felix paydirt reviews

They do all the work?? This year, Felix is giving away a HUMONGUS 3-Ounce Gold Nugget! Free sample was great will be ordering soon. If you think this is normal business, normal and acceptable profit margins, you have zero business sense.I know this is hobby material, we do this for fun, but man, if you think paying $200 for $100 worth of gold, or $2000 for $1000 worth of gold(and I'm being generous with these figures) is OK, you've literally got money to burn.

Thank you Felix! Take it from me Mikey B from Tennessee Felix has GOLD in them there hills!! Nope not ever. I found two very small pieces of flower gold. and sells it for around $4000 an oz., we could all do the same thing. We take authenticity very seriously, which is why we're the only review service that only allow reviews from verified paying customers. 1902 - The legendary Felix Pedro discovers gold in Fairbanks, Alaska.The only problem was, gold was only worth $14.00 an ounce. They forget about the screwing they took when he dangles another bag(specially salted with the good stuff) in their face.Too bad he doesn't make it right with the other 98% of his customers. Why would they be in business if it were not for profit? Felix has the best paydirt I've ever seen! I only payed $2 shipping for the free sample bag, and I was surprised .

It's easy to start finding fantastic gold with this special introductory offer. If you belong to the GPAA you can read his drama queen stories about mining and fighting off claim jumpers! Your password has been sent to the specified email address. This stuff is designed for people who really are clueless about the values or don't care.I do this for fun, but bottomline, its really a poor value. That's why serious prospectors wait all year to get in early on Jackpot. (and I will be in trouble) after reading the reviews I am afraid I'll be setting him up for disappointment. I own authentic mining claims in Fairbanks, Alaska. Sign up today and Felix will send you "Gold Mining Secrets" as well as his monthly newsletter containing articles about everything that glitters, plus special events and offers! Theres some pretty incredible boneheads out there. Felix & the GPAA have teamed up to bring you The Gold Panning Zone every year at different locations all over the United States. Get free tips and tricks from a professional gold miner. However there is a thing called good morals and professionalism. My hat is off to them for that. I work hard for my gold, but I always find it.

I stated that they could not give you dollar for dollar in gold, that they would go out of business. They honestly could put a little more gold in their bags and make it almost a legitamate business, but greed steers these guys, period. These guys make a killing due to their marketing. Poor Felix. And now, it's available to YOU. I were ghee all gold from three bags. Whatever you spend, you will be lucky to get 1/3 to 1/2 of that in gold.

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