how big is the solar system in miles

Is Yahoo Answers a part of Yahoo's Internet platform or is this managed by other domestic or foreign entities? Why. A dark matter halo is conjectured to spread out relatively uniformly to a distance beyond one hundred kiloparsecs (kpc) from the Galactic Center. The constant rotation speed contradicts the laws of Keplerian dynamics and suggests that much (about 90%)[31][32] of the mass of the Milky Way is invisible to telescopes, neither emitting nor absorbing electromagnetic radiation. The orbital speed of the Solar System about the center of the Milky Way is approximately 220 km/s (490,000 mph) or 0.073% of the speed of light. It takes 8 minutes for the In miles, that's between 11 and 12 TRILLION. The "end" of our solar system is the point at which the Sun's gravitational effects stops to hold objects in its orbit. [85] Such Earth-sized planets may be more numerous than gas giants.

[196] This came as a surprise: according to standard cosmology, the satellite galaxies should form in dark matter halos, and they should be widely distributed and moving in random directions. The Solar System is a really big place. How long have you been answering yahoo answers ? The term Milky Way is a translation of the Latin via lactea, from the Greek γαλαξίας κύκλος (galaxías kýklos, "milky circle"). [236][237] In 1920 the Great Debate took place between Harlow Shapley and Heber Curtis, concerning the nature of the Milky Way, spiral nebulae, and the dimensions of the Universe.
[234] It was later realized that Kapteyn's data had been the first evidence of the rotation of our galaxy,[235] which ultimately led to the finding of galactic rotation by Bertil Lindblad and Jan Oort. [38][39] The light originates from the accumulation of unresolved stars and other material located in the direction of the galactic plane. The Solar System is the gravitationally bound system of the Sun and the objects that orbit it, either directly or indirectly. 93 million miles. ? [17], In the Babylonian epic poem Enûma Eliš, the Milky Way is created from the severed tail of the primeval salt water dragoness Tiamat, set in the sky by Marduk, the Babylonian national god, after slaying her. These include Carina Dwarf, Draco Dwarf, and Leo II Dwarf. official was 'distracted' during fatal crash, 'Not backing down': Amazon workers want time to vote, Ore. ballot measure would legalize some hard drugs, Stern commends Swift for taking a political stance, Civil rights groups in Kansas City send warning to NBA.

He also managed to make out individual point sources in some of these nebulae, lending credence to Kant's earlier conjecture.[232][233]. [201][failed verification] The Milky Way is moving in the general direction of the Great Attractor and other galaxy clusters, including the Shapley supercluster, behind it.
Everything is scaled, so the Sun is only 1 and 1/2 feet across, and Pluto is the size [198], Current measurements suggest the Andromeda Galaxy is approaching us at 100 to 140 km/s (220,000 to 310,000 mph).

The north galactic pole is situated at right ascension 12h 49m, declination +27.4° (B1950) near β Comae Berenices, and the south galactic pole is near α Sculptoris. From Sagittarius, the hazy band of white light appears to pass around to the galactic anticenter in Auriga.

[45] To compare the relative physical scale of the Milky Way, if the Solar System out to Neptune were the size of a US quarter (24.3 mm (0.955 in)), the Milky Way would be approximately the size of the contiguous United States. Does Y!A community trust levels exist anymore?If so,why is it so secretive?

On the other hand, there are 64 known stars (of any magnitude, not counting 4 brown dwarfs) within 5 parsecs (16 ly) of the Sun, giving a density of about one star per 8.2 cubic parsecs, or one per 284 cubic light-years (from List of nearest stars). [104][115][116] The bar may be surrounded by a ring called the "5-kpc ring" that contains a large fraction of the molecular hydrogen present in the Milky Way, as well as most of the Milky Way's star formation activity. The rotation curve (shown in the figure) describes this rotation.

