exotic sunflower seed flavors

Another classic taste, we think. Bat Digest is reader-supported. When they first arrived on the scene, folks went crazy over a flavored sunflower seed. They are well seasoned and so satisfying whether I am outside enjoying the weather or inside relaxing. Many smaller vendors are trying to break into the seed space, but the big boys (Bigs, Spitz, David) still rule the dance. Intriguing enough for us to seek this out this year and try a few.

What a great company! Lately I’ve become very interested in sunflower seeds because in here, Korea, we don’t really eat them for snack unlike China or many other countries.

Create your Jerky.com account to receive promotional news and access to a faster checkout process. These are on our shortlist to try find and this year. But, honestly, a bag of parmesan & pepper Chinooks are fantastic.

BIGS @BIGS_Seeds. With 12 different kinds, there is a flavor … Spitz, Sunflower Seeds, 6oz Bag (Pack of 4) (Choose Flavors …

I will be a customer for life.

Got the Smoked Habanero seeds and they ate by far to hot to eat.

BIGS is a registered trademark of BIGS Corp. Vlasic is a registered trademark of Pinnacle Foods Group LLC. It is, clearly, a winning combination of flavors and well worth your try. Well worth a trip out of your way to finding a bag, or two, of these.

We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. These are found online and in some major chains like Whole Foods.

Sunflower is a nutritionally dense whole food-power-packed with protein, fiber, Vitamin E, Folate, minerals, healthy fats, and phytochemicals. Can’t wait for them to arrive! Spitz Spicy Seeds ranked out as our highest across the board.

In the weirdest video we have ever made, we did a taste test and box opening video of Chinook Seeds.

Not officially in our taste testing voting (since these are not widely available), we came across the Parmesan & Pepper Chinook seeds a few years back and fell in love. They have all my snack needs, especially the ones you can't buy at the store. STUBB’S and associated marks and logos are trademarks of STUBB’S LEGENDARY KITCHEN INCORPORATED, licensed to BIGS Corp.

Both #1 and #2 in the list contain a black pepper taste. But, we think our list is as legit and defend-able as any.

BiGS Tapatio Chile & Lime are still a very close second after being bumped from my top spot by the Green Chile Chinooks. These are old school style seeds still making the top 3 of best sunflower seeds. The original, original sunflower seeds (and what most of us grew up on) are the David seeds. I love their Cheddar Dill. We never called these seeds original because, at the time, these were the only type. We've never tried the Bigs Sizzling Bacon, but our readers love them enough to give it a worthy top #4 finish in the best-tasting sunflower seeds department.

Smoky BBQ from Spitz is a solid alternative when Cracked Pepper just isn't giving you the same buzz it used to. Without surprise, we think, Spitz Cracked pepper ruled the day.

But, in the end, 5th place is a legit landing spot for the Best Spicy Seeds. At Bricktown Roasters, we took our passion for specialty flavored products and combined it with one of our personal favorite snack foods to bring you our version of how we think Sunflower Seeds should be.

The taste of the seeds is great. I’ve been wondering what they taste like so I decided to order some of them on online (by using a freight forwarder).

Update January 13, 2020:We’ve added Chinook Seedery to our list at number 9 but kept the Spitz Black Pepper as the #1 spot for the best sunflower seeds. Readers voted it #7---and considering they are usually hard to notice; they might be the best sunflower seeds on the list.

So check them out, find a couple of flavors to try and get your Sunflower Seed on, Bricktown Roasters style.

They are so good. $30.00 #45. Spitz Cracked Pepper were, far and away, the best sunflower seeds. Great choice getting BIGS, cms. The original, original seed was 3rd place.

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