder Case, All The 9 South African Provinces Ranked From Richest to Poorest, The Rise and Fall of Sam Holdings Owner Sam Mshengu and the Truth About His Arrest, How to Get Police Clearance Certificate in South Africa and Track the Application Online, Meet The Wife and Children of Patrice Motsepe – The South African Billionaire, DJ Maphorisa – Truth About The Cars, Net Worth and Personal Life Of The Record Producer, 10 Most Expensive Cars in South Africa and the Celebrities Who Own Them, Khosini Dlamini – A Look Back at the Life and Death of Minnie Dlamini Jones’ Brother, Truth about Hamilton Ndlovu The Gauteng Businessman Facing SARS For His High-End Car Collection, Unraveling DJ Tira’s Net Worth, The House and Cars He Spends His Money On.

What a loss. Everything You Need To Know About Lily Mine: When is It Re-Opening?

THE KING NAMED ONE OF HIS HALF BROTHERS AS HIS SUCCESSOR. THIS IS WHAT "BULLYING" AND "REJECTION" DOES TO CHILDREN - IT FOSTERS HATE LIKE IT WAS FOSTERED AND MAINTAINED DURING THE LIFE OF SHAKA ZULU.. .. WHAT A MAN, WHAT A MAN, WHAT A MAN. We will surely update this news as soon as we are able to get more information regarding his death. I thank you for educating me on the struggles and accomplishments of King Shaka and his people. It is with incredible sadness and heavy hearts that we announce that our friend and colleague has passed away. I just learned that Mr.Henry Cele has passed away. William C. Faure and Joshua Sinclair brought the character of Shaka Zulu back to life by making the prestigious series, Shaka Zulu. To the family of Mr. Cele, you were blessed to have him and share him with the common man/woman. THE "SIZE" OF HIS FEET MADE MANY WOMEN WANNA' "TWEET" !!! I have watched Shaka Zulu at least 30 times over the years and I am now watching Shaka Zulu on the Centric channel as I type this. She played the role of Nandi in Shaka Zulu (1986). A wonderful talented actor. The background music is from Margaret Singana, 'We …

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