hetalia season 7 confirmed

He is very used to the rain and doesn’t think much of it. The longest gap we've had between seasons is two years. YESSSSS!!!

They are doing a lot. He doesn’t mind the rain and will join his s/o when they go outside to look at the falling drops.

He thinks its adorable for his s/o to love the rain.

He specializes in danging the Tango or Foxtrot.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. His s/o would pout and drag him into the puddle along with them.

User account menu. im just excited something from my childhood is coming back :)), thank you for this, I absolutely adore writing for Hetalia, Hope you like this anon :) Arthur often takes his s/o out on a walk during rain showers. He might keep a straight face on the whole time, but don’t let that discourage you. Russia/Ivan: I swear I involuntarily imagine Hetalia charcters when CGP Grey talks about countries. or other things :> this is a multi fandom blog but as of now it mostly consists of red shoes stuff!! Also I'll remind you of this quote: "Paragraph breaks, England. He can be clumsy sometimes and might miss a step or step on your foot, but he will make it up later with a kiss on the cheek. However, his anger would melt away once he saw his s/o sleeping face.

He is very slow and passionate when he dances and prefers to Waltz with his s/o.

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Whenever his s/o mentions how much they like it when it rains, he suggests that they should come to London with him next time. This old man will not tolerate such nonsense, the person better bug off, or this ex pirate will go off on them. Press J to jump to the feed. Close. Posted by. :D lot of love for you, Hello! As you may have noticed, Hetalia's last season for the anime was released in 2015. User account menu. He’d out flirt the poor person to the point where it was just embarrassing. GUYS OMG THIS IS IT!!!!! A subreddit by and for fans of the Hetalia anime/manga/web comic! A subreddit by and for fans of the Hetalia anime/manga/web comic! “You should see the rain in my country. i only found out about the fandom a couple of years ago.

A subreddit by and for fans of the Hetalia anime/manga/web comic! Official. Sometimes his partner may have a hard time keeping up, so he will slow down to a waltz and hold them close to him.

... Log In Sign Up. feel free to sumbit anything to me about fe3h, haikyuu and red shoes and the seven dwarfs! He would kiss his S/O on the check after the person left and the he’d continue on with his day. Not many people would cuddle with Spain, especially Romano, so he would be extremely happy about this! 69. Posted by.

Japan), Yay!!!! If you don't want to/ feel well/ don't have time, don't worry!

This poor (intimidating) baby, he would pout and be glaring daggers at the person. Gilbert is surprisingly good at dancing, and specializes in the Waltz or Swing dance. fyi guys i am not for the nazi german cosplay thing everyone is talking about. 10 hours ago. at the time i didnt even have access to social media so i really just read the manga and watched the anime. As of today, that's three years ago. A new serialized comic by Himaruya (not hetalia) will also be released in Jump SQ started on 4 dec and there’s something special about these new characters (another gijinka?)" 30. hetalia-imagines-scenarios-asks answered: Arthur is the KING of ballroom dancing! Thank you guys for 220 subscribers that is big enough!!! Italy, 2P! If they didn’t get the hint he’d outright tell them to get lost. Iceland is surprisingly very passionate when he dances and prefers the Mambo.

95% Upvoted. HETALIA SEASON 7 CONFIRMED AFTER SEVEN YEARS LETS GOOOO — fyi guys i am not for the nazi german cosplay thing everyone is talking about. HETALIA SEASON 7 IN 2021.

If that alone didn’t scare them off Ivan would resort to using his intimidating nature to his advantage.

Hetalia's favorite thing to do at a world meeting, 1p Hetalia Allies reaction: His s/o loves the rain, Irritated and annoyed yeah but he really needs to be pushed to get angry which, to put it simply is a very, His face will go stone cold, his jaw will tense and his eyebrows furrow in a way that makes his eyes seem darker, Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Spain was once a huge, less than friendly empire, but you’re definitely reminded when he gets angry, He gets quiet, he doesn’t yell or rant or anything, he doesn’t tend to speak and when he does it’s more of a deep, quiet growl, Spain is not afraid to get violent if he’s decided that it’s necessary and in all honesty if he’s reached that conclusion then they probably did deserve it to some extent, Back to the quiet part, he will not warn, he’ll just hit, It’s usually simply one punch to the jaw/nose, he has remarkable control, but that punch will definitely hurt, Things that will really piss him off is threatening harm to his loved ones, especially Romano or being really insulting towards them, If he doesn’t want to use violence then he’ll simply remove himself from the situation and go take a breather by himself, If he’s at home he’ll snack, nap and/or sharpen his axes, some calming music on in the background, DO NOT interrupt this time, whatever you do, ESPECIALLY if he’s in the middle of cleaning his axe, you’re just begging for a beheading at this point, He’s very gradual, he gradually gets to the raging anger point and gradually comes back down, He’ll start coming back out and socialising with people, likely Romano, Belgium, France and Prussia first until he’s calmed down, He generally doesn’t like revisiting what made him angry, so once it’s over it’s over in his eyes and he won’t listen to anyone try and bring it up again, He’ll get snappy if people persist, usually that’s enough to discontinue it though, He’ll cuddle to calm down too, once he’s done being alone he’ll rope Romano into cuddling and Romano agrees only to calm Spain down (or so he says). report. Log In Sign Up. After the person left in shame, Francis would give his S/O a wink and a kiss and carry on with whatever he was doing. save.

