goat straining to poop

“Hunched up with tail down” is the classic posture that means a kid is unhappy and could be suffering from a painful disease or is simply cold, according to veterinary texts and my own personal observations. I have a week old buckling whose mama died when he was two days old. the vet recommended bran which he loves and his poos are larger and softer now but he’s still uncomfortable around his rumen and windy. If you have a kid in the house and you have a dog, most dogs will eat poop, so you may never see it, or you will rarely see it. All was well until I went out to feed one morning and she was in the hunched tail down position with a distended looking abdomen. For example, a person with pelvic floor dysfunction may not have sufficient strength to pass stool, slowing digestion and causing pebble poop. Your email address will not be published. My goat is 19 and only has 1 tooth. This is why I now weigh kids daily for a couple of weeks. Since he is 7 months, that’s a little old to have coccidiosis, as it usually affects younger kids when they’ve just been weaned. However, this often appears to the owner as constipation. Holding in stool can slow digestion, causing the stool to become even harder. A normal goat sound is “maaa,” so that could be totally normal, and you could be worried about nothing. I ran across your post after searching for constipation in goats, because I was told my goat was constipated but I just couldn’t believe it. Maybe we are not giving him enough milk? A doctor may recommend pelvic floor physical therapy. What are your thoughts on this now, fairly common practice? Diarrhea, in goats, is often referred to as “scours.” Scours can be caused by a sudden change in diet—for example, lush green pasture or adding grain. There is no other food that can provide as much protein and calcium as milk. Talking to the child about what causes pebble poop, if they are old enough to understand. She wanted to warn other members that if you ever see a male goat straining, you should first seek treatment for urinary calculi, which can kill a goat within hours.

In the past few years I’ve suddenly started seeing a lot of posts on Facebook about goats with constipation.

Besides color and form, another indicator of sickness in a goat is blood in the feces. But he keeps crying out I feel like he is miserable, he has good gut sounds and his stomach is soft and palpable, I think I need to have him put to sleep , but he is such a fighter , any suggestions? I have not used that particular drug, but usually you do not continue giving an anti-diarrheal drug for more than one or two doses. Try these tips to ease or prevent constipation that leads to straining: Get more fiber in your diet. That’s why it’s a social media epidemic — NOT a goat epidemic. Any advice? Goes in a corner and paws at the ground. https://thriftyhomesteader.com/deworming-goats/. Thank you for commenting! We believe she went into heat and then ended up with a uterus infection. This kind of observation is one that should be done on a daily basis; like other indicators, evaluating a goat’s poop can go a long way in ensuring that a goat is healthy. That’s pretty amazing. If urine flow is not restored, then things look bleaker. The first signs to look for are restlessness and anxiety, including tail twitching. I have him on a Med for coccidia which has not been easy to give and a de-wormer. He didn’t poop all day again so I just did it and he pooped chunks again. Your goat's poop can tell you a lot of things. Most people have a regular bowel movement pattern, passing stool from between three times a day to once every 3 days. Uroliths are formed from minerals in the urine (calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and/or ammonium) when they combine with cells and mucoproteins. Nothing in this list will be fixed by an enema. And what could be causing her problem? Luckily, painful pooping, or infant dyschezia, is a very common, normal and curable problem. How do you know it’s not pooping? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sounds like she needs to see a knowledgeable goat vet. The reason I don’t tell you what to do with constipation is because goats don’t really get constipated.

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