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The first was transferred to India in 1953 before being laid down, a replacement was cancelled in 1957, before being laid down. [19] Leopard provided further support for British trawlers during another fishing dispute with Iceland in 1975, spending a single week on patrol.[20][21]. [10] One man was killed, and Leopard put into Simonstown for temporary repairs before returning to Portsmouth for more permanent repairs. She was wrecked in 1814. "Topic: Return of the Obra Dinn [Releasing Oct 18]", Shipwrecks and maritime incidents in 1814,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 June 2020, at 23:53. Shiyard Apprentice.

She is called the "horrible old Leopard" in the fourth book in the series The Mauritius Command, and in other books in the series, and ends its days as a store ship sailing from the English Channel to the Baltic. She was first ordered on 16 October 1775, named on 13 November 1775 and laid down at Portsmouth Dockyard in January 1776. In early 1807, a handful of British sailors—some of American birth—deserted their ships, which were then blockading French ships in Chesapeake Bay, and joined the crew of USS Chesapeake. This meant that, unlike other post-war frigates, the Type 41 had a full destroyer armament of two twin 4.5" Mk6 gun turrets, giving them a more powerful armament than the Battle- or Weapon-class destroyers. Thus the Type 41s were still fitted with the best late-1950s RN sonars, types 170 and 174 (which remained a good passive sonar into the 1970s), but were equipped with only a minimal A/S mortar battery. Leopard and Thames escorted them as far as Java Head. Innovative additions of STAAG ("Stabilised Tachymetric Anti-Aircraft Gun"), CIWS mount, and replacement of the experimental version of the fast rotating 992 target indicators with the slower standard 993 were all abandoned.
[2][3] The Type 41 and the Type 61 variant introduced diesel-electric propulsion into the Royal Navy for its long range, low fuel use, and fewer necessary crew and skilled artificers, compared with steam turbines, as well as for its less complex (compared to contemporary turbine propulsion) diesel engines.

London (1951), p. 51, Marriott.RN frigates. [5][4], The ship's main gun armament consisted of two twin 4.5 inch (113 mm) Mark 6 dual purpose gun turrets, mounted one forward and one aft, with a STAAG twin stabilised 40mm Bofors mount providing close-in anti-aircraft defence, although this mounting was unreliable and later replaced by a single Bofors gun. The Leopard-class, or Type 41, frigates were designed for a main role of providing anti-aircraft protection for convoys. Ian Allen. Within a few years of the Type 41's introduction in the late 1950s they were regarded as obsolete for their intended function as anti-aircraft convoy escorts. However, by 1955 success had been achieved, with difficulty and limitations, in developing new steam turbines giving 30-knot speed and the range to take convoys across the Atlantic, embodied in the Whitby-class Type 12 frigates. Leopard left the convoy at Latitude 9°N, and arrived at Spithead on 8 June.[5]. Rebilding the RN (2012) p 73-74 & N, Friedman. aircraft, First Outfits).". Marshall (1829), Supple., Part 3, pp.134–136. In April 1974 HMS Lincoln was decommissioned at Chatham and placed in the reserve fleet. Had they been retained a few more years they could have been ideal during the Falklands War for specialized bombardment and the air defence of ships unloading in San Carlos Water:[10] the destroyers and frigates remaining in RN service in 1982 had only one gun turret, the new 4.5" Mk8 often jammed, and the few with the Lynx Mk8 twin-4.5", with 40-45 men required for each turret, rarely even test fired the guns. In the 1970s they saw service on Cod War duties.[9]. [5][8] Type 965 long-range air search radar replaced Type 960 during a refit in 1964 and 1966, with Type 993 surface/air search and target indication radar replaced the Type 293Q. In 1972 it was decided not to refit HMS Puma again, as purchasing the half-sister of the class, the former Black Star ordered by Ghana, and commissioning it as HMS Mermaid, would cost less than a Type 41 refit. Only a short range 262 radar MRS1 provided secondary AA fire control for the main armament. Prior warning had to be given over the ship's tannoy system before testing was carried out, to allow stowage of loose items. Gaunt, was to serve in the South Atlantic and South America upon commission,[11] as part of the 7th Frigate Squadron. Gyro controlled with a relatively simple control system, they proved very effective in use. [16] During the period 1967 to 1968 she was commanded by N R D King who later achieved flag rank. Naval Design since 1945. During the night of 20 April Lady Burges wrecked on a reef off Boa Vista, Cape Verde. Seaforth. The British government denied the claims, accusing the Icelandic ship of trying to cut the trawling wires of the German fishing vessels Teutonia and Dusseldorf, and of firing several shots. However, in practice, frigates and destroyers moving at more than 25 knots create turbulence which blinds their own sonars and can only engage fast-moving subs by using a helicopter with its own sonar.

