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5. Now you can certainly get REALLY fast war goals on them by a core territory war goal but eventually you’re going to face severe resource shortages. Wait until Japan is at war with the allies and go with them instead. Put a coastal fort on that port south of Beijing and just to be safe, a level 2 and level 1 fort on the northern most provinces bordering Shanxi. Oof. You should have a huge surplus of rifles but don’t be afraid to go into the red during the offensive. I would say that you should stick to Concentrated if you want to keep with the strategy of mass Infantry. The only thing you want to trade for now is Steel. A complete new focus tree for vanilla China, and a heavily rework for "Waking the Tiger". Improved Worker Conditions (Stability +12.5%) This may delay your unification of China a bit however. So you should reliably be able to push Japan out by 1939 if you followed this guide. Subjugate the Warlords - Again very historically innacurate. I expect most will be able to follow this to get "Awake and Angry.". As long as you have enough troops to cover your ports and forts, it generally won’t leave any unguarded. You just beat Japan and now you want to take on the Allies or the Comintern? If you get Guangxi, consider spending the PP as soon as possible to annex them. You should retain air superiority over Northern China this way. Keep that one factory on interwar fighters! Your best bet for a quick victory is to conquer Tibet and Nepal and come down from the north. Command Power is very slim starting out but you only have five generals and field marshals to spend it on. 24 of them are conveniently Sanjiao Jun (12 width infantry), 28 are reserve Juntuan (8 width infantry). All DLC compatible. It is important to remember that you are always going to be growing- constantly adding new factories to your production lines. Go dispersed if you want to modernize the military with armor and aircraft towards the late game. You should have just enough CP to fill in your Field Marshal’s traits AND activate More Ground Crews on your wings in Northern China. 8. That will pretty much keep you busy until the war starts. In Hearts of Iron, China has a tremendous potential to be a mid to late game powerhouse. Despite not having a frontline, your general in charge will gain experience pretty quickly. Grain Tax is worth picking up. That’s more than enough for now. This will leave you and Shanxi alone to deal with Japan. Sun Tzu would be proud. There are a lot of factors though, like how your generals and Japan’s generals level up. I would like to have this somehow stored and read it if I forget something, as a reference. Split them a lot. Beeline the focuses Foreign Threats and United Front. Put them on do not engage and have them run convoy raids, I guess? For the ones that become your puppet, request ALL of their units as expeditionary forces. It’s really quite simple; you don’t need to attack until Japan stops attacking. Since they use their own equipment, I have them on active attack orders throughout the entirety of the war, though still on cautious execution. Military Affairs Commission (Army XP +0.05/day) In the mean time, you can start training paratroopers or your own fledgling Navy to mount an invasion once Japan’s coastline is defenseless. China's unique focus tree has 4 main branches: Three Principles of the People Focuses on the internal social affairs of the nation and regional political relations. So some drunk Japanese soldier wandered off post and got himself into a spot of trouble. China is in an interesting place in January 1936. I put the former cavalry on the other side, facing Mengkukou. 4. Go with this if you want to really pick up steam in the post game, 1945+. Keeping your army highly trained and cycling out depleted divisions is a good way to go. Danzig or War will spike World Tension up high enough that you can guarantee any of the non-aligned countries in Europe that the Axis invades. Maybe 5k rifles or so. It is a very convenient way to plug in pockets created by capitulation while you redirect your elite troops to where they’re needed. You will lose some of Shanxi but Beijing should hold strong. Remember you will get up to a +15% technology sharing bonus from the warlords for free. Not ideal. The Warlords had already been subjugated by Chiang in Northern Expedition 1928. You can retake the lands stolen from China in the Unequal Treaties and maybe even save the Axis from its doom. But even if you had to give up one inch or were even pushed back to the Yellow River, I believe in you! If you have to lose one- lose the city and not the airport. Added to the fact that Chinese troops fighting on Core territory can expect to get upwards of 30% Attack and Defense, commanded by what will likely be the world’s most seasoned generals. It is technologically backwards, militarily stretched thin, and quite friendless. This is extraordinarily useful because they use their home country’s equipment. Popular Figurehead or First Lady of the Republic really depends on what path you want to go on. It’s gonna be a tough nut to crack… but who said vengeance came easy? 1 & 2: Electronic Mechanical Engineering and Grand Battleplan Doctrine If you want to go with the Axis or strike out on your own, stick with the Popular Figurehead. If you picked the Popular Figurehead, you’ll have to wait for the aces to start coming in… and boy will they start coming in. It’s really feast or famine. After that, you can start making military factories where it pleases you. And by ‘modernize’, I mean that you’re going to have 150+ infantry divisions and maybe 12 dedicated armor/mechanized. So what’s the deal with Concentrated/Dispersed Industry? So will you be when your 8 width infantry divisions are beating Japan’s 24 width monstrosities. For production, you know where to put it. We meant it when we said not an inch! You must log in or register to reply here. By the time you shrug off Japan and push them out to the sea, you will be in a prime position to unite China and then make a decision between three paths; Now this is far from ‘optimal’ play for defeating Japan. If you breakthrough the enemy and have a garrison order on the territory you wish to capture, those troops will come flooding through the gap and spread in every direction. 8 divisions to a province means more than enough to fill combat width. Foreign subversive activities efficiency: Starting Planning skill level of new army leaders: Any other country has already offered citizenship to von Falkenhausen, The Soviets have already sent a military mission to a faction in China. Sometimes you’re going to get a huge amount of factories seemingly overnight when you annex territory. If used properly, it can be EXTREMELY useful for macromanaging. Best to do this before you’re at war with the Allies- you don’t want crack British Divisions defending the Nepalese Mountains. Japan is able to reduce its Marco Polo debuff by 10% every 6 months. The fun part is that you can use this offensively as well. Your email address will not be published. Is this guide even viable after the MtG DLC and subsequent patches? Current version: 1.0 (Testing needed, please report any bug or imbalance, thanks!) Don’t worry, mighty Chinese Navy, we’ll get to you eventually. Well, aren’t you a masochist? Backroom Backstabber (PP +5%) Executive Yuan (PP +0.25/day) There’s a good chance you’ll drag Stalin into a war with the Allies. Eventually you are going to use all ten of these officers. If you beat Japan and used Subjugate the Warlords, you might just be lucky enough to have those Cassus Belli still active!

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