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Due to low weight new SHINTO-J flies very agil but even more forgiving and with very pleasant handling. perfect transportation systems for your models: Shinto-T is the super strong F3F-version designed for condition like Typhoon Race in Taiwan or heavy condition on your favourite slope ! Top-notch build and flown less than a handful of times. strength is almost the same as f3b-version but weight could be reduce to almost 2100g. Absolutely immaculate condition all round KST digital Servos on every surface. The first flight of Respect F3F Polish High Competition Glider. Willow f3f slope soaring glider for f3f racing. Model comes with ballast, protection cover set and small parts and ready cables. RTF from 2280g *SHINTO-T: verstärkte F3F-Version: Double carbon CC75+D-Box. additional reinforced airframe ! Willow models have become a part of this. Baudismodel is a company with almost 20 years of experience in the composite model production business. SHINTO-expert-BE: new F3B-version. Since 2001 Soaring USA is the number one place to find radio controlled airplanes the best RC Sailplanes and Glider accessories. powered by b2evolution V-tail doublecarbon CC26 ! *Fuselage servos KST X08 My aim has been to produce models that are the right model to fly in as many conditions and on as many slopes as possible. When I fly other models or see some cool stuff on the slope then this will also appear on my blog. Shinto-Epro is a optimized version for new FAI competition class F3G ( "F3B-electro"). Subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated on the latest developments and special offers! We would like to thank you for your support and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful new year 2020! I have been lucky enough to bounce test models on slopes across the world from North Yorkshire thermals to Southern Ocean storms! Edit by aer-o-tec.de |  Is it possible to make a successful model like SHINTO even better ? Flying and then racing gliders has been a passion for many years which has taken up a huge amount of time and given an unbelievable amount of joy. *Motor Schambeck Powerline 1520 F3G for 4s Lipo We have different kinds of sailplanes to suit every gliding need. RC Models ‐ Thermal Soarers & F3J Gliders Showing 1 - 7 of 7 Sort by Relevance Sort by Price High to Low Sort by Price Low to High Sort by Name NG 2m The understanding gained from years of flying helps Willow models to deliver top class performance but still be fun models to fly. Dear customers, On demand we deliver rady installed wings with iDS linkage and KST x10mini servos ! Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $100.00 inside the United States. Since 23.12.2019 until 6.1.2020 we are on … Organizing the event in Stavanger area is a bit easier than doing it in the far North. V-tail doublecarbon CC40, reinforced airframe! I have loved flying and models gliders for about as long as I can remember, like so many others I started building models in my bedroom as a kid. For news on Willow models, ramblings about my own flying activities or just an up-date on the models that slope dog has eaten lately visit our news site - www.willowracing.blogspot.co.uk. By keeping the model cost as low as possible the aim was to enable as many pilots as possible to enjoy them. you can choose from following versions: Order at: info@Aer-O-Tec.de. I have decided to take myself out of the supply chain and make the willow and merlin models as freely available as possible. The best systems for transport and storage of your model: Lo, We have moved to our new facility (August 2017), Composite model production - Baudismodel.com, © 2001-2020 Baudismodel.com. GM15x10 for Allround and sport fyling. For all-day-flying and pure fun you don`t need the amazing strength of SHINTO F/B so we developed a superlight but still strong double carbon version ala F3J/F5J. Ask for electro power drives and other components for this amazing glider! SHINTO-expert-F: F3F-Version Comes with installed ballast tube and Batterie. Electric Gliders, Scale Gliders, Slope Soaring Gliders, Thermal Soaring Gliders, Hand Launch Gliders, Discus Launch Gliders and those perfectly suited for competitions like F3K, F3J, F5J and Open Thermal. SHINTO-expert-J: light allround version The models are made in China by someone I have worked with for many years and whom I trust. All rights reserved. From foam to balsa to full composite; we have it all. we would like to announce you that we have succesfully managed testing production of our new model GP15 and we have started standard production. No damage at all. I'm not asking for anything, I don't place any advertising and a simple 'thank you' or a kind message is my first salary. For all-day-flying and pure fun you don`t need the amazing strength of SHINTO F/B so we developed a … *SHINTO-B: F3B-Version: Double carbon CC75+D-Box. We hold the latest technology in production. Shinto-pro is available on all versions: J, B,F and T ! *Wing servos KST x10mini F3X-Rucksack: 169.-. The opportunity of flying or seeing someone else fly a model that I have developed has been something very special. You can buy them direct from the builder or through a distributor. The fuselage has a ready installed firewall for spinner with 32mm diameter. This improves handling and performance especially in light lift conditions. We use the most sophisticated materials in an effort of reaching the needs of our clients. The successful Shinto got new wing joiner with 6 degree dihedral for better thermal performance. Model flying is a continuing addiction for me. With more than 500g less fling weight you will explore new thermal performance and it is still possible to fly fast and do aerobatics. *SHINTO-J: light electro+glider version for alround soaring: Double carbon CC45+D-Box. SHINTO-expert-T: reinforced F3F-version, Perfect transportation systems for your models: : *Propeller and Spinner from Vladimirs Models or GM Shinto-J offers enough strength for all-day-flying but its target is not competiton F3J or F5J- that why we chosse this very name ! VM16x8,5 for competiton. We have resumed shipping to most European nations. evoskin by Danny Ferguson |  All Shinto version can by completed as gliders or electro models ! RTF from 2150g *Altis Powersensor Just select the free shipping option at checkout. We have our own cnc milling machines to improve our development and molds creation. Willow models are balanced for top level performance to allow you to extract the most fun from a day’s flying. With 3s setup weight of slightly under 2,1kg is possible. Florian Schambeck developed a special motor for SHINTO and F3G flying- he is flying and testing the model since december 2019. Welcome to Flightech • suppliers of RC gliders & accessories Flightech brings you a selection of high quality and competitive models for F5j, Esoaring and sport flying. We will answer your emails when we return. That said, if you think this website is useful, if you like the content, the service and if you want to participate to the hosting, feel free to donate. Literally not a mark on it. The competitive performances on race days is the icing on the cake- but from a long line of successful competition winning results there is a lot of icing! Since 23.12.2019 until 6.1.2020 we are on holiday and our office will be closed. This event is part of the FAI World Cup and Eurotour Contest. RTF from 2450g, see detailled buildiung documentation here, SHINTO is designed anddeveloped from Aer-O-Tec and produced by "Vladimirs models"- please find more details and colour configurator here: Farbkonfigurator *Controller YGE 65 LVT I have a Willow F3F fully moulded three meter glider. Especially the J-version (startimg at 1600g) is a ideal allround glider: light , strong and sweet handling. We offer all components for competition and sport flying: I have loved flying and models gliders for about as long as I can remember, like so many others I started building models in my bedroom as a kid. V-tail doublecarbon strong ! We present the latest improvement on our successful SHINTO-series: Shinto -pro featuires a new designed v-tail with new airfoil and planform nd reinforcements. A model’s performance is not measured by the amount that a model costs but how wide the smile it gives you. If you are interested and would like to order or just send some information, please, do not hesitate to contact us on our email addresses: zakova@baudismodel.com or info@baudismodel.com, Norway Open 2019 went back home to Stavanger this year after a very successful visit to Lofoten 2 years ago.

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