five rivers menu

Dogs. style with fresh mint leaves herbs and spices.

MANGO LASSI: This is a blend of mango juice and Lassi and has natural sweetness.

bell pepper, mushroom & green peas.

Yellow lentil cooked with herbs and spices served with a quick dash of fried cumin & garlic, Chickpeas cooked in its own gravy and seasoned with indian spices, Chicken tikka cooked in tomato, cream and butter sauce, Grilled chicken tikka cooked in fresh onion, tomato and cream sauce, Tender boneless chicken pieces cooked in a rich & creamy tomato and onion gravy, Succulent boneless chicken pieces simmered in rich and spicy spinach gravy, Diced chicken stir fried with onion, capsicum, tomato and peppercorns, Chicken morsels cooked with pickled in rich tomato gravy, A classical dish of slowly cooked tender mutton in a rich tomato onion gravy, with generous use of aromatic spices, Tender mutton pieces cooked with mutton mince a spicy onion gravy, Middle eastern braised lamb in rich nutty onion gravy & flavored with mint, Tender fish fillets cooked in a rich saffron flavoured gravy, Chicken cooked with jogurt and cream flavouring indian spices, Lamb cooked with jogurt and cream flavouring indian spices, Moong dal lahsooni

Lamb cubes cooked with a special type of Kashmiri masala Orillia, ON L3V 3C7 SALT LASSI: Lassi added with little salt.

5 rivers-e-mix (mixed vegetables) $9.95 Assorted vegetables (blue lake beans, cauliflower, carrots, white creamer, bell peppers, mushrooms, and cut corns) are cooked in a gravy of red onions, ginger, garlic and vine ripened tomatoes in a iron wok.

Shredded chicken cooked with red onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, cardamoms, cinnamon, mace flower, low fat cream, and butter. 9629 Evergreen Way #201, Everett, WA 98204 — (425) 212-9952.

1035 Mississaga St W Five Rivers Ilkeston Menu.

Full Menu information.

We offer flexible dining options, custom menus and can accommodate up to 50 people in our comfortable dining room.

Opening at 5:00 PM. Home made cottage cheese cubes cooked with fresh spinach

Spiced buttermilk is light, flavorful & Refreshing Drink, Blended mix of the lemon juice, Soda, Mint Leaves, Sugar, Salt, water and ice cube, yogurt blended with sugar and Rose water, Crispy spinach leaves topped with sweet yogurt,tamarind & mint chutney, Triangle Dumpling made with refined flour and Stuffed with Green Peas and potato mixture flavored with Indian spice, Crispy savory crackers topped with diced potato,chickpeas,sweet yoghurt,tamarind and mint chutney, Farm Fresh Mix Vegetable Coated with Gram Flour and Indian Traditional Spice Batter and deep fried.

White flour bread baked in tandoor with lots of butter. Do-piyaza means two onions. ginger, garlic and vine ripened tomatoes with fresh peas.

White potatoes cooked with fresh spinach leaves in a thick spinach puree. ginger, garlic, and tomatoes. 5 Rivers means Land of 5 Rivers which is Punjab , india.

Superior quality indian basmati rice cooked with cumin and green peas. Our extensive food menu brings together the special and the usual to your table from chakana (snacks) to heavy choice. Base of red onions, ginger garlic, and vine ripened tomatoes combined with chicken.

tomato and bell pepper, Generous size mushrooms stuffed with greens, coated with crumbs and crispy fried, Marinated broccoli glazed with cheese fondue & silver of prime cashew nuts, Traditional yoghurt marinated potato chunks, slowly cooked in the tandoor, An east meets west item where garden fresh broccoli is marinated in mustard & pickle and grilled in the tandoor, Minced Vegetables infused with spice and lanced on a seekh and roasted in the tandoor. Mixed vegetables cooked with Superior quality Indian basmati rice. Cottage Cheese Coated with Gram Flour and Indian Traditional Spice Batter and deep fried. Meat), onion, ginger, garlic and authentic Indian spices mixed and threaded on a skewer & roasted in a tandoor (Clay Oven). OK. Shopping Cart View the menu for 5 Rivers Tavern and restaurants in Georgetown, SC. Chicken cooked in fresh coconut milk mustard seeds, and red onions. Updates. Fresh cottage cheese pieces marinated in a special cashew blend, served with grilled onion, Home About Us Take Out Menu Dine In Menu Catering Specials Contact Us Address 1035 Mississaga St W Orillia, ON L3V 3C7 +1 (705) 259-0955, +1 (705) 326-7710 Chunks of cottage cheese bathed in traditional pickle, roasted in the tandoor till melting tender.

