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[7] The genus name was from the Greek "harpax", meaning "grappling hook", and "ornis", meaning "bird". [9] Harpagornis moorei was therefore reclassified as Hieraaetus moorei. To protect our birds of prey, we must first protect our environment. With a wingspan of between 2 and 3 metres, and weighing up to 13 kilograms the Haast’s eagle is the largest eagle ever to have existed in the world. [2] Its massive size is explained as an evolutionary response to the size of its prey, the flightless moa, the largest of which could weigh 230 kg (510 lb). The tail was almost certainly long, in excess of 50 cm (20 in) in female specimens, and very broad. Here is a rundown of some candidate species gathered in part from a to-clone list available from Mother Nature Network. .

Do you want to learn more about Haast’s Eagle? Several of the largest extant Old World vultures, if not in mean mass or other linear measurements, probably exceed Haast's eagle in average wingspan as well.

Haast's eagle became extinct 500-600 years ago, around the same time that New Zealand's moa species became extinct. “Like, you wouldn’t throw your resurrected moa into Kahurangi National Park, you’d get it into an enclosure first. [8], Early human settlers in New Zealand (the ancestors of the Māori arrived around the year 1280) preyed heavily on large flightless birds, including all moa species, eventually hunting them to extinction by around 1400.

The Haast’s Eagle was the biggest, baddest most magnificent eagle ever to have existed in the world. * We’ll never pass your email address to third parties, or send you spammy stuff, we promise. Like other large raptors it probably also had a very low reproductive rate. They would also have preyed upon other flightless birds, particularly Aptornis, Weka, Takahe, flightless geese and ducks. The harpy eagle (Harpia harpyja), the Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi), and the Steller's sea eagle (Haliaeetus pelagicus) are the largest and most powerful living eagles, and the first two also have a similarly reduced relative wing-length as an adaptation to forest-dwelling. [8], H. moorei is estimated to have diverged from these smaller eagles as recently as 1.8 million to 700,000 years ago. The Haast’s Eagle was the biggest, baddest most magnificent eagle ever to have existed in the world. To de-extinct a species using cloning requires a similar species to act as a surrogate parent. The Lost World of the Moa: Prehistoric Life of New Zealand. In length and weight, Haast's eagle was even larger than the largest living vultures. DNA mash-up To de-extinct a species using cloning requires a similar species to act as a surrogate parent. Evidence of talon marks on Moa skeletons confirm that they predated on these large birds - prey that weighed up to 200 kilograms! [14] A lower mandible from the Haast's eagle measured 11.4 cm (4.5 in) and the tarsus in several Haast's eagle fossils has been measured from 22.7 to 24.9 cm (8.9 to 9.8 in). Claws. Hunting by Maori led to the extinction of Moa which likely comprised much of the eagle's diet and there is no doubt that these early settlers may have tried to kill the eagle at every opportunity. Most estimates place the female Haast eagles in the range of 10–15 kg (22–33 lb) and males around 9–12 kg (20–26 lb). Rather it represents a departure from the mode of its ancestors' soaring flight, toward higher wing loading and the species probably had very broad wings. [14], They had a relatively short wingspan for their size. [18], Some wing and leg remains of Haast's eagles permit direct comparison with living eagles. [28], Giant eagle (Aquila moorei), Haast's eagle, or Pouakai, "Notes on Harpagornis Moorei, an Extinct Gigantic Bird of Prey, containing Discussion of Femur, Ungual Phalanges and Rib", "Ancient DNA Provides New Insights into the Evolutionary History of New Zealand's Extinct Giant Eagle", "Ancient DNA Tells Story of Giant Eagle Evolution", "Notes on the weight, flying ability, habitat, and prey of Haast's Eagle (, "Recently Extinct Animals - Species Info - Haast's Eagle", The morphology of the bill apparatus in the Steller's Sea Eagle, "Maori legend of man-eating bird is true", "Golden eagle attacks deer in rare camera trap footage", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Haast%27s_eagle&oldid=983418313, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2010, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 October 2020, at 03:26. The sculpture, weighing approximately 750 kg (1,650 lb; 118 st), standing 7.5 metres (25 ft) tall, and depicted with a wingspan of 11.5 metres (38 ft) is constructed from stainless steel tube and sheet and was designed and constructed by Mark Hill, a sculptor from Arrowtown, New Zealand. Sadly the colour of its plumage is pure speculation. The Haast's eagle (Hieraaetus moorei) is an extinct species of eagle that once lived in the South Island of New Zealand, commonly accepted to be the pouakai of Maori legend. However, most New Zealand birds are not brightly coloured and most experts agree that it is most likely to have been a more sombre brown or brownish-grey similar to the other very large forest eagles found around the world today. Young mammoths, for instance, ate the faeces of female mammoths for the bacteria they contained, and it isn’t known what was in that microbiome. [15][16] This wingspan is broadly similar to the larger range of female size in some extant eagles: the wedge-tailed eagle (Aquila audax), golden eagle (A. chrysaetos), martial eagle (Polemaetus bellicosus), white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) and