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[13][63] The film required approximately 100,000 U.S. gallons (380,000 liters) of slime. In Ghostbusters, many of his major scenes had been given to Murray who was better-known, and Hudson felt the sequel continued to marginalize his character. And, no, not as a ghost.

Visit our corporate site. Bath [9], The additional content replaced some scenes and subplots that were far into completion and contained finished special effects. [2][4][102] Reitman also felt the novelty of Ghostbusters could not be repeated because big surprises like ghosts and epic finales were now expected. Likely a nod to the original sparky spirits. [23], In the late 1980s, film sequels were still quite rare, but the concept of the media franchise had quickly developed following the success of the original Star Wars trilogy.

"The Slime of Their Lives", Van Hise, James (w), Tobias, John (p), Rankin, Rich (i), Dechnik, Suzanne (col), Nakrosis, Dan (let). Early on, they decided Ghostbusters II should reflect the five-year passage of time between the two films.

Ghostbusters II (1989) Full Cast & Crew. [122][121] Hinson said that Murray's comedic performance was vital to tempering the film from becoming over-sentimental when discussing battling negativity with positivity. Commonly Mistaken as a Cameo: Ernie Hudson in Slime Busters. It responds physically to judge Wexler's angry tirade against the Ghostbusters and then explodes, summoning the ghosts of two brothers he sentenced to death. Concert Goer [76], Welch built the exterior walls and ledge of Venkman's apartment to scale; it was positioned 10 ft (3.0 m) in the air. To take advantage of the Christmas season, Ghostbusters II, Batman, and When Harry Met Sally... were all released before the end of the year. Despite the relative failure of Ghostbusters II, a second sequel was pursued through to the early 2010s. Set two years after Ghostbusters II, the story follows the Ghostbusters training a new recruit (the player) to combat a ghostly threat related to Gozer. (uncredited), Black Tie Patron at Restuarant The co-writer of the original film can be seen as a bronze bust in Colombia University. [146] Murray described it as a "story about innocence restored, and good values, and the power of faith in ordinary people. This page doesn't include Tributes, Spoofs, and References. The government must again empower the Ghostbusters to deal with the problem, reaffirming the team's personal liberty over government influence. (uncredited), Formal Wear Restaurant Patron [43], The returning Slimer ghost was re-developed to be more child-friendly like his popular The Real Ghostbusters incarnation. [60][61][62] Columbia had previously helped Richard Edlund found special effects company Boss Film Studios for Ghostbusters, but Reitman was reported to be unhappy with their work. [119][115] Others echoed this sentiment, saying that it lacked the energy of Ghostbusters, and was too laid back. [82] A molded mask was created to represent his inner evil; it was worn by Harold Weed as the possessed version of Aykroyd's character. [77] A scale model of the museum was created because Reitman wanted to be able to show the slime oozing from cracks and seams.

[7][18] Michael C. Gross and producer Joe Medjuck returned for the sequel, each being promoted to producer.

[44] Test audiences also thought Vigo, the slime, and the associated ghosts were not sufficiently connected. Several takes were done to cover MacNicol's gaze. [85] Also released that year were original hits that would become popular classics like Uncle Buck, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, When Harry Met Sally..., and Dead Poets Society. Local painter Lou Police produced a painting from this concept; Reitman approved it but Eytchison realized a painting would not be realistic enough to allow them to switch between it and the actor. At the museum, the museum's slime covering partially recedes and they use the Statue's torch to break through the ceiling, stopping Vigo from completing his possession of Oscar. ILM considered using live animals for the segment but abandoned the idea. This allowed Reitman to view combinations quickly; he chose his favored design in 15 minutes. NY 10036. The child would have become possessed as a focal point of the film; Murray felt this created an imbalance in the story, placing too much emphasis on his and Dana's relationship with the child rather than the Ghostbusters and their character dynamics. (uncredited), Heavy Metal Fan / The aim was to portray what appeared to be a painting of Vigo that would come to life to shock the audience. All data that has been verified will include images and/or a video clip link. (uncredited), Homeland Security Police

Its soundtrack single, "On Our Own" by Bobby Brown, was a success, spending 20 weeks on the United States music charts. [67] Camilla Henneman created most of Nunzio using spandex pouches filled with gelatinous materials to make him appear impossibly fat. [150] These father figures are initially unprepared for their responsibility. Lighting was used to eliminate shadows, creating a flat image. You will receive a verification email shortly. [117], Thomas claimed that the previous film had allowed Murray's character to be aloof, selfish, and immature, while Ghostbusters II pushed him towards being in a mature relationship and demonstrating genuine human warmth, which he felt did not work. (uncredited), NYC Resident / The team actively questions authority in a deteriorating city filled with unhappy people. [182], In 2009, Ghostbusters: The Video Game featuring story consulting by Ramis and Aykroyd, and the likenesses and voice acting of Murray, Aykroyd, Ramis, Hudson, Potts, and Atherton, was released.

Ghostbusters II is a 1989 American supernatural comedy film directed by Ivan Reitman and written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. [50] Eytchison's team decided to create a small set resembling the painting; it had structural elements, including styrofoam skulls, in which Von Homburg could stand. (uncredited), Concertgoer / I'm sure I missed a few things after only one viewing so if you notice anything else drop it in the comments below. The Ghostbusters II VHS was priced at $90 and aimed towards rentals rather than individual purchases. [90], Ghostbusters II received a wide release on June 16, 1989, in 2,410 theaters, compared with the original film's opening on 1,339. Welch's department treated the photograph to make it closely resemble an oil painting. NYC Pedestrian "Together Again for the First Time Part II", Van Hise, James (w), Tobias, John (p), Rankin, Rich (i), Dechnik, Suzanne (col), Nakrosis, Dan (let). When Murray was finally ready, the script was not. He thought the small usage was an excuse to be able to release it on the soundtrack and said if he had known he would have pulled the song. [2][106][107] Audiences responded more positively; CinemaScore polls reported that moviegoers gave an average rating of "A-" on a scale of A+ to F.[108], Dave Kehr and USA Today's Mike Clark were critical of attempts at making the Ghostbusters more mature which made the film feel "tired" and lacking in surprises. [77] Several last-minute effect shots were added due to the hectic schedule. [159] Vigo is compared to Count Dracula, a threatening foreign entity that hypnotizes subjects with his eyes, and aims to take an American woman for his own.

[2][43] Filming concluded on March 7, 1989. New Ghostbusters II was also released for the NES in Europe and Japan but could not be released in America because Activision held the rights to the game there.

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