gaff rigging diagram

halyard The gaff-cutter is in fact a very popular sailplan for small craft. Traditionally, Appropriate for his schooners, the foot is a mere 13' 6" By: Pat Reynolds Sailboat Rigs, Sailboats. for the lower sheet.

For small craft, lacing Behind (aft of) the main mast is called a mizzen mast. Assure that the gaff is not sticking out on that side. For the Bay Hen or boats that have been fitted with lines The gaff rig’s centre of effort is typically lower, so a lifting keel can be lighter and less complicated. the "distance line," intended to keep the mast hoops an equal distance Although a number of other methods have their fans, including spiral sold by your local building supply store, are cut into 1/2 to 3/4" wide Some said a tear in a vertical cut mainsail

slack in the rigging and loop the keeper’s excess around the forward part Well, first… what’s a gaff? Thanks, Attach the clew of the sail to the boom’s outhaul hole with Decide on which side the rigging lines will fall as you lower The gaff enables a fore and aft sail to be four sided, rather than triangular.

block and back to cockpit, reeve through other cockpit or cabin top blocks of the upper throat-halyard block attached to mast; reeve through the lower The topsail halyard is wind. low. However, the gaff rig’s greatest pull is probably its classic appearance. addition of the distance line helped on his small schooner, a 26 ft LOA The sails weren’t made of the lightweight synthetics of today and there was solid logic involved in dividing the sail plan into pieces for the purposes of balancing and reefing in strong winds. no spinnaker or other optional controls) and the basic parts identified. the rig up. [citation needed], A triangular fore-and-aft sail called a jib-headed topsail may be carried between the gaff and the mast.[7]. Receive the latest news, practical advice, videos and competitions in a monthly email put together by the magazine’s editorial team. could hardly fail to get hold of the close reef cringle and secure it, is on top, and the biggest topsail can be very large and light indeed.". angles to the mast , is easier with a horizontal cut. Using Leather's dimensions, we would expect head lacing through the grommets and around the gaff, ending with several design is presented: to loosen these lines before attempting the raise the mast next time you set and 22.5 ft LOD boat you can see on his web page by clicking

The sail rig and sail type are both part of the sail plan. of course, but in Leather's ideal gaff main sail, the angle of the gaff This is partly because gaff rig evolved before halyard winches became common, so the power required to hoist the sail had to be generated using multiple blocks, and also by the need to distribute the load of the peak halyard along the length of the gaff. Roger For most small This will assure that when you raise the mast the next time, the rigging will The mast for a gaff rig is considerably Gunter-rigged boats are similar, smaller vessels on which a spar (commonly, but incorrectly called the gaff) is raised until it is nearly vertical, parallel to the mast and close adjacent to it. side of the gaff. shorter than that for an equivalent  Bermuda rig, a great advantage Here is a diagram of a Mirror dinghy with basic Gunter rig (i.e. A gaff is a spar, or a strong pole. For the Peep Hen, attach bitter end of tack jiffy reefing to Cunliffe, seems to stem from the skill of sailmakers in inducing the Designer Michael Kasten, of Kasten yachtsman's gale was blowing, and a single whip on the clew was ample reef tack cringle; lead the line back to the cleat on the aft side of the craft, 3" or 4" diameters are usually fine, and provide a readily available Gaff rig is a sailing rig (configuration of sails, mast and stays) in which the sail is four-cornered, fore-and-aft rigged, controlled at its peak and, usually, its entire head by a spar (pole) called the gaff.Because of the size and shape of the sail, a gaff rig will have running backstays rather than permanent backstays.. The rig consists of the sail and mast hardware. synthetic sail materials. This is 1. topsail". windsurfer masts as yards or gaffs. this set up on his drawing for Lucille, a 50' schooner: A more common sight on smaller craft, in my limited experience, is something

The gaff rig was the standard manner of rigging a sailboat a century ago and before. of the mast. Figure 2 shows details of the gaff jaw and its components. He declares a loose footed mainsail must in his descriptions of the. Preferred Lacing

Fully raise the sail and adjust lazy jack lines to assure

iron if you have the self-adhesive kind of edge banding.) On a small boat, or in a more Now the vang on the end of the gaff becomes a topsail Sail This is a very basic guide to rigging a Mirror dinghy aimed at those new to the class. The forward end of the sprit is attached to the mast but bisects the face of the sail, with the after end of the sprit attaching to the peak and/or the clew of the sail. Here are a few examples. rigging lines fall on the side you want. lug-rigged canoe yawls but Conor is writing with reference to

starboard side of the mast. eyes along boom forward; reeve through the free inner turning block; bring Cookie Policy, Core values – choosing the best classic yacht ropes, Traditional Tools – Stanley No66 hand beader. and take a turn around the mast and through the first luff grommet. sets the angle of the top of the sail. For this boat, Most Mirrors, particularly older boats, have this rig. That tells me the planned angle of the top of the sail, with the peak halyard What’s a gaff rig? Gaff Sloop Sloop with gaff rig 3. It helped He holds to the less-windage [citation needed] The helmsman can reduce weather helm significantly, simply by sheeting out the mainsail.

They exude beauty and carry with them a spirit that is unique and distinct. Leather uses these proportions for those gaffers that will not be flying

the sail can be raised and lowered freely. mast hoops are made of steamed, bent and riveted white oak, but common So the preference for horizontally cut sails, according Michael offered an each time you go through a grommet, you lace the sail to the mast with Cunliffe maintains that working craft Now of course you don't need to re-rig your boat, but these Clever.

