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I'd recommend that if you don't feel like playing hundreds of games until you get lucky enough to beat them you wait until you get the Ifrit Card and Diablos Card. The Card ability turns enemies into Triple Triad cards. Card Mod: 3 Samantha Soul The Quistis Card is played by the Trepie Groupies which are found in the Cafeteria of Balamb Garden. This is a page on the Triple Triad card Quistis from the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII). Creeps, Forbidden, Grand Mantis, Imp, Malboro, Tri-Face, Chimera, Fastitocalon, Fastitocalon-F, Grand Mantis, Fastitocalon Card x1, Fastitocalon-F Card x5, Energy Crystal x4, Malboro Tentacle x2, Sharp Spike x4. Restores HP to all party members. If the player takes Quistis to liberate Balamb Town, she will relate an embarrassing story about Zell when they visit his room. Just play that.

Now that you know what Blue Magic spells Quistis can learn, it’s time for another handy-dandy table showing you were to find all these items that bestow Quistis with Blue Magic: Shockwave Pulsar: You’ll notice the above list leaves out Dark Matter, which is required to learn Shockwave Pulsar. Whenever her limit pops up, you’ll be able to choose whichever Blue Magic you wish to use, provided you’ve learned it. - Quistis first try guaranteed. Energy Crystals, however, are a chore. Information on Triple Triad, including the location of every card in the game and how to best use them. After obtaining both of these cards come back here and face these guys. Information on all characters, including stats and how to acquire all their weapons and limits. Healing amount is equal to the amount of HP Quistis is missing from her current maximum. https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Quistis_Trepe/Gameplay?oldid=3352897. It is imperative that you save all the time, during this quest. In Timber, if the player talks to a man on a railway bridge after the events there are over, and Quistis is in the party, he will give her a Potion. Share! For playable appearances outside of Final Fantasy VIII, see. Triple is one of the best magics that you can Junction to your characters and I highly recommend you take this route. Malboro Tentacles come easily enough from Malboro enemies (you hopefully won’t start encountering them until disc 3) but you can also refine eight Malboro Cards via Card Mod to get them. It is available since the start of the game, as the card is held by the Trepies in the Balamb Garden classroom or cafeteria. Follow the exploits of Squall, a resident of Balamb Garden and SeeD aspirant whose first contract as a professional mercenary expands into a fight to save the world from an evil sorceress.
As the King of Balamb Garden's Card Club, Quistis is the final challenger to face in the CC Group side event. You can fight these Tri-Face foes, Mug them for Curse Spikes (the higher their level, the more you’ll get), exit the screen and return to do it all over again. Malboro Tentacles come easily enough from Malboro enemies (you hopefully won’t start encountering them until disc 3) but you can also refine eight Malboro Cards via Card Mod to get them. First Available: Disc 1. This will rouse the monsters in the Excavation Site, and on the first floor of the Excavation Site you’ll find three static encounters with Tri-Face enemies. Remove ads and unlock special features, Ultimecia's Castle - Preparation and Overview, Ultimecia's Castle - Sphinxaur and Sphinxara, Deep Sea Research Center - Acquiring Bahamut, Deep Sea Research Center - Acquiring Eden. Her victory pose is to stretch out her arms with her whip. Casts Death on enemies whose level is divisible by 4, 3, 2 or 1 (varies). A. It’s more useful to compare base power to something like Strength or Magic, both of which have a stat range of 1-255, but influence damage, the range of which is 1-9,999.

Damages all enemies (base power 150-250), one of the few attacks that can break the damage limit of 9,999. NPC: Trepie Group Members To play Quistis the player must have her in the party and head to the Airlock, and then talk to her there. During endgame, Quistis, along with the other CC members, can be challenged onboard the Ragnarok. Challenge the Card Queen or the Diamond Duo on Disk 4. Quistis will later contribute an entry to Selphie's blog, viewable from the Study Panel. You can also use Time Mag-RF on the Samantha Soul item to refine it into Triples if you need that magic instead. In the Deep Sea Research Center after you defeat Bahamut you’ll have to descend through multiple floors, expending steam (RSP) units to get to the bottom. Share Spikes are even easier, as you can refine either Death Claw Cards or Grand Mantis Cards to get them. Something of a prodigy, as far as child-soldiers go, she became a SeeD at the age of 15 (which should indicate just how elite this organization is) and an instructor at 18 (again…). She is a Blue Mage who wields a whip in battle. Blue Magic ranges from elemental and status attacks to support spells and strong non-elemental attacks, making her versatile. When he wakes up, there is a chance of Quistis standing in Squall's room, decked in her SeeD uniform, ready to challenge him (It might take many tries, but the player can sleep over and over until she appears. This guide will cover the main quest-line chronologically, giving advice on leveling (and how to avoid it), where to find the best spells, how to acquire all GFs and defeat all bosses. The only GFs that learn SumMag+40% naturally are Doomtrain, Bahamut and Eden. If Squall doe not take Quezacotl and Shiva from the Study Panel when prompted and meets with Quistis on the Garden gates without them, she will reprimand him and give him the GFs. After being defeated in Squall's dorm room, she can be challenged on the Garden bridge.
Your goal is to make it to a door separating the Deep Sea Research Center from an Excavation Site with Zell in your party and between 10-13 RSP units left, which you can do by following these instructions: Floor 1: You’ll automatically expend 4 RSP to open the way to Floor 2. ©Copyright 2008-2020 Almar's Guides. Floor 5: Use the terminal to the right of the stairs and expend 1 RSP to open the way to Floor 6 - ride the elevator down. It doesn't matter if Squall has other people in his party at this time.). Quistis is a Level 10 Player Card in Triple Triad used for playing the minigame and for turning into 3 Samantha Souls with Quezacotl's Card Mod. How to defeat both of the game’s superbosses. The various Blue Magic spells Quistis can learn, their effects, and how to learn them, can be found below: Note: “Base Power” refers to an in-game calculation that determines damage, not direct damage itself. Quistis is a playable character in Final Fantasy VIII. It is thought that, when not in use, she wraps and stores the whip in a pouch behind her.

Le niveau 1 étant le plus faible et le niveau 10 le plus fort. Location: Balamb Garden Region: Balamb NPC: Trepie Group Members Card Mod: 3 Samantha Soul First Available: Disc 1. Complete walkthrough of the main questline. Quistis requires twice as many, which is an absurd grind, and the benefit is… a weapon with +5 Str and +2 Hit%.

Final Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Region: Balamb Pros: - Reset the run at 8-9 minutes. Quistis joins the party when the player first leaves Balamb Garden, and takes the player through a tutorial. It’s far easier to find it there than in the actual game. How to Obtain Save the Queen: Unfortunately, Quistis’s ultimate weapon isn’t just on the weak side, but it can also be rather tedious to obtain. Bestows a variety of buffs, possibly including Aura, Float, Haste, Protect, Regen and Shell. Everything can go horribly wrong with this quest. Généralités: Règles du jeu: Abolir et propager les règles: Liste des cartes du jeu: Il existe 110 cartes différentes réparties en 10 niveaux. ★ Time to break out the old Buster Sword – FF7 Remake is coming out April 10th, 2020! Sleep over, and over, until Quistis appears. Quistis is the final challenger in the CC Group side event. First, if you have Chocobo World, good news! FF8 Walkthrough Team. Irvine Must take part in the Card Queen quest.

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