Steller's sea eagle (Haliaeetus pelagicus) are all known to exceed 2.5 m in wingspan. This page requires an NZGeo.com account. moorei was powerful enough to attack and prey on giant flightless birds, the moa, weighing 10 to 15 times their own body weight. Seddon says restoring extinct keystone species could have beneficial effects for others. Evidence shows that this huge eagle existed when Maori first arrived in New Zealand some 800 years ago, and accounts suggest that it may even have still existed when Europeans arrived in the early 1800’s. Although it is unclear whether Pakeha and other settlers encountered the Haast’s eagle, those that did probably barely had the chance to run away – let alone give it a name! [13] The Philippine eagle might be a particularly appropriate living species to compare with the Haast's eagle, because it too evolved in an insular environment from smaller ancestors (apparently basal snake eagles) to island gigantism in the absence of large carnivorous mammals and other competing predators. The strongest and biggest bird of prey that ever existed was the Haast’s Eagle (Harpagornis moorei) of New Zealand, and it became extinct around the 1400s soon after the Maori settled the South Island of New Zealand.H. Please create one below, or sign in if you already have one. Ask your librarian to subscribe to this service next year. Should we. “Releases would have to be staged,” says Seddon. Another giant eagle from the fossil record, Amplibuteo woodwardi, is more recently and scantly-described but rivaled the Haast's in at least the aspect of total length. [10] A recent mitochondrial DNA study found it to be more closely related to the little eagle than the booted eagle, with an estimated divergence from the little eagle around 2.2 million years ago. Some believe that these birds are described in many legends of the Māori, under the names Pouakai, Hokioi, or Hakawai. $1 trial for two weeks, thereafter $8.50 every two months, cancel any time. University of Otago professor Philip Seddon suggests a few things to consider before bringing Haast’s eagle back from the grave. A noted explorer and surveyor, Charles Edward Douglas, claims in his journals that he had an encounter with two raptors of immense size in Landsborough River valley (probably during the 1870s), and that he shot and ate them;[24] but they may have been Eyles's harriers. PhD thesis, University of Auckland, New Zealand • Tennison, A., and Martinson, P. 2006. While the baby’s nuclear DNA would be 100 per cent that of the extinct animal, its […] This story reminds us of the links in life, the unforeseen repercussions of our actions. Should we be attempting to de-extinct one species while many others are on the way to becoming extinct? Until recent human colonisation that introduced rodents and cats, the only placental land mammals found on the islands of New Zealand were three species of bat. Haast's eagle has sometimes been portrayed incorrectly as having evolved toward flightlessness, but this is not so. [12], A comparison with living eagles of the Australasian region resulted in estimated masses in Haast's eagles of 11.5 kg (25 lb) for males and 14 kg (31 lb) for females. The others were around 5 cm long. • Worthy, T. H., and Holdaway R. N. 2002. While the baby’s nuclear DNA would be 100 per cent that of the extinct animal, its mitochondrial DNA would be inherited from its host mother, and this provides instructions for making molecules called RNAs. [27], Artwork depicting Haast's eagle now may be viewed at OceanaGold's Heritage and Art Park at Macraes, Otago, New Zealand. The Maori legend of Pouakai no doubt refers to the Haast’s eagle and bone remains have been found within human midden sites (a midden is a mound of domestic refuse marking the site of a human settlement). [22], The strong legs and massive flight muscles of these eagles would have enabled the birds to take off with a jumping start from the ground, despite their great weight. Since pre-polynesian New Zealand was largely forest covered and most remains have come from areas still forested, it seems most likely that the Haast’s eagle was a forest and/ or forest fringe dweller. Systematics and Palaeobiology of Haast’s Eagle Harpagornis moorei Haast 1872. University of Otago professor Philip Seddon suggests a few things to consider before bringing Haast’s eagle back from the grave. This characteristic would compensate for the reduction in wing area by providing additional lift. An animal’s microbiome is critical to immunity. [25] According to an account given to Sir George Grey, an early governor of New Zealand, Hokioi were huge black-and-white birds with a red crest and yellow-green tinged wingtips. ... Haast's Eagle: Also from New Zealand, these seriously large eagles could have flown away from human hunters but that wasn't their problem. When and why did this enormous predator go extinct? [25] Even smaller golden eagles are capable of killing prey as big as sika deer or a bear cub. Moa were grazers, functionally similar to deer or cattle in other habitats, and Haast's eagles were the hunters who filled the same niche as top-niche mammalian predators, such as tigers or lions. [citation needed] Due to the absence of other large predators or kleptoparasites, a Haast's eagle could easily have monopolised a single large kill over a number of days.[1]. [14][17], Short wings may have aided Haast's eagles when hunting in the dense scrubland and forests of New Zealand. It is known in Maori legend as Pouakai and there is little doubt that early settlers would have fallen victim to this most terrifying of aerial predators!

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