And we could fit 1000 Jupiters inside the Sun. [202] The Local Group (a cluster of gravitationally bound galaxies containing, among others, the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy) is part of a supercluster called the Local Supercluster, centered near the Virgo Cluster: although they are moving away from each other at 967 km/s (2,160,000 mph) as part of the Hubble flow, this velocity is less than would be expected given the 16.8 million pc distance due to the gravitational attraction between the Local Group and the Virgo Cluster. It is FAR more than 9,000,500 miles. [58] The Sun is near the inner rim of the Orion Arm, within the Local Fluff of the Local Bubble, and in the Gould Belt. It happens to be about 2 light years away from the sun, which would make the width of the solar system about 4 light years, or the distance light travels in 4 years. The biggest problem is that the distances and sizes we use when talking about the Solar System are measured using numbers that are unlike any that you use in daily life—because they I, Infrared Signatures of the Inner Spiral Arms and Bar, "An All-Sky Catalog of Faint Extreme Ultraviolet Sources", "The beginnings of radio astronomy in the Netherlands", Quantifying the (X/peanut)-shaped structure of the Milky Way – new constraints on the bar geometry, "The RR Lyrae population of the Galactic Bulge from the MACHO database: mean colors and magnitudes", "NASA's Fermi Telescope Finds Giant Structure in our Galaxyl", "Star-forming complexes and the spiral structure of our Galaxy", "Massive stars mark out Milky Way's 'missing' arms", "Milky Way Galaxy Has Four Arms, Reaffirming Old Data and Contradicting Recent Research", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, "Star-Crossed: Milky Way's Spiral Shape May Result from a Smaller Galaxy's Impact", "Catalog of Parameters for Milky Way Globular Clusters: The Database", "NASA's Chandra Shows Milky Way is Surrounded by Halo of Hot Gas", "Galactic Halo: Milky Way is Surrounded by Huge Halo of Hot Gas", "Our Galaxy Swims Inside a Giant Pool of Hot Gas",,, "Solar System's 'Nose' Found; Aimed at Constellation Scorpius", "Milky Way's origins are not what they seem", "A firestorm of star birth (artist's illustration)", "Age Estimates of Globular Clusters in the Milky Way: Constraints on Cosmology", "Johns Hopkins scientist finds elusive star with origins close to Big Bang", "Johns Hopkins scientist finds elusive star with origins close to Big Bang - The newly discovered star's composition indicates that, in a cosmic family tree, it could be as little as one generation removed from the Big Bang", "Hubble Finds Birth Certificate of Oldest Known Star in the Milky Way", "Astronomers Find Fossils of Early Universe Stuffed in Milky Way's Bulge", "Dwarf Galaxies and Globular Clusters in High Velocity Hydrogen Streams", "The great disk of Milky-Way satellites and cosmological sub-structures", "Nearby satellite galaxies challenge standard model of galaxy formation", "Milky Way Galaxy is warped and vibrating like a drum", "Astrophysicist maps out our own galaxy's end", "Abu Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Biruni".

[193] Some of the dwarf galaxies orbiting the Milky Way are Canis Major Dwarf (the closest), Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy, Ursa Minor Dwarf, Sculptor Dwarf, Sextans Dwarf, Fornax Dwarf, and Leo I Dwarf. How big is the Earth? We could fit 1000 Earths inside Jupiter. that astronomers have to use

The Milky Way consists of a bar-shaped core region surrounded by a warped disk of gas, dust and stars. These yield values of about 12.5 ± 3 billion years for CS 31082-001[178] and 13.8 ± 4 billion years for BD +17° 3248. Galileo Galilei first resolved the band of light into individual stars with his telescope in 1610. [204][205] This story was once thought to have been based on an older Sumerian version in which Tiamat is instead slain by Enlil of Nippur,[206][207] but is now thought to be purely an invention of Babylonian propagandists with the intention to show Marduk as superior to the Sumerian deities. As a comparison, the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy contains an estimated one trillion (1012) stars.

It has a close companion, the Small Magellanic Cloud. A 747 jet flies at about 600 miles in one hour.

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