I Like Belarus! 69.

Similar to America, Prussia would try his best not to wake up his sleeping s/o. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. He will often whisper words of love into her ear while holding her close. He’d tell the person to leave his S/O alone and that they were obviously taken.

He really enjoys the dancing with his s/o and will be blushing the whole time! He then would brag about his country’s rain. Although that doesn’t mean he won’t occasionally tease them about it. It doesn’t usually rain, but when it does… it rains HARD!” He smiles. (OOF I'M SORRY I REALIZE THAT MANY OF YOUR ASKS ARE SO FLIRTY BUT I AM ZE CURIOUS KSKSKSS), Hey! Official. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

Official. Much like Prussia, he will make this into a contest just to show Denmark he is the better dancer.


A subreddit by and for fans of the Hetalia anime/manga/web comic! His s/o seems the happiest when it rains, so it’s fine with him if they like it. He will keep his arm around your waist the whole night! Cookies help us deliver our Services.

He’ll be a bit more affectionate than usual after the person was gone.

He won’t admit it, but he actually likes the attention from his s/o because not many people pay much attention to him other than the BTT and West. He will keep his eyes on you the whole time and make you feel like the only one in the room.

Can I ask some headcanons for spain when he's angry?

that stuff was weird and not what hetalia represents.

How would be a fight between he and his s/o, if he is capable to even hit them and this stuff Idk why I'm asking this, but hell angry spain is intriguing since he can change Sweden expression!! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts ... GUYS OMG THIS IS IT!!!!!


I need a CGP grey x Hetalia crossover in my life, And then Bill Wurtz shows up toothink i could die happy at that point tbh. No one can out flirt Francis. A subreddit by and for fans of the Hetalia anime/manga/web comic! Close. Yao would actually be pretty calm about the whole situation.

His moves are full of energy and passion. (^_^)/, The normally loud and somewhat obnoxious American would find find it utterly adorable if his s/o fell asleep on him and began to cuddle him. The graphics are getting better and better. America/Alfred: Mistranslations of profiles and strips may also contribute to confusion as well.

:D, Hello, can i get some slowdancing headcanons with England, Prussia, Finland, Norway, and Iceland, please? He usually teases s/o when they gush about rain.

best. Season 7 is confirmed~ Other. :3 <3, How would America, Prussia, England, and Spain react if their s/o randomly fell asleep on them and started to cuddle with them. 0 comments. Thanks!

He loves to keep his pace slow and steady, in case his s/o is not familiar with this type of dancing. :3 Could you do the Allies getting jealous because some guy is flirting with their s/o? (I really couldn’t picture Yao or Francis getting jealous over flirting, I think they’d handle it pretty well).

He will impress you with his passionate moves and elegant dancing. i was really really really young when i got into anime and hetalia was one of my first animes. While he does this, he would take this moment to drink in all his s/o sleeping features and might even take a picture!

He would run his fingers through his s/o hair while singing a Spanish lullaby.

He would be muttering words saying how improper this is and how rude to suddenly fall asleep on him.

Also thanks for posting the link — I still can’t believe it’s here! Lots of cursing and complaining. “when gretel heard the fearless seven went missing, she was still angry at her brother at the time and therefore didn’t care that much about his disappearance”special thanks to @shining-magically for providing the official missing poster from the red shoes art book!

More Season 7 Confirmed By Himaruya! https://hetarchive.tumblr.com/post/632685716660502528/some-quick-info-from-this-from-one-of-the.

I believe that if we garner enough signatures, we will be to get season 7 of Hetalia. Close. Posted by 6 days ago. 99.

His moves are smooth, flowing and graceful. He would try his best not to disturb their slumber by maybe playing some video games with headphones in or taking a nap with his s/o. He loves the attention he receives from his s/o, so this would be heaven to him. England/Arthur: 2P! share. hide. WE'RE GETTING OFFICIAL SEASON 7 IN 2021 LET'S GOOOOOOOOOO https://i.imgur.com/PqNtROo.jpg, link to the post and translation: https://hetarchive.tumblr.com/post/632685716660502528/some-quick-info-from-this-from-one-of-the. You should try them. that stuff was weird and not what hetalia represents. He occasionally pushes them into a puddle for a laugh.

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