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Agreed! Great post, Julia, I totally agree with you Learn how your comment data is processed. That truly makes my heart hurt, I just don’t understand if you don’t like something why you need to tell someone on their IG account or spread it on GOMI. Happiest of Bdays my dearest Julia!!

I try really hard to do that and some of the more “real” moments in my life will not accomplish that, I promise you that. Check out a few: In the spirit of being real, my college friends were appalled that I didn’t mention the late night bubble gum shots we took in New Orleans in my healthy travel tips post so let me shout from the highest of mountaintops I took a pink bubble gum vodka shot and it was gross and I didn’t write about it but now I am (I hope they’re happy!). That doesn’t always come across on your favorite blogs (including this one) and it especially doesn’t come across on most Instagram accounts (again, including mine). When I did, for the first time maybe ever in my life, it made a huge difference. Lemon is so shameful. I know it's normal 3 year old stuff, but it's funny that it's happening to Lemon. 32 is going to be so new and wonderful – I can’t wait to follow along! I don’t know where I’ve been but didn’t know GOMI existed. xo. It’s to be expected in what I do, but when it first started I had a really hard time with it. I love following your blog + Instagram… keep it up! Another thing I’d like to add to this great post is this: for many bloggers, their audience includes people like co-workers and casual acquaintances, and I know personally I wouldn’t want my co-workers and casual acquaintances to know every difficulty and bad moment or personal problem that I have in my life. I should also re-word my GOMI comment- Yes there is definitely some good stuff in there but as a friend of many bloggers with long threads, I see how hurtful it can be when people are just plain mean… Commenting on weight or looks or even calling bloggers stupid. Absolutely yes!! Your posts on Instagram and on here make me smile every time I see them. However, if someone is calling a blogger out on sponsored posts, shills, lack of good content, lack of research in posts, etc, that’s fair and honest criticism, regardless if a blogger wants to hear it.

M’s question to me was, “Why do you do it”? So I say thank you for all the hard work you put into your blog. However, I really feel the pull to mesh that with real, raw life. J.Crew one-piece bathing suit (on sale!) Happy happy birthday, Julia!! I’ve never heard of that blog bashing site until now. I spent most of my time as a 31-year-old pregnant which has taught me more than I could have ever imagined.
Yesterday it was upwards of 90 degrees but felt like 120. I’m turning 32 on Sunday, so it’s about that time again!

Everything you wrote is well said.. and sometimes there is envy on this side of the iPhone viewing well coiffed bloggers in the most perfect vacation photos (my resort wear a top knot and flip flops), the opportunity with the sponsorships, and those amazing weekend brunch tales (mine consist of errands and coffee, shower optional), but one thing I have gained from you all of you is confidence. I was watching someone’s stories (maybe it was Carly?) ga('send', 'pageview'). ga('create', 'UA-19717505-4', 'auto'); It’s a weird form of escapism. Subscribe to my newsletters for exclusive content. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You make me smile every time I read it! I’m currently going full time freelance and hope to use my blog as a business resource. Great post! (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ Huge hug!! Welcome to Lemon Stripes, where my adventures in motherhood, style, healthy(ish) living, and life in New England come to play. That being said, it’s easy to forget those first five months when I was so desperate to have a baby, that it was all-consuming. That lesson has stuck with me throughout my entire pregnancy and has actually made me more productive because I don’t feel as frazzled and overworked. Alexandra Happy birthday I hope you have a wonderful weekend! . Julia, I hope this puts a smile on your face. I will also say that as a regular blog and GOMI reader, not everyone on GOMI is a “hater” there is a great community on there of thoughtful, intelligent commenters and so much more than discussion on blogs. http://www.comfortablycasey.com. If you feel you have reached this message in error, please clear your cookies and cache then click below to try again. Your three points really hit the nail on the head. Sometimes I think that even as bloggers we can feel a little unworthy compared to the successfully perfect (from the outside) and manicured blogs. I love reading all sorts of blogs. })(window,document,'script','https://www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js','ga'); http://www.accordingtokiki.net, While I love seeing pretty and ‘perfect’ pictures, I love personally relating to blog posts more! When one lovely lady said that I would be a terrible mother, I really lost it. ga('send', 'pageview'). People had told me that this might happen, but it was still a shock to actually experience it. I try really hard to write posts like this one amidst all of the pretty outfits and paleo cookies and throw pillow updates. My body and I are in a love/hate relationship. They made comments that my line about quitting screamed privilege.

Happy birthday!! our july wishlists on my blog today Sometimes I question why we put all of these beautiful things out there – even on the really, really bad days. Fashion; decor; Recipes; Motherhood. Thanks for keeping it so real. Aw Julia! Amen, Julia. We read/write blogs because we want to inspire and be inspired and reading about someone’s work drama and/or fight with their mom isn’t what most of us had in mind. Meows: 497. ), it’s nice to be able to create something beautiful. })(window,document,'script','https://www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js','ga'); (no offense anyone) I’m constantly getting ideas from others and hey- some of us enjoy the pretty pictures and ridiculously priced candles Love your blog! One of the reasons I love your blog is that it’s honest, authentic, and creative. Always love your honesty + straight talk approach. She puts the kid in daycare so she can f**k off all day. I wonder if she knows that the non-stop construction and remodeling are …

Thank you for being real Julia. I was going to have a party at our house but ended up emailing everyone to cancel earlier this week. Shop; Shop Instagram Stories; Shop My Instagrams; Body Dysmorphia.

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