A great digestive stimulator!

Cubes of lamb cooked in the.

Kachri is a kind of dry baby melon powder and is only found

more ingredients, dipped in cardamom and saffron based Boneless cubes of lamb cooked with Superior quality Indian basmati rice. Lentil wafers with cumin and black pepper, baked in tandoor. Garbanzo beans and fresh home made cottage cheese cubes cooked together in a curry of pomegranate, royal cumin, black pepper and a blend of over eighteen spiced powder and slices of ginger, garlic, red onions, and jalapenos.

Heaping pile of pulled pork between 2 layers of coleslaw, topped with pickles and jalapeños, served on a brioche bun and smothered in 4R Signature Sauce.

Home made cottage cheese cubes cooked in a smooth nutty curry with a touch of saffron with base gravy of onions, ginger, garlic, and wine ripened tomatoes with Indian spices and low fat butter.

Traditional south Asian cuisine, made with keema (Minced Yellow lentil boiled in water and cooked with ginger, garlic,

Lamb cubes cooked with Raita s koprem a okurkou (Dil & Cucumber Raita), Steamed basmati rice tossed with tempered cumin, Steamed Basmati rice, tossed with aromatic saffron, Steamed Basmati rice cooked with seasonal vegetables and mild spices, Steamed Basmati rice and slowly cooked vegetable with aromatic spices served with raita and mirch ka saalan, Steamed Basmati rice and slowly cooked Tender Lamb with aromatic spices served with raita and mirch ka saalan, Steamed Basmati rice and slowly cooked with aromatic spices served with raita and mirch ka saalan, A choice of spice and Boondi, Pineapple, Cucumber or Onion & Tomato yoghurt, Spice salad with cucumber, tomato, onion, capsicum, coriander, chopped green chilli finished with lemon juice, Fried masala potatoes served with spicy boiled chickpea in Indian style, Crispy chips made of lentil flour served with mint sauce, Crispy chips made of lentil flour with red onion, green chilli, capsicum, coriander served with mint sauce, Slightly thick tandoor roasted whole wheat bread, A crispy whole wheat bread sprinkled with condiments, A herbs and spice infused chickpea flour bread cooked in the tandoor, Several layered buttered whole wheat bread, crispy and flaky, Lachha Parantha sprinkled with dried mint powder, serve butter Polished, An exotic white flour bread which comes from the pre Raj India’s Peshawar It is stuffed with condiments, sprinkled with herbs and slow cooked in the tandoor for a melting taste, Naan bread with a sprinkling of Garlic, crispy and flavourful, An ‘Avadhee’ specialty stuffed with herbs and condiments in white flour crispy bread, White flour bread with a stuffing of lightly spiced onions, White flour bread with a stuffing of seasonal vegetables, White flour bread with a stuffing of spiced fresh cottage cheese, White flour bread with a stuffing of minced chicken with mild spices, Sweetened Khoya balls flavoured with cardamom served piping hot in sugar syrup, Carrots milk ghee suger ,puding served with roasted nuts, Rice and Milk pudding flavored with saffron and nuts, Rich Sweetened Moong ki Dal (lentil) pudding serve with roasted nuts, flavorful combination of milk,water,tea & indian masala boiled on slow fire, © 2020 Five Rivers Indian Restaurant Prague. Fresh mushrooms cooked with green peas in a vessel. Soft dumplings made of milk, touch of saffron and many

5 Rivers means Land of 5 Rivers which is Punjab , india. garam masala, baked in tandoor. (Boneless chicken cooked in creamy butter & tomato sauce), (Carried pieces of chicken cooked in onion sauce), (Boneless chicken marinated with Indian spices & cooked with green pepper and onion), (Carried pieces of chicken cooked with mustard leaf ), ( Curried pieces of chicken cooked with green pepper and onions ), (Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with Indian spices in a thick gravy), 1035 Mississaga St W Lamb cubes cooked with crushed black peppercorns and then

And yes, we do offer spicy levels up to 6 stars (we know people like it hot). We have tried to give you the same taste of Punjabi food by offering our own distinctive style. A contemporary Indian menu, we have merged multiple Indian flavours with a twist of global ingredients to create a mouth watering experience. *Pricing and menu item availability vary by location.

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