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The better prepared you are with research and practice, the better chance you’ll stand of being chosen as the top candidate.

If you can find this out early, do so! It would be a pleasure to learn from you on that topic and others. When practicing your answers for the typical speech language pathology interview questions,  think about how a Speech Language Pathologist role is so vital in our society.

ASHA put out a report about the changing needs of SLP and Audiology students in the new century. Far from impressing the committee, you’ll make them think you are desperate, unable to measure professional boundaries or even trying to bribe them. More Answers: Tell me about the trends in your profession and industry.

By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In the worst case scenario, you’ll have to find out right before the interview begins. Although some principals and administrators in certain school districts might believe that the Common Core State Standards should be universally implemented, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) recommends that SLPs not base their IEP speech-language goals on the CCSS since this would imply that students do not require special education. If you’re in a waiting room with other candidates, be friendly and make small talk.

I was just invited to an interview day (nearly had a heart attack) and I am curious about what it's like. -Why should we select you over other highly qualified applicants? I guess we are all anxiously waiting for 2/18 when they are supposed to send interview notifications right? How would you describe your organizational skills?

What They Want to Know: Tech questions are a common element of most interviews. The first thing you should do is practice your responses.

What kind of strategies would you use with a child who stutters, and why? I learned about it when I worked as a Peer Career Assistant and Mock Interviewer at Truman State University’s Career Center. If you don’t want to handle the job market on your own, considering working with a recruiter instead. Why did you choose speech pathology as a career path? Today's video on YouTube is all about the things you can do to support your favorite creators that cost nothing -- and will help you get a bunch of free stuff in the process! It's easy! For interviews conducted via teleconferencing platforms such as Skype or Google Hangouts, consider the following…. 8. You can find out how many spots there are at each program on edfind on the ASHA website.

I was just wondering if anyone who has been to an interview day for Speech-Language Pathology programs could share a little about what to expect.

What qualities do you like in a supervisor? Some examples include: Have questions ready to ask the interviewer. Which computer program for IEPs does the district use? Research the School: This should be pretty obvious, but learn everything you possible can about the department and university before the interview. Be sure to address the person by name and title for example: Dr. Blaker or Professor Hanson. I’ve copied out these nine skills for you here, but be sure to read the actual article for more info on each one. If they ask basic questions like that it would be nice. I KNOW that it is SUPER uncomfortable to watch and listen to yourself, but it will help you become aware of any awkward stress responses (like playing with your hair or holding onto the chair with a white-knuckled-death-grip). 4- How are you planning on making a decision about where to go? Data shows that it is growing 21%—much faster than average. I called any other place that wasn't through CSDCAS.

: 1- Why does ____ University interest you? Also I found out the school I'm interviewing at interviews about 90 people and has spots for 39. very helpful.

Schools choose to interview applicants with the requirements they are looking for, they just want to know you before being accepted into their cohort.
The good news is that it’s one of the five allied health careers in demand for the foreseeable future, so it’s an excellent career choice. 6. One particular school gave me the break down. Been doing a lot of walking and a lot less screen time on the phone , A vote for a president is also a referendum on the, Been doing a lot of walking and a lot less sc, If you know any parents, check on them because the, Our seven year old struggles with writing. What They Want to Know: This question may take some finessing. The figures underscore the need for policymakers to agree on a strong, bipartisan economic relief package. My alma mater has mock interviews with your peers (who are trained in this sort of thing) and also with the Service Corps Of Retired Executives (SCORE). 3- What will be different in your studies between undergrad and grad school? These are questions that sound like “Tell us about a time…” or “Describe a situation in which…” The interviewers are looking at your past behavior as a predictor of future behavior. It started out with a warm up questions like what are your hobbies. Skills to Mention: There are certain things that faculty look for in their students because they know they’ll be necessary for success as clinicians. Such as: Go through the list at the beginning of this article and make sure you’re aware of the variety of disorders, as well as how they can be treated. But did you all hear back from every school that you applied to that all of your materials have been received? You can’t have a failing grade in the program. Regardless of the format of the interview, there’s something important that you’ll need to know before you can adequately prepare for the interview. Your email address will not be published. 10 Questions for You to Ask Potential Employers: Take the opportunity when you are asking questions to share anything that you didn’t say about your work experience that wasn’t touched on during their questioning. Question - I don't know how to post an actual forum question.. haha. I remember one candidate who sat on the edge of her unmade bed in jeans and a t-shirt. During your interview, be sure to get the names of all of the interviewers you interact with; this will mean you can personalize your thank you’s. During my 7-year tenure at ABC hospital, I worked daily with OTs, PTs, doctors, nurses, and physicians’ assistants to implement patient treatment plans within the stroke rehabilitative unit.

Questions About Working in a Hospital / Private Clinic. What oral-motor programs are you familiar with? It’s that time of year when school-based SLPs are on the hunt for the perfect job. Hope it helps!

I guess we are all anxiously waiting for 2/18 when they are supposed to send interview notifications right? 1. How do you communicate with parents about students’ goals and progress?

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