[3], On 24 October 1798, Leopard captured the French privateer vessel Apollon, which was under the command of Captain La Vaillant. HMS Lynx was the last of the class operational, in 1977 attending the Spithead fleet review. "Icelanders force lone skipper back to fleet". In Patrick O'Brian's novel Desolation Island, the fifth book of the Aubrey–Maturin series, Jack Aubrey commands Leopard on a cruise through the Atlantic and Indian oceans after the Chesapeake-Leopard Affair, a voyage which included the sinking of the fictional Dutch ship of the line Waakzaamheid, and a disastrous collision with an iceberg. HMS Leopard was a 50-gun Portland-class fourth rate of the Royal Navy.She served during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, and was notable for the actions of her captain in 1807, which were emblematic of the tensions that later erupted in the War of 1812 between Britain and America. 3 December 1975., "End of the Cod Patrol...after 49 collisions", Ships of the Royal Navy: The Complete Record of all Fighting Ships of the Royal Navy,, Ships of the Fishery Protection Squadron of the United Kingdom, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 8 × Admiralty Standard Range ASR1 diesels, 14,400 shp (10,738 kW), 2 shafts, Fire control: Type 275 on director Mark 6M, This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 01:35.

An intended A/S version, the Type 11 class (see Type system of the Royal Navy), was cancelled due to the low 25-knot top speed being insufficient for accompanying fast carrier task forces, particularly with HMS Eagle, the flagship, commissioned in 1951. Kit consists of resin and white metal parts with photo-etched brass details. [1][2], Leopard was 339 ft 10 1⁄2 in (103.59 m) long overall, 330 ft 0 in (100.58 m) at the waterline[3] and 320 ft 0 in (97.54 m),[4] with a Beam of 40 ft 0 in (12.19 m) and a draught of 11 ft 10 in (3.61 m). HMS JAGUAR Introduction and Specifications This new in 1959 RN anti-aircraft frigate escorted HM The Queen, circumnavigated the world and fended off Icelandic ships in the 1970's 'Cod Wars' then served until 2013 the Bangladesh Navy. (vii) Colour. HMS Leopard finished its service in the 1975–1976 Cod War, having given an Icelandic gunboat a 30-second warning that it would open fire with its 4.5" guns. To that end, HMS Leopard carried navigation radar, the new type 992 for long-range surface target indication, and the type 960M for LRAW as compared to the Type 61's four dedicated LRAW systems: types 293, 977M, 960M and 982M. [12] In February 1966 she commissioned for the fourth time and in August 1966 sailed for the Far East where she spent a busy year of exercises. As a result, the orders for the new diesel-electric frigates were cancelled, changed to orders for Type 12, or sold to India. HMS Jaguar was reactivated from the standby squadron for the 3rd Cod War, but sprang too many leaks on the voyage to Iceland and instead returned to Chatham. "Britain rejects Icelandic complaint over frigate". Because Leopard served in the navy's Egyptian campaign (8 March – 8 September 1801), her officers and crew qualified for the clasp "Egypt" to the Naval General Service Medal that the Admiralty issued in 1847 to all surviving claimants. The last ship was withdrawn from service in 1978. Can be made as a full hulled or waterline model. HMS Leopard finished its service in the 1975–1976 Cod War, having given an Icelandic gunboat a 30-second warning that it would open fire with its 4.5" guns.

HMS Lynx was the last of the class operational, in 1977 attending the Spithead fleet review. HMS Jaguar and HMS Lynx were sold to the Bangladesh Navy in 1978 and March 1982 respectively. [18] In the same year she took part in Portsmouth 'Navy Days' and completed her fourth commission in that year. The Americans were initially sentenced to 500 lashes, but had their sentence commuted; Britain also offered to return them to America.
HMS Leopard (F14), was a Leopard-class Type 41 anti aircraft frigate of the British Royal Navy, named after the leopard Construction and design. Later they were extensively used in the Far East during the 1963–68 confrontation with Indonesia over Borneo and Malaysia, for which all-gun-armed Type 41s were again well suited. [17] In 1968, she was diverted to Bermuda in response to civil unrest. As such they were provided with a heavy gun armament but did not require high speed. [7] Leopard left the convoy on 28 July at 35°S 7°E / 35°S 7°E / -35; 7.[8].

[5] As built, Leopard was fitted with a Type 960 long-range radar on the ship's mainmast and Type 293Q surface/air search radar on the foremast. They served mostly on the South Atlantic station but later became involved with the operations off Iceland during the 'Cod Wars'.

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