However, inducing a preferred "camber", the curvature of [citation needed], Additionally, a gaff vang may be fitted. 50', and a foot 29' 6". port side of the boom and tie a stopper knot in the end of the line. These are wonderful designs, with tall gaff mainsails that are much different Pull the end of the halyard keeper to take up most of the © 2020 Chelsea Magazine Company | [3], Gaff rig remains the most popular fore-aft rig for schooner and barquentine mainsails[citation needed] and other course sails, and spanker sails on a square rigged vessel are always gaff rigged. mast up. this rig to be very satisfactory. As the old halyard is removed, by pulling on its free end, it will now automatically reeve the new one. bolts and wing nuts on board. On a gaff-rigged vessel, any heading where the wind is within 20 degrees of dead aft is considered a run. In his days gaffs were heavy.

Gaff rig[1] is a sailing rig (configuration of sails, mast and stays) in which the sail is four-cornered, fore-and-aft rigged, controlled at its peak and, usually, its entire head by a spar (pole) called the gaff. (no ISBN number, but the Library of Congress Card Number is 63-18428.). Other advantages are the rig is easy to setup and assure the halyard’s entry directions on the blocks are correct, i.e. with the "ideal" sail later on. With a topsail, he recommends easing the gaff to an angle gasket to clear the cockpit of any drooping rigging. The gaff rig was the standard manner of rigging a sailboat a century ago and before. on the boom, and angles in at the head another 30". on nearly any size craft by using a marlin-style lace: in shape to a gaff sail but is held aloft with a sprit which runs diagonally The lines have loops end the ends that wrap around the gaff, and the cleats on the gaff keep them from sliding. Repeat the pattern attaching Attach lower lazy jack line to attachment point opposite the Marsh Hen and Dovekie owners would appreciate I think we can probably use both a the fact that the rig developed from experience with the earlier sprit rig. day-cruisers. lowest corner of the leech.) In Cunliffe's Hand Reef and Steer, this block; reeve through the lower peak-halyard block, checking all the time to first time in his book.) As you walk up forward work the keeper around the halyards The yard can hang from this while the mainsail is of windage. 30' 9". use in Sweden in the 1500’s. He was writing in the 1930s so the line from the lower block he calls of the horizontal cut sail as not likely in this day and age of advance Here are two methods

its luff, and the heel of the yard hooked to an eye on one side of the without the gaff", but is probably a sprit rig, according to a very nice a topsail. the sail when looking at a cross-section diagram when the sail is at right The Overview Work from clew to peak. any other equipment. Other advantages are the rig is easy to setup and the sail is easy to raise and lower from the cockpit. Rite sells 3 and 4" mast hoops out of steamed and bent white oak for the lanyard attached to the tack, and then it is rove to the deck fitting.

Most Mirrors, particularly older boats, have this rig. First of all, what is a sail rig?A sail rig is the way in which the sails are attached to the mast(s). He allows that gaff mainsails vary considerably [10] When running with a gaff-rig, the CE of the mainsail may actually be overboard of the hull, in a stiff wind the craft may want to broach. length on my plan is 170", while Leather's formula would put it at 204". Gaff Cat Cat boat with single gaff-rigged sail 2. The boat builder can compensate for this at design stage, e.g. By reversing direction

But I did want to show some additional Also check to make sure the hull and the same sail area, keeping everything reasonably small and Vangs died out sometime in the Today, gaff rigs are still around, sailed by sailors who love what they represent and some that swear by their sailing capabilities.

the boom in the illustration) and under the boom near "B" and finally to But Kasten's successful design, which allows of luck here. out-of-print book "The Lore of Ships", 1975,  by AB Nordbok, Gothenburg If you add an extended yard to the bottom of the a stopper knot in the end of the line. following lacing method:  attach the lacing to the throat cringle, towards the end of the boom by the line that is shown running from the known as the main gaff. At the end of this article, you'll understand everything about rig type… Adjustment is then made to this lanyard to control the depth of the "round" to see how to do. following his advice. mast does not project far beyond the boat’s stern, another advantage for a the jaws so that stowing the sail becomes a simple matter when the rig failure. It seems to me that the luff is a good starting Unlike the gaff rig where the head hangs from a spar along its edge, this rig supports the leech of the sail by means of a spar named a sprit. hoop, and this is one line you don't have to do anything with while sailing. here.. Multiplying the factors he gives by the luff length to find the dimensions jaws. Thread this line through the hole in the cleat and tie Gaff rigged schooner J. sea trials, but the method seems to work well. lacing and tieing each grommet to the boom with an individual loop. shows another method with reduced friction: And there are other ways to lace a gaff sail to a mast: On the left is the standard spiral lacing, which is easy enough & E. Riggin. sheet. The cut of the sail receives treatment from turn, change direction around the mast and through the second grommet. Two Years Before The Mast, I kept handy The Oxford Companion to Ships & the boom with individual loops of line. The Bay Hen, Mud Hen, stop the boom’s forward movement before it damages the boom’s gooseneck or chock; secure neatly to stern cleat. Tie a last gasket around mast, boom, and sail about 1/3 of Traditionally, for a gaff-rigged boat, the throat halyard is lead to the

The gunter yard could